A View from Mexico

We gringos south of the border hear considerable rumbling and grumbling from the US about things that Mexico does that set poorly in the north. Well, yes and no. There are other ways of looking at things. A few reflections.

In 1965 the United States, not Mexico, changed the immigration laws, apparently to encourage immigration from the south. What other reason could there have been?  Why else would you change laws that successfully prevented the influx to laws that encouraged such? Having thus asked for mass immigration, it seems odd for America to complain that it got it.

Odd. In America there is much anger at the ingress that America invited and its government protects. Why doesn’t Mexico do something about it, Americans ask?  A Mexican might ask why it is Mexico’s duty to protect America’s borders when America purposely won’t. Open borders are an American, not a Mexican, policy.

Yes, most Americans want to end the flood. Yet the federal government–that is, America–as a matter of national policy, maintains the frontier open. For example, as I write Washington forbids Texas to use barbed wire to stop the influx. This is official policy. From a Mexican point of view, America’s refusal to protect its borders is a major problem as it draws immigrants from all of Latin America, no favor, and then Mexico has to put up with America’s anger at Mexico’s failure to do what America should do for itself.

Drugs? From a Mexican point of view, the drug trade is a serious problem inflicted on it by the United States. The drug trade exists because Americans want drugs. They want them very, very much, and will pay high prices for them. If this were not so, there would be no demand, no drugs, and no cartels. Neither Mexicans nor the Chinese nor Colombians force Americans to take drugs. They take them because they want to. It has proved impossible to keep them from doing so even with laws and specialized police forces.

Because the United States is so voracious a drug market, with something approaching civil war between a population lusting for dope and a government that doesn’t want the public to have it, Mexico is overrun with DEA agents and threatened with military invasion. The drug racket is not of benefit to Mexico. If America enforced its drug laws, Mexico would have few narcotraficantes.

Note that Mexico does not have a fentanyl problem, which is interesting. Only America does. Why? It is just my guess, but I suspect the reason is that America, once a pleasant land, is now miserable with declining living standards, rising crime, virulent political antagonisms, and little hope for the future. Before fentanyl, hundreds of thousands died of Oxycontin poisoning, and Washington did nothing about this either. Oxies were produced by American pharmaceutical companies, and thus easily controlled had the government wanted to. No one could be so cynical as to suspect Big Pharma, getting rich by peddling oxies to the miserable in regions devastated by offshoring, would bribe congressmen to look the other way. Perish forfend.

The United States actively supports the drug cartels. Mexico cannot control these because the cartels have military armament in large quantities, coming from the United States. Washington knows this, has known it for decades, and does nothing. This is probably because the arms industry buys congressmen in bulk lots, though some say it is because of the Second Amendment. If Mexico armed the New York Mafia with anti-tank weapons and rocket launchers,  and claimed some constitutional clause to justify it, would that be OK?

While we are on the subject of the drug trade, I offer a conspiracy theory. Everybody else seems to have several, so why not me?

The drug trade is too big to fail. It exists because too many people get rich from it, like oil. I occasionally see the figure of sixty billion dollars as the annual take. That’s a lot of potatoes, as Damon Runyon would say. That much moolah does not go into the pockets of dirtball drug lords to buy pricey pickup trucks and gold chains.  Where does it go?

A portion goes into the pockets of those supposedly trying to end the trade, DEA, FBI, Mexican police, and so on. When you get paid for solving a problem, the last thing you want to do is to solve it, because then you stop getting paid. Another portion goes to politicians to, as a probable example, prevent the prevention of arms sales or too much attention to money laundering. The bulk, I will bet, ends up in the big banks, hedge funds, and offshore tax havens. Note that the heavy flow of armament, condoned and apparently protected by Washington, prevents Mexico from doing anything effective against the narcos. Again, where is the money going?

Serious question: Do you really think that anyone on the receiving end of that much money will want to end the industry that provides it? And do you think that, if Mexico and China disappeared in a flash of blue light, nobody else would start doing the same thing? That is, that the sixty billion in honey would not attract new flies?

