A Whorehouse of Damned Fools: Thought, If Any, in the Federal Bubble

I expect my columns to be gems of lucidity and concision, such as to arouse despair in other writers. I have been expecting this for decades now. It may still happen. Meanwhile I fear today’s effort will be helterskelter, having the literary aspect of a tossed salad. I beg patience.

The Earth holds some eight billion people. It is interdependent  with most relying, sometimes for life itself, on things from somewhere else: food, oil, gasoline, fertilizers, parts crucial to machines also crucial, electronics controlling the crucial machines and networks. A world war, even with conventional weapons, would kill incalculable numbers, if only by breaking supply chains. We don’t know how many since we haven’t tried it yet. Nuclear? Far worse.

Of the eight billion, how many would it take to start a world war? Who are they? Why do they hold the power of fdeath by burning or starvation  over the rest of us? Why would they do it?

Biden, not very smart, pathologically aggressive, exploring early senility, Desperate for reelection, might be able to do it alone. One man. In theory he could order a nuclear strike or Russia, though it is unlikely that he would do so and not clear that the military would obey. Simply ordering US fighters to attack Russian aircraft over the Ukraine, or Syria, might do the trick. He is commander-in-chief, after all..

And Washington is poking hard at Russia in the Ukraine, escalating and escalating, raising the ante.  We now have troops on the ground in Gaza, America is preparing for war with China. Situations of this sort are not predictable. Say Hezbola attacks Israel with Iranian support, America bombs Iran, Russia downs American planes, the US is now at war with Iran, which destroys American bases in the region and the large Russian reserve forces in the Ukraine roll toward the Polish border. It’s nuke’m or lose’m.

Here let us consider the crucial role of blank ignorance in American foreign policy. We may use China as a convenient example. I have read that seventy-seven percent of Americans, or some such number, think that China is a dangerous enemy. This of course is a majority manufactured by the media. But how many Americans know anything about China? Can they name three Chinese cities other than Beijing, Hongkong, and Shanghai? Even those three? Can they name one date in Chinese history? Know what happened in 1976? But they are quite sure that China, wherever it is, constitutes a grave danger.

The foregoing applies almost as well to the Congress. A friend, a former US Senator, has estimated to me that ninety percent of the Senate doesn’t know where Myanmar is. Congressmen, usually negligible lawyers from somewhere, have neither the background, time, or interest to master multifaceted foreign countries. They vote as the wind blows, as the rest of their party votes, as lobbyists n donors wish, and as they think that their constituents. also comprehensively ignorant, will approve.

The media, often little better informed, throw softball questions to avoid embarrassing either the pols or the viewership. The typical question is vague and lets the politician ramble into his love  of democracy, opposition to dictatorship, and passionate concern for human rights. No reporter would ask Senator Rubio whether he can tell semiconductores from possum droppings.

Thus is policy made.

In two decades in Washington, I covered the military and its political hangers-on for Army Times, the Washington Times, the Washington Post, Universal Press Syndicate, Harper’s, and other stations of the journalistic cross. I had a Pentagon Pass and spent long hours walking the E-ring, talking to officers. I mention these not to puff my imaginary importance but to make the point that I know the smell, the attitude that moves the city, especially as regards the military.

There is a sense of omnipotence, of a right to rule. We have heard the phrases, the world’s policeman, the Indispensable Nation, a Shining City on a Hill, the Exceptional Nation. People believed this, and still do. This is hard to describe, but real. America had a God-given right, not infrequently expressed in religious terms, to intervene anywhere. Importantly, the US was believed to have the power to do so. In 1955, it did. Many of our gerontocratic leftover political fossils in power are old enough to have grown up in this.

There was, in those days, the American Imperium, US hegemony,  the Empire, now consisting of something like 750 military bases around the world, control of the IMF, the World Bank, the United Nations, SWIFT, and  so on. Washington came to think of this dominance as natural, eternal, a deserved fruit of European superiority. This is now collapsing, and Washington is ready to do anything, anything at all, to preserve it.

The desperate desire to stay in the saddle shapes America’s foreign policy. The approach is heavily military, in part because realists know that America cannot compete commercially or, for long, technologically with Asia.  Washington has a short window of opportunity, perhaps of ten years, in which to crush first Russia and then China. Thus the war against Russia, a likely war in the Near East, threats to invade Mexico, and the frequent talk, and planning for, a war against china by 2025. They actually specify the year..

