vDare, HBD, and Me: A Great Weariness

I’m going to break something. Or maybe kick the dog.

Sometimes it seems to me that I am the only gringo on this whole sorry planet who does not think Mexicans are scum–filthy, perverted, and witless.  They are not, dammit. If you want to criticize Mexico, stick to facts, such as that it is corrupt to the roots of its teeth and terribly governed, that the narcos are out of control, the police criminals, and that it qualifies as a failed state by some (reasonable) definitions. And they play loud music at three a.m. during fiestas. All of this is true.

But spare me the twaddle. In fact, spare everybody the twaddle. No matter who does what, there are going to be a lots of Mexicans in the US, or more correctly American citizens of Mexican descent. Maybe the public ought to have an accurate idea of them. But no. We get twaddle, chiefly from sites like vDare, from groups calling themselves the Human Bio-diversity (hbd) movement, and from Ann (“Legs”) Coulter. Example::


Juarez Monument, Mexico City, from the site Those Who Can See, a typical Roaring Right hbd site.

Well, I concede that the photo is pretty shocking. What sort of people would leave mounds of garbage on the grounds of their national monuments?

Since this pile of  trash bore no resemblance to anything I had seen in Mexico (where I have lived for thirteen years), I spent fifteen seconds with Google Images and found dozens of photos of the monument with no trash.  How was this, I wondered? Photoshop? Political HBDers are capable of it.


Juarez Monument, from Google Images.

One photo however did show trash. Since the garbage photo by-line said NPR, it took another fifteen seconds on Google to turn up an NPR  story on how a snafu in the closing of a landfill in the city had led to a brief pile-up of trash. (Wrote NPR, “Closure Of Massive Landfill Leaves Trash Piling Up In Mexico City … The trash buildup reminds us of what happened in New York City, when it suspended trash collection in January after a massive winter storm dumped more than two feet of snow on the city.”)

Deliberate misrepresentation. A better word is “lying.”  There is much of this in such venues.

In this year alone I have been in Chapala (where I live), Ajijic (next door, take a peek at these), Guadalajara, Arandas, Jamay, Durango, Aguas Calientes, Zacatecas, La Paz, Merida, Guanajuato,Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, and literally a couple of dozen other towns and cities. There was nothing resembling the photo.


An equally typical American city (Detroit)

In similar sites, I read of Mexican school-children in places like Los Angeles as being violent, incapable of learning, and dirty. Maybe so. I haven’t been there. But in town after town here I see well-behaved kids in school uniforms carrying book bags. In hbd sites I read of Mexican children in the US being left in dirty diapers and generally neglected. Could be. I haven’t been there. But the Mexican norm is great fondness for kids. You can find some of anything in a big country, but I have never seen a dirty diaper here. On the street or on a kid.

As mentioned, vDare is another  site subscribing to the principle that it doesn’t have to be true as long as it feels good. The vDaristas are against massive immigration, which is fine with me, but a little honesty might be season the broth.

Briefly, so as not to bore the reader into a coma: Some time ago Ann Coulter, a political steam whistle who serves as the Michael Moore of the Disturbed Right, was saying that the “age of consent” in Mexico is twelve. What a horrible country: See? Screwing little girls is legal.  This is very much a tactic of the lumpen-hbd: attribute sexually revolting behavior to anyone you don’t like. Coulter’s assertions appeared all over the web.

This, like the trash story, struck me as nonsense. Mexico until recently was a traditional society in which the upper classes, who put a high premium on virginity of females at marriage, made the laws. Hidalgos do not pass laws making it legal for the gardener to screw their children. Coulter’s grasp of the world seems to end at the Jersey border.

I got on the horn and spoke to Aracele Diaz, a university classmate of Violeta and a practicing attorney in Guadalajara. That’s crazy, she said. I next went to Francisca, another classmate, who works in human-rights in Jalisco. That’s crazy, she said, and emailed me the law. I then talked to Marta Villarreal, also professionally active in human rights and an ardent feminist in the American mold. If screwing little girls of twelve were legal, you wouldn’t need Coulter to tell you about it. Marta’s shrieks would shatter the polar ice-caps. “It’s not true. They don’t understand the law….”

A reporter would have checked (maybe a call to the Mexican Embassy? I believe telephones have reached New York) but vDare doesn’t care and Coulter isn’t a  reporter. (If I were rude, which I emphatically am not, I would say that if she were a trilobite, she would have her encephalon in her pygidium. But she isn’t a trilobite.)


Miss Coulter’s er, legs, in which she apparently believes that the public has great interest. A woman in her mid-fifties, which she is, who tries to look like a prom queen is clearly an attention-junkie, which may explain her disregard of truth.

OK. Thinking that vDare might lapse into veracity if I rubbed its nose in it, I found the actual Mexican law on the internet (a few minutes), posted it, translated it as I doubted that many vDaristas could read it, and included links. Hey, gang. Wake up. See? Here it is. Right here.

To this day vDare still insists that the age sigh.  Useless. It’s like instructing a cinder block in geometry. The appalling thing is that the yoyo who wrote the insistence doesn’t even know what “age of consent” means. It’s the schools. They’re going to hell.

Then there is the insistence among the lumpen-pseudo-hbders that Mexicans are inherently mega-criminal. This is now so firmly embedded on the internet that any question of it is regarded as a mark of insanity. Is it true?

The Mexican cartels are certainly neck-deep in the drug trade and kill each other enthusiastically, much like the Italian Mafia (which, by the way, still exists and is still Italian). Further, with at least 54,000,000 Latinos in the US, you can certainly find enough rapists to fill a web page.

Howsomever, I find (the very conservative) Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute, who analyzed data from the Department of Justice. (New DOJ Statistics on Race and Violent Crime | American Renaissance) In the past, the feds have lumped Hispanics and white offenders together, making it impossible to tell who was doing how much of what to whom. Mac Donald, note, is a conservative and no advocate of open borders. She found that Hispanics are 26% more likely than whites to commit a violent crime. Hardly admirable, but hardly a crime wave. Since she has opposed immigration she cannot easily be suspected of dodgy analysis. 

The same conclusion was reached by Ron Unz, the best numerical analyst of my acquaintance, in The American Conservative, a magazine that is not  for massive immigration.  The piece, though long, is very well worth reading if you are interested in the subject. What it comes to is that if you look at the data, they do not say what the politico-lumpen-pseudos want them to say. His conclusion closely mirrored Mac Donald’s.

And now we have Coulter: “When it comes to child rape, the whole family gets involved. (Then  Coulter writes. “Far from ‘I am woman, hear me roar,’ these are cultures where women help the men rape kids.”

Yes, Miss Goebbels. And they eat human flesh. I will now go and kick the dog, who seems to be in hiding.

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