Massive illegal immigration causes many grave problems, certainly to the US, and no sane country would allow it. Still, it might be interesting to look at it from the standpoint of the immigrants, or many of them. Let us consider Paco and Lupita, living in a dirt-floored cinder block hovel in San Salvador, and listening nightly to their two children crying because they are hungry. They are not hungry because Paco and Lupita are stupid or lazy, but because there are no jobs in San Salvador.

The couple, desperate, powwow and decide that the only solution is for Paco to go to the United States, work, and send money back home. Paco has never been outside of El Salvador, perhaps not outside of San Salvador, so this is not an easy decision. It seems the only decision, though.

While their friends and relatives are as poor, they manage to pool a bit of money to help Paco on the way. He starts hitchhiking north through Central America, manages to cross into Mexico, and proceeds further north on the Train of Death, as it is known, a freight train line. Having gotten to the US border miraculously still in possession of his grubstake, he finagles his way across the border and, following advice from local Latinos, manages to reach relatives in Indiana, where he gets a job in a meatpacking plant.

He sends money home. His children stop crying from hunger. He starts preparations to bring his family north.

This is illegal, and Americans have every right to oppose it. But we are looking at it from Paco’s standpoint. He thinks the well being and future of his family matter more than the laws of any country. In the same predicament, what would the reader do? Would it not be  irresponsible not to do it?

Them’s my thoughts. I will now go into hiding.



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  • Yes, Fred. You must hide. The thought police, also well funded, exist to punish people like you who can think, and do it. Criticism of The Empire is not permitted, especially the kind that is sound, accurate, and bites. I, myself, am in hiding in wild Montana. This piece will explain that.


    • Most, if not all problems, are brought on us by ourselves. Until Americans kick heir drug habits, enforce some form of gun control and, accept that “the fault dear Brutus lies in ourselves and not in the stars”, it will be much of the same. Some African American did a standup routine a while ago wherein he said that drug pedlars do not put up a counter on the sidewalk with a sign saying drugs for sale, you have to go and seek them out. attitudes which attempt to blame others for our faults will never cure those faults.

  • All Americas fault. Got it. Nicely balanced perspective.

  • “In 1965 the United States, not Mexico, changed the immigration laws, apparently to encourage immigration from the south.”
    Not regular Americans. That was LBJ’s “Great Society”; Emanuel Celler; Ted Kennedy

    “Open borders are an American, not a Mexican, policy.”
    Mexico’s southern border is WIDE open.

    “The drug trade exists because Americans want drugs.”
    True, but China and Mexico supply them.

    “The drug racket is not of benefit to Mexico.”
    Seriously? They’re called Mexican DRUG cartels. Pablo Escobar, El Chapo and all the rest.

    “Big Pharma, getting rich by peddling oxies”
    True. All Big Pharma cares about is money; not you or ma.

    “Let us consider Paco and Lupita, living in a dirt-floored cinder block hovel in San Salvador, and listening nightly to their two children crying because they are hungry.”
    True, but most illegal aliens are NOT Paco and Lupita. And besides, what part of “illegal” doesn’t anyone understand.
    We used to have LEGAL immigration from EUROPE, to Ellis Island.

    Dementia Joey (Biden) doesn’t want that. He wants amnesty; new Democrat voters and replacing as many White people as possible.

    • Escobar was Columbian and has long been dead.

    • Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to millions. Let’s not forget the Immigration and Control Act of 1986. (Also known as the Simpson-Mazzoli Act or the Reagan Amnesty). President Reagan signed it in November 1986. Reagan was also an open borders guy. He’s been quoted time and time again as recognizing that we need these immigrants.

      Most illegal immigrants are Paco and Lupita. They come because we give them jobs. They commit crimes far less than citizens. They pay their taxes, obtain 30 year mortgages, send their kids to school, and become Americans over the course of a few generations.