The horrifying thing is how very few are the men and women who can bring about a war in which hundreds of millions could die.  In a world of eight billion, fewer (I will guess) than a hundred can start a holocaust. Much is made by conservatives of the Jewish Neocons, Victoria Nulan, Blinken, Zelenski, Kristol, and the gang, but there are also Biden, Bolton, Pompeo, Graham, Rubio, various Pentagon generals, and the arms industry.

In Washington there is talk of putting US boots on the ground in Ukraine, this being thought of as something the Russians would find fearsome. It isn’t’. America is no longer a nation of tough country boys. The Army can’t meet recruiting quotas because the American young are obese. Physical and mental standards have been lowered. Recruits with felony records are accepted. For years the services have been laboratories for political indoctrination, feminized, larded with sexual curiosities, rotted with affirmative action hires. The Army has no troops or officers who have experience with combat against a serious enemy with massive artillery, tanks, helicopter gunships. In recent decades the American military has bombed goat herds armed with rifles from secure bases with PXs.

The Russians they would try to fight in the Ukraine are battle-hardened with over a year of experience of combat against a modern Ukrainian army. It would be a slaughter.

Here we come to a major element in Washington’s purported strategic thinking: Wars are containable and fought somewhere else, never in America. This curious delusion is palpable in all the threats of direct intervention. A mistake. If American soldiers fight Russian soldiers, America will be at war with Russia, whose submarines could easily torpedo American troop or supply  ships. Today’s cruise missiles, such as those used by Russia in the Ukraine, are accurate and have in some cases ranges of 1,200 miles. Several of these launched  from submarines and killing most of the people at the Pentagon would be a shock. The Pentagon, note, is a short bicycle ride from the Capitol and the White House.

What then would Washington do? Russia is a huge nuclear power, able to incinerate the US and Europe at the same time. Nuclear saber rattling by Washington won’t intimidate it. Russia is independent in both food and energy. Its air force is large and powerful. God help an aircraft carrierthat tried to fight continental Russia. What do America’s toy soldiers do now?

A very, very important point: Wars usually do not turn out as expected. Here i repeat myself but I ask regular readers, if I have one, to be patient. Let’s look at some actual wars and how well they matched expectations. The American Civil War was supposed to be over in an afternoon at First Manassas. Wrong by four bloody years and 650,000 dead, equivalent to about six and a half million today. Nobody had the slightest idea of what that war would be. When Napoleon invaded Russia, he had no idea that Russian troops would soon be marching in Paris. Which is what happened. When the Germans launched WWI, they expected a short, victorious war of maneuver. They got four years of bloody, losing trench warfare. When Hitler invaded Russia, having Russian and American GIs divide up Berlin was not a major war plan. It happened. When the Japanese army urged war with America, it did plan on American sailors doing the boom-boom, as the Vietnamese used to say, with its daughters in the bars of Tokyo.  When the French recolonized Vietnam after WWII, they did not expect to be outfought and outsmarted at Dienbienphu. When the Americans repeated the French mistake, they also did not foresee being handed their ass, as is said in the military. It happened. When the Russians invaded Afghanistan, they did not expect to lose. But did. When the Americans, seeing the Russian defeat, also did not expect to lose. But did. The current war in the Ukraine goeth not as expected.

Now, regarding the Ukraine: Militaries are often as bad at predicting the kind  of war as its outcome.  The game changer, as we like to say, in this war has been the drone. For one thing it allows armies to make precise attacks on targets, such as tanks, without risking the lives of soldiers. Further, when a drone spots, say, an enemy battalion, it can instantaneously relay its coordinates back to the artillery which in three minutes can bring down fire on said battalion. This wasn’t foreseen.

Now, as Washington prepares to start a war with China, it probably lacks a gerbil’s idea of how that war will go. There are the usual complacency, self-assurance, belief in America’s superiority in weapons and their use, the expectation of a short, sharp, victorious war, with the continental US remaining an untouchable sanctum.  I find officials in the Federal Bubble talking of using F-35s to fly deep into China to bomb command centers. They say this in the same casual tone they would use when speaking of bombing Guatemala.

China isn’t Guatemala.

It is a country of huge population, vast resources, large numbers of excellent engineers and scientists who feature prominently in the world’s elite technical journals. It is a country that sent a combined orbiter, lander, and rover to Mars, successfully, on its first attempt. It leads the world in number of supercomputers. It is not a dragon casually to be poked by overgrown little boys in the Five-Sided Wind Tunnel.

And it is a country that over decades has crafted its armed forces specifically to fight America in its nearby waters. I have a hard time imagining a situation better designed to produce surprises.

The exclamation point is to infuse with a wild, irrational desire for  Fred’s seditious ravings


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  • The GOAL for the elitists in power behind the scenes is the death of billions. Some want the world’s population cut down to half a billion. Few things can accomplish that as quickly as a world war. And once such an event kicks into high gear, it WILL eventually go nuclear.
    Pedo Joe Biden is NOT going to be the person who starts anything. He is NOT IN CHARGE and NOBODY in Mordor On The Potomac obeys anything he says. All he wants is a pudding pop, a fresh pair of Depends and an 8 year old to molest. The people making all the decisions are NOT in political office. They are unelected, unaccountable and mostly unknown to the rest of us. Virtually all the people elected to national office are figureheads. Beholden to and owned by special interests who TELL them how to vote. We haven’t had an actual representative government for decades. What does this mean? It means TINVOWOOT. There is no longer a legal, peaceful, pleasant method available to us to effect any change to what’s coming. Buckle up butter cup. Life sucks now and the suck is about to get turbocharged.

  • If the U.S. is truly stupid enough to trigger a war with China, they’ll no doubt ask their NATO vassals to join the fun. After their inevitable loss in Ukraine, those vassals probably won’t be in the mood for another ass-kicking. Best case scenario, NATO disintegrates, the U.S. suffers a quick defeat, and the Empire retires to lick its wounds for a few decades. Dare to dream.

    • China is both Taiwan and Japan’s largest trading partners. Also, the voters in Taiwan are more concerned with local issues and their economy than being a belligerent proxy for the Swamp Creatures in D.C.

      I doubt there is any real interest on the part of China’s neighbors to be at ground zero of World War 3.

      Most of China’s maritime border disputes are with neighboring nations which host U.S. bases. If U.S. military presence were gone from the region the Chinese would most likely offer to jointly administer those disputed territories.

  • The F-35 “Turducken” has a combat range of less than 700 nm when armed for an A/G interdiction mission, but that gets you deep enough into China… your carrier will have already been sunk, so you can plan on a one-way mission, like the Doolittle raid on Tokyo, to show them Chinks what-not.

  • The die is cast Fred. There is no quantity of others’ blood too great to spill in order to protect the rich and powerful, and the way riches and power are achieved, grown and maintained. Judging from what I see of our new military, it could be a short war. We are set on a psychology of invincibility and homeland security. 9-11 was terrible but not compared to war. We live in a convenient Great Pretend. I trust the American people can rise to any occasion, but not instantly. It will take a catastrophic event and realization that we are not led, but bled, by DC.

  • Everything correct except thinking that Biden, an aged actor who can, on his best days, read a prepared script as if he is the one who is really engaged in the scripted activity and saying for himself what he is actually just reading. Trump taught us that. Someone said, ‘We are bringing peace, prosperity, and democracy to Syria.’ Trump said, ‘I order all the US troops out of Syria today.’ They tried to explain that his job was to read the Teleprompter, not ad lib. A few months later, someone said, ‘We are bringing peace, prosperity, and democracy to Syria.’ Trump said, ‘I order all the US troops out of Syria today.’ This time, half his staff resigned, they could not continue to work for someone who not only did not understand the job the 2016 election gave him, he could not learn. A few months later, someone said, ‘We are bringing peace, prosperity, and democracy to Syria.’ Trump said, ‘I order all the US troops out of Syria today.’ Finally, they said, ‘Look, we are NOT trying to bring peace, prosperity, or democracy to Syria, we are not spending 1¢ of US money, we are stealing all the Syrian oil and making a lot of money for the US.’ Trump said, ‘Great!,’ and then told the American people, ‘We are not bringing democracy to Syria, we’re stealing all the oil. Keep those troops there. They’re making a lot of money for the US!’
    Wrong, wrong, and wrong. They will make sure Trump never gets elected again. A Colorado judge will probably say that Trump cannot run for election.
    We’ll always get people like Biden, people who know to read the Teleprompter like a good actor, as if they are the person coming up with every word on the spot and they really, really mean it.