      See, the reason nothing is done about immigration is because we need the labor. The poor whites of the red states are busy with their fentanyl, and welfare.

      We need labor. We need the tax base. We need the consumers.

      Paco and Lupita are the ultimate capitalist. The original NAFTA free traders. They can sell their labor in America. So they become American.

      Remember, Reagan lamented after he signed the 1986 legislation, that the bipartisan congress watered down the penalties for employers hiring immigrants without documentation. The congress today dare not upset the the apple cart. The capitalist have become fat from the cheap labor.

      Americans are less and less friendly to capitalism. Funny how those who scream the most about how much they love capitalism actually hate everything about capitalism. Just let gas prices go up $.25 a gallon and suddenly it’s the sitting presidents fault, not the free market. Really shows how our education system has failed.

      Remember when Republicans were pro business, anti communist, free trade, no tariff, pro family, Christian values. My favorite thing about Trumpism is that is showed us who these hypocrites really are.

  • So you think the US should accept responsibility for its own stupidity and greed. Good luck with that.

  • The US had a bracero program until 1964. Caesar Chavez strongly opposed it since he viewed illegal alien farmworkers as strike breakers imported by growers to weaken the United Farm Workers. Teddy Kennedy was able to push thru relaxed immigration laws by 1965.

    Once the bracero program ended the number of persons entering illegally went way up. We needed work done and they wanted to work. But there are many costs such as much higher bills for medical care, education and the criminal justice system.

    There have always been many pressures from various groups in the US over immigration and narcotics. Some say we cracked down on drugs because of evil men like Bureau of Narcotics commissioner Harry Anslinger. But he had the support of most Americans who were shocked by heroin addition. Most agree fentanyl and meth should be stopped by almost any means, many are ambivalent about cannabis.

    I don’t think most US federal agents in DEA, Customs or FBI are on the take. But American law places many restrictions on law enforcement (and probably should). Stopping or even seriously slowing the smuggling of illegal drugs into the US has never been possible. Good people have tried for decades and a few have been killed trying.

    Think sending drones or navy SEALS into Mexico would fix anything? It would just further destabilize their corrupt government. Want 40 million Mexicans streaming up here because of too much blood in the streets of Guadalajara? Me neither.

  • “In 1965 the United States, not Mexico, changed the immigration laws, apparently to encourage immigration from the south. What other reason could there have been?”

    The excuse was familiy reunification. We were told by that lying, old drunkard Ted Kennedy that this was only to allow Chang and Pedro’s families to come live with them, and would not result in a substantial change in the demographics of this country.

    “Odd. In America there is much anger at the ingress that America invited.”

    In other articles, you display enough sophistication to understand the difference between America and it’s government, so this is pure disingenuousness. “America” (meaning the American people) did not invite this, its government did, and the American people have no say the matter. This was true even in 1965 as, just two years before that, a true champion of the American people who, though some miracle, managed to slip through all the other election filters, was murdered in broad daylight right out in front of everyone by the real government of this country.

    Quit posting stupid articles like this one essentially saying “Har har har, those barmy gringos don’t want my Mexican amigos in their country but they keep on inviting ’em in! How stupid! Har har har!” Because it’s complete and total bullshit and not the slightest bit witty or funny. Your Mexican wife may like it but no one else does.

  • Fred like you i’m a Vietnam veteran, 1998 to 2002 the VA in Florida, was peddling, in OxyContin to practically any vet, just get them go away. I really didn’t know what OxyContin was, but I saw the devastating effects of the drug. About 5 to 10 years ago the VA cut off anybody that was on OxyContin and I personally know guys I serve with put their lights out cause they had to go cold turkey without the slightest bit of help from the VA. For big Pharma this was a huge profit for combat veterans, genuine, physical illnesses. It was a disaster. Has anybody been held accountable?