    • If a judge keeps Trump off the 2024 ballot using the 14th A nonsense as a justification, there will be a not insignificant amount of blood spilled as a result. I’m no Trump zealot, but a bright line needs to be drawn: soon; and nearby…

  • “When the Japanese army urged war with America, it did plan on American sailors doing the boom-boom, as the Vietnamese used to say, with its daughters in the bars of Tokyo.”

    I think you meant “… it did not plan…”

  • I was quite surprised, given today’s work ethic in American young people, that we were able to conduct a war in Afghanistan. Yes, we were completely routed by an illiterate army of 10,000 Taliban “active” soldiers at any time (well, to be honest, the D.O.D estimated only 2,500 of the Taliban were really motivated). Yes, we spent $2.3 trillion over 20 years, getting routed. But, it was an impressive showing for a youth who struggle with being “fat, drunk, and stupid” (Dean Wormer, Animal House). And, .. let’s not forget we did some nation building — building the Afghanistan army and society in our image. They outshone us in the routing numbers: It took 832,000 of our soldiers to be routed by the 10,000 Taliban (.. ok, maybe 2500), but it only took 352,000 Afghan soldiers to be routed by the Taliban. Yes, some will say that it took 20 years for us to be routed, while the Afghan army took a week to be routed, but America proudly stands by them, honoring and admitting 97,000 of them into our struggling country since the war ended, .. these newly minted Americans joining us in the curse of being “fat, drunk, and stupid.”

    • We watched Afgan snipers taking out Russky copters, and bought into the simplistic and simple-minded MSM analysis that the only reason the Russians didn’t prevail was that they underestimated the effects of altitude on aircraft. Big mistake.

  • “War GAMES” As the survivors of military cutbacks designed to eliminate “Combat troops” play “Games” the Barbarians plan for WAR
    Another point you missed or did not miss but passed on is a discussion about the role a belief in a “Magical being” .or a disbelief in such a system plays in the doomsday scenario.

    Peace and prosperity Through personal Responsibility

  • Hi Fred,

    You left out a crucial point. The US and its allies are just about out of military hardware. As far as I know, you don’t win battles printing greenbacks.
    Have you read John Michael Greer’s, Twilights Last Gleaming?

    Stay well


  • While there were brave warfighters on both sides, WW II was clearly won with logistics. The USA out-manufactured the Axis powers. Typewriter factories turned out rifles, and truck factories turned out tanks. Rosie the Riveter was as important to victory as was General Patton.

    That was 80 years ago. We don’t have typewriter factories any more, and maybe half of the old armories have been shut down by law suits.

    If a hypersonic missile sends one of our eleven in-service aircraft carriers to the bottom of the China Sea, using current production we can launch a replacement for it in what, eight or ten years, if we can get the steel?

    If an F-35 gets shot down, how many can we re-supply the next day? From what I can find, the US intends to produce a total of 3100 F-35 variants for ourselves and our allies. Compare that to the over 300,000 aircraft of all types the US produced during WW II for ourselves and our allies.

    • Salem –

      You are spot on. The US, during WWII, had a safe industrial base. Even Yamamoto knew this, and it is why he opposed war with the US.

      While logistics generally means being able to supply front-line troops, but as you have used it, it includes considerations of factory-to-frontline supply. In the context of WWII, this use makes more sense.

      Ever heard the saying, “Amateurs study tactics. Generals study road networks.” I think it is apt here, especially when the US no longer has the manufacturing capacity it had in 1940.

    • All of which (along with the decimation of manufacturing capacity in Europe), lifted the US out of the lingering economic effects of FDR’s Depression, and powered its ascension from a predominantly rural, agricultural, nation, to become the dominating (and domineering) world economic power for more than the next half century. The fragility of that position, and the fervent belief by US powers and citizenry in its permanence, has almost inevitably led to the situation that Fred Reed has documented in this column.

  • Fred, you appear to have a strange view of what is going on in the Ukraine. The USA is involved in the same way that Russia was in Vietnam; generous supplies of military hardware and training . That being so, Russia cannot turn around and say it is at war with the USA. Well, actually it does, but then the troll farms in Leningrad and the talking empty heads in Moscow say whatever Putin thinks, or appears to think.

    The USA would lose against a battle-hardened Russian army/ Oh, puhleez. From all accounts, the Russian army is a mess. Clueless commanders ordered to get results at any price, sending in reluctant conscripts with minimal training into Stalingrad 2.0. The Russians have more artillery, albeit far less accurate than what the Ukrainians have been given, their navy is a joke, and their air force timid and undertrained.

    But, why is the Ukraine at war? Because Russia wants to expand, again, and convert the Ukraine into Russia Far West. And preferably without any pesky Ukrainians getting in the way. See what happens in the occupied areas. It’s WW2 all over again, but the Nazis are heading westwards this time.

    The latest is that some nutjob in Russia is calling for an attack on Poland. Luckily, I live in south-west Poland, so I am unlikely to find a T80 (if they still have any; probably it would be an elderly T62) parked in my driveway any time soon. If they get far anyway; the mighty Russia army failed to break the Ukrainians with a surprise attack. The :Poles are much better equipped, and attacking Poland would bring in NATO, so it would be a massacre. Not of the Poles, though. And, IMHO, it won’t go nuclear. Putin talks big, but is probably not that stupid or desperate, and his minions might decide that they won’t carry out such an order.

    BTW, there are rumors that Putler is dead. One suggestion is that this is a Russian ploy to see how the world reacts to such a report, to prepare them for when the little slimeball actually shuffles of his mortal coil. Who knows? Perhaps he already has.

    • Lol you sound like a polack troll.

      • Mr. Parry has a certain consistency, but seems to be short of accurate information.

        Let’s settle this after school is out.

    • Wow, just wow! You are living in a bubble of mainstream propaganda. Michael Yon says “If you are continually surprised by events, you need to change your source of information or you mental paradigm.” I tell you this so that the surprise coming, and soon!, in Ukraine will be instructive instead of puzzling.

      Speaking from experience, change your information sources first and let the new knowledge change your thinking.

      As an example, everyone I know who watches TV got the vaxx, at least once. Only people who avoid lying layers and their lies can find their way to the truth. So tell us true . . . You Sound Vaxxed! Are you?

  • Just one small point Fred. The Russians did not “invade” Afghanistan. Thats a typical Western furphy. Zbignew Brzezinski stirred up a hornets nest of Islamic fundamentalists with not enough farm work to keep them occupied, and sent them into Afghanistan as “mujahideen”, Islamic fighters for Islam. The authorities in Afghanistan, who had had a very good relationship with Russia since the British English pissed them off hugely in the Second Afghan War, called on Russia for help, which is exactly what Zbig had wanted to happen. He wanted, he said, Russia to have it’s own Vietnam. Which didnt happen, because Russia had the sense to get the hell out before it got that bad, with sincere apologies to its erstwhile Afghan friend. But Russia never “invaded” in the sense that word means.

  • Damn Depressed at the inarguable wisdom expressed by the other posters and our Host, Meester Fred. I got banned from the tube of you for a year, for jabs like naming the Pelosi “Succubus-of-the-House” and other such like slurs against the Corona Party denizens. I never fooled self into believing I was reaching any of the Leftward-shuffling revived glue-sniffers with even my most carefully researched quotes from CDC and NIH, FBI statistics, Constitution, or even quotes from Comrade Schumer hizzown self.
    Actually got some useful work done in that year. Don’t know why they restored me to the playpen.

    But my sarcasm nor my occasional actual insights and sober judgments aren’t going to deflect by one pin prick the trajectory of the Smugly Git Delusional Pickpockets, Hair-sniffers and Perverted Demons running the Western Industrial Nations from their present “Controlled Flight into Terrain.”

    The deepest of three separate sabotage locations that destroyed the Nordstream natural gas pipelines was 75 meters, a depth requiring considerable expertise and available assets; multiple phases of logistics, training in diving, navigation and demolition; it required a sophisticated undetectable approach, deployment, and recovery of divers in each of the three locations that were targeted. There are some silly reports of a leaked Defense Department document of “tips” of Ukraine SpecOps divers using a pleasure yacht and a submersible to do the deeds.

    Right. Ukraine divers used submersible and a yacht to plant explosive on six pipelines in three separate locations…
    Bull$]-[iT. Only The Sockpuppet-in-Chief and the crowd of invisible “handlers” with their wrists up the Presidential Keister really stand to profit from the ruin of the pipeline that was substantially funding Putin’s troublesome Ukraine re-acquisition attempt.

    After all, which nation has silent nuclear powered long-range submarines already experienced in clandestine transport and deployment of trained and experienced underwater divers for demolition jobs like this?????
    Of course, Ignoring and denying the obvious is for the best. Don’t want to admit to an act that Putin could use as casus belli.