  • I am a gringa expat living in Ecuador. Recently a new President was installed. I dont know if he was elected, since he is close friends with the US, which has a facility for rigging such smokescreens to get it’s own into position. He has been in place weeks, when he broke a signed long standing agreement with Russia not to give or sell any of the military equipment Russia gave Ecuador for her own protection. He sent it the US claiming that Ecuador will get 200 mill in other stuff. Since no one saw any benefit from the $4billion it got for turning Julian Assange over the Powers of Evil, there is no way of knowing if anything will be paid. I take leave to doubt it on my grandmothers grave. Now, there is a new release from an outfit which tries to keep track of things being hidden. It claims that, contrary to the constitution, which has been in place since Ecuador was first formed, the ruling against any foreign armed forces is broken and American soldiers are set to be based here. Whether this last is true I do not, at the moment, know. Seems that having ruined every other nation around the world it gets its sticky fingers on, the US is starting on the Andean nations.

  • Paco and Lupita, seemingly harmless, bring the chaos of San Salvador, with them.

  • Don t give a flying fucky what gringos think, I am in the US and will bring all the family(8 members of them) and start anew. Americans can go fuck themselfs on drugs. It s us or them. Less white people the better.

  • The US is not alone.
    Germany, Austria, Italy + EU Commission are the same.
    We – the majority – are against but …

  • This is all very well and good as long as everyone illegally entering the States is a “Paco” or “Lupita”. Men and women who are honest, good intentioned, ethical and willing to work hard for the sake of their family and loved ones.

  • “…no sane country would allow it.”

    Enough said.

  • Norbert Schlei (Jew) wrote the 1965 Immigration Act from the Johnson White House. He did not do it with the consent of real Americans. Nor do we get any say about what those in control in Washington DC are doing right now. It is not clever, charming or smart to talk like somehow we deserve what is being done to us and our civilization, as the international Jew is doing this in every western country and only in the west. Of course there are the necessary white traitors who help them.

    They are destroying the moral and the economy of this country and places in California and NYC are third world with people living on the streets and using them as their bathrooms. It’s no wonder that white victims of this evil are taking drugs. And most of the writers that I follow online talk in terms of the people who are doing this to us as them being evil and of the devil and I believe that very strongly.

    White South Africans are being genocided like the Palestinians. The powers that be have armed every government agency in the US and we’re told that military aged men from countries that have been turned into our enemies are being brought into this country. They will probably be given weapons to use against us. We are not doing this to ourselves.

    Nick Griffin, former politician in Britain has said that there are so many young muslim men in the UK that if they decided to turn Britain Islamic it is doubtful that the Brits could stop them.

    After desegregation in the south where we had freedom of association and relations between the races were better than they are now, blacks worked for a living there there was a mother and father in the home. The north segregated blacks in the inner cities, made welfare laws that removed the husband and father from the homes and created conditions that made it easy for them to weaponize blacks.

    Our own government has the agenda of reducing the world’s Gentile population. Those allowed to survive will be turned into slaves by technology as the world will be a technocracy. When white people go down I know some people who will go down a lot harder and Mexicans will be among them.

  • If the billions of drug and other illegal money making is to be stopped I can only see that all world total hard currencies should be turned into CBDCs which unfortunately lands us into the control of governments – horrible thought.

    That would take time so that those with the cash will have time to buy a lot of expensive stuff, real estate etc. which perhaps could be investigated how acquired. Having gold would not be useful I think, no?

  • @Quartermaster:

    “Accepted or not, they (the U.S.) are still responsible.”

    We (Americans) are not responsible. Our marxist government is responsible.
    We are forced to live with it.

    The right creates.
    The left destroys.

  • A good account of one very human level. But it doesn’t explain another level where people are being flown in from the Middle East, Africa and China, then in the latter case going to a special Chinese-only camp north of the Darien Gap, then many of these and other immigrants being given debit cards which are topped up monthly and provided free housing and medical care once in the States. Something else is going on which has nothing to do with the individual life stories, rather an attempt to fundamentally change the nation. And probably not for the better.