    Too bad about the suffering of Europeans this winter. Those countries should have looked to their fuel needs much earlier, and not cozied up to Vladimir.

    Otherwise I’m pretty optimistic for the Universe at large, panspermia notwithstanding. I firmly believe that the DNA is not the problem, just might take another few ice ages to winnow out the dumb mass genes in this particular locality.

  • Greetings Fred!

    Grand-Pa Pettibone of the probably now defunct NavAirNews used to say “Great Horned Toads or maybe Ragin’ Reptiles”! You sure covered a lot of real estate with your 1846 words with this one. I might add that you are “Pissin’ in a deep pot!” with items that are above the average American citizen’s brain power – perhaps Mexican citizens can do better? I am of the opinion that the brains of all citizens world wide have been dumbed down save for the Oriental, Indian and Jewish minds.

    I can make no logical argument against your thoughts – Perhaps a reread would conjure up some? I am afraid that my Econ Minor from a good Southern University in 1959 probably expired some 25 years ago as well as my war fighting strategy from the Navy War College in 1975 — both back when we had typewriter factories but no real computers to speak of at the deck plate level.

    Back then we had smaller carriers and more of them. I wonder what brilliant mind did away with the smaller carrier and opted for the giant sitting ducks we have today? Roger…. a couple of those dudes sitting on the bottom of the Western Pacific or the Mediterranean for that matter will certainly change the parameters of any war. Especially against a back drop of a near $34 Trillion national debt! But it seems that it’s “not to worry” about the money these days.
    I was particularly taken with your comment that perhaps a 100 people on the planet out of approximately eight billion have the capability of bringing the world to holocaust. I would hope less than 100. It would probably be somewhat of a chain reaction. The rest of us military and civilians are just cannon fodder waiting for the order to “bend over”.

    I don’t credit the young American men doing the Boom-Boom or much of anything after our military has decayed from CRT, Pronouns, Trans, Homos and other Faggots thrust on them. And Roger….. increased missing enlisted quotas with lower standards. Who wants to join such a military? I am purposefully leaving out any reference to women in combat or aboard ships but I would be willing to bet on most any US Navy Ship today after taps, there is a virtual love-in below decks…I hope I am wrong.

    And can you believe the hoards of the little “darlin’s” turning out in cities and prestigious universities protesting Israel not to mention the overt rise in Antisemitism these days?
    American patriotism while not completely defunct is at a low low ebb. Perhaps it rests in the MAGA Group?

    I could go on but won’t. Great essay Fred! I remain in your cheering section! The world seems to be on fire and I fault the political party in power and particularly the man in the Oval Office. America seems to be at the lowest ebb I have ever witnessed in the past 50 years.


  • The United States of America is on the brink of destruction by an ignorant Democratic Socialist government, run by a puppet whose strings are pulled by Obama, and too many RINOs. We actually have only one political party, and that supported by ignorant people who don’t believe what they see!

  • […] A Whorehouse of Damned Fools: Thought, If Any, in the Federal Bubble, by Fred Reed […]

  • Umm… sorry – redchina IS an enemy. Period.
    No, I have not been there and that doesn’t matter. They are entirely different breed of creature and are the enemy of everyone else. Except of course their (((handlers))) who have been building them up for the last 7 decades…
    The only justice will be when the ‘pets’ turn on the masters.
    But that will be too late for the West.

    • Yes. You have no facts, but have all the answers. Congratulations. A better example of the the self-delusional and self-destructive ‘Merican attitudes that Fred identifies in this column would be difficlut to come by.

  • Thank you for this Fred. It’s as if you had reached into my brain and dumped out the contents and put them to paper. I have absolutely no professional credentials but I do read a lot of different sources. Sources I have only come to trust over time.

    I think this is spot on. The Central Planners’ grip on the world is slipping fast. Like it or not, the future lies thru Eurasia. After examining China from non Western media sources I can say that I don’t hate them. They aren’t causing mayhem around the world. That’s our job but not sure for how much longer.

    Not sure just how many people understand how badly the loss in Ukraine has set TPTB back. The loss has been catastrophic for their 2030 agenda. Unfortunately this agenda is predicated on the “Uni Polar” model. In this case Uni meaning ONLY as in the only game in town because that’s the only way this model works. It cannot stand if there is adversarial competition from the likes of BRICS nations.

    Agenda 2030 is do or die for the elitists in charge. They will keep pressing until they either win (not likely), we collapse internally, or we die. I have given up on any one politician saving the day. It may be possible for a Trump to engineer a softer landing but this ship is destined to crash.

    We have been programmed to hate ourselves. This was done to make the masses easier to control. Feminizing Western culture has been a great success but it is really lousy when it comes to fighting wars. There’s a bitter irony in it. At this point, it’s the schadenfreude that gets me out of bed in the morning. Going to be a lot of salty tears soon to come. Problem is I am not sure we will be able to enjoy them.

  • Don’t forget the replacements and a potential civil war in das homeland.
    Nothing burns it all down better than a three front war loss.
    Obrandon was put in to finally burn it all down and the incompetence is a mask.
    He hates America and the foundational stock just all CPUSA (D) comrades.

    “The battle is fought and decided by the Quartermasters before the shooting begins.”

    Erwin Rommel

  • I wonder how many of these suits have ever had so much as a callus on their hands, much less taken a punch in the face. Reality is a real bitch when there is no place to hide.

  • It’s true that Russia’s Kinzhal missiles have a range of 1,200 miles but their Avangard missiles are capable of striking targets 3,700 miles away.

    China’s DF-41 ICBMs will have a range of between 7,400 and 9,300 miles while sporting MIRV warheads. Their new DF-DZ Hypersonic missile reportedly has unlimited range while Russia is working on it’s so called “Doomsday” nuclear cruise torpedo, the Poseidon.

    By picking a fight with this generation’s so called Axis of Evil, this is another time proven case of hubris being the catalyst for nemesis. This time it will spell the eschaton of the Pax Americana Imperium.

  • “The Army has no troops or officers who have experience with combat against a serious enemy with massive artillery, tanks, helicopter gunships.”

    If you are trying to describe Russia, Ukraine has decimated much of their hardware, so Russia is just a shadow of its former self in the military hardware arena. And the fighters they have left are mostly prisoner mercenaries. It’s actually a perfect time for the USA to roll in and claim credit for subduing Russia!

    Then we get to divide it up. Auction anyone? Help us retire our debt China and we’ll give you what was eastern Russia. How about you Poland? Do you want to purchase Belarus? How about the Baltic countries? Surely they would like to expand their land areas?

  • There’s no way the USA is contemplating going to war with China. If we were, we would not be sending emissary after emissary over their to meet low level flunkies.

    And Gavin Newsom, governor of CA recently made a pilgrimage to shake Xi’s hand.

  • Worse than our politicians (who are merely stupid and venal) are our flag officers, who are stupid, venal, and desperate. Desperate because, outside their insular little bases, where they can terrorize their obsequious staffs and subordinates to their hearts content, once they leave the gate and go into town NO ONE knows, or cares, who the F they are. These pathetic little men have spent their lives scheming and clawing to get their 1, 2, 3, or (in very rare cases) 4 stars, yet they are still for the most part pathetic little nobodies. They are running up against the clock (MRD) and unless they can “make their name” in some stupid pointless conflict that merely gets some underlings killed, but gets them media attention, they are finished in their mid 50s. Yes, they can get a job in the defense industry, but no one there respects them; they are treated like the whores they really are. There are currently 620 flag officers in the US military, an insane number for a force of our size; there are not enough command slots to give 10% of them actual relevance, so the rest of them plot, and mutter, and conspire, and pray for the chance to go show america how great they are. If anyone starts ww3, it will be one of these desperate little fucks, selling their soul, and risking the lives of millions, to be the next “Stormin’ Normin’ Schwartzkopf” and go down in the history books. Because if that fat, egomaniacal, marginally competent jackass can be a “hero”, well fuck, anyone can.

  • Nobody wants war with China…only China with everybody else who will not surrender to their neo-colonial empire. However, it can be stopped by letting Ukraine destroy the RuSSian fascist empire. The only ones who don’t see this are Donny and his MAGA fuckheads. Solution here: Lock this senile moron up in psychiatry!

  • Biden is a clone, please refer to pictures over the years which the writer should have had. He is well aware that israel controls the usa military toward israel’s nwo agenda and not for the security of the usa. One need only look at all the non-existent high quality weapons that which were never available for the ukraine fiasco, but showed in overbearing mass for their zionist masters .

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