  • These things happen when a drooling fossil traitorgov works for external enemies.
    Luckily for us, so far, some of those externals are paper tigers who want it all wrapped up so that no shooting is needed.
    My theory is that they want to clear out as much of South America as possible and then buy and build up bunkers for the hell on earth that they intentionally create and I just found two pennies.
    Marxist Statist Utopians are out to burn down the world by any means necessary and the dumbing down to the point of the Great Leap Retarded just might get it done.
    Hopefully the Ape Lincoln maxim holds up about you can’t fool them all with you can’t make them all stupid.

  • When I was a kid in Detroit, cops were always shooting young black guys and justifying it because they were Numbers Runners.

    Now the State has taken over the numbers racket. I presume that the fentanyl problem will eventually be solved in the same way.

  • Pretty much agree with your evaluation Fred, with one exception.

    If the cartels have automatic and/or heavy weapons, they don’t get them from civilian stores in the U.S. They get them from willing or suborned allies in the Mexican military.

  • Hmm. How are the non-Mexicans piling on at the Mexico side of the Estados Unidos De Mexico-uSA border then crossing? Where are the Chinese entering Mexico? Where are the Mexican nationalists clamoring for control of Mexico’s Southern border?
    These USA have brought a lot on ourselves but Mexico is not innocent.

  • “Having thus asked for a mass ingress, it seems odd for America to complain that it got one.”
    Uhh…no. America never wanted, nor asked for it. DC did, and still does, while America rightly objects.

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  • Why doesn’t Paco just start economic activity right where he lives? Can they not make where they live a place of wonder??? Oh, that’s right they can’t, it seems that only Whites can do that…

  • I notice din a recent 60 minute story and also via Fox news that a lot of people crossing the southern border aren’t Mexicans or even from Central/South America. They are coming from places like China.

    Now, thinking back to the good job that Chinese labors did on the railroads back in the 19th century, I propose that they all be rounded up and be tasked with building another Great Wall on our southern border. Then machine guns should be mounted on that wall and anyone coming to o close gets shot.

    Are you reading Fred, Trump? I hope so. Feel free to run with this idea once you become president again in 2025.

  • I would be surprised if Mexico doesn’t have a significant heroin/Fentanyl problem, although not to the degree the USA does.

    The dumb people paid to package and move this stuff are almost surely addicted if only by breathing the air where the packaging is done and moving the packages around.

    I saw a video sometime ago about how Afghanistan also has its share of junkies, an outgrowth of their growing poppies for heroin and this is one reason why the Taliban made them destroy the poppy fields.

  • Speaking of the wonders of living in Mexico, how about lack of drinking water? Something you might want to write about Fred.
    One of the world’s biggest cities may be just months away from running out of water
    By Laura Paddison, Jack Guy and Fidel Gutiérrez, CNN
    Updated 9:23 AM EST, Sun February 25, 2024

    Alejandro Gomez has been without proper running water for more than three months. Sometimes it comes on for an hour or two, but only a small trickle, barely enough to fill a couple of buckets. Then nothing for many days.

    Gomez, who lives in Mexico City’s Tlalpan district, doesn’t have a big storage tank so can’t get water truck deliveries — there’s simply nowhere to store it. Instead, he and his family eke out what they can buy and store.

    When they wash themselves, they capture the runoff to flush the toilet. It’s hard, he told CNN. “We need water, it’s essential for everything.”

    Water shortages are not uncommon in this neighborhood, but this time feels different, Gomez said. “Right now, we are getting this hot weather. It’s even worse, things are more complicated.”

    Mexico City, a sprawling metropolis of nearly 22 million people and one of the world’s biggest cities, is facing a severe water crisis as a tangle of problems — including geography, chaotic urban development and leaky infrastructure — are compounded by the impacts of climate change.


  • Question for Fred: what do the Mexican people think of the hordes of Central Americans coming in from the South to tramp the length of the country before reaching the US? Who in Mexico benefits from this?

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