Dear God, What Now? A Racial Diagnosis

America does not have a race problem. It has a black problem. The other races work, meld, contribute, study, and often intermarry. Chinese, Indians, Vietnamese, Lebanese. Given the huge size of the Latino influx, the low level of friction is remarkable. America is not on the brink of a racial explosion against any of the foregoing.

Blacks are very, very different. They are intensely hostile to other races and, it seems, incorrigibly so. Degrees and exceptions, yes, but the centerline is hatred. The racial attacks on Asians one reads of in the media are black attacks on Asians. Nor do blacks get along well with Latinos.  They attack whites both in words and deed. Beating of whites is common, brutal, and ignored by the media. This fellow posts a monthly list of whites murdered by blacks. There is no sign that these will stop. Or be officially noticed.

Crime by blacks is out of control. There seems little to do about it. In the cities they kill each other in staggering numbers, 500 a year in Philadelphia, 700 a year in Chicago, 300 a year in Baltimore, and two or three times as many shot but not killed. The pattern repeats in city after city after city.

One might say resignedly that if they want to kill each other, it is their business. But they kill other races. Every month  Kenn Gividen compiles a list of interracial murders by blacks. Here is his archive. Rates of robbery, rape, theft, carjacking, and so on are, by the standards of the First World, stratospheric.


If these examples were cherrypicked, they could be ignored. They are not cherrypicked. They stream across the web in numbers month after month, year after year.


Illiteracy runs high, far too high for blacks to perform in the white world. In city after city it transpires that in many black schools no student reads proficiently and that in others only a handful do. For example, Chicago.  Figures recently pried out of Baltimore’s government  showed that seventy-seven percent  of high-school seniors read at the level of grade school, many at the level of kindergarten. All of these who are not shot will be unemployable for the next fifty years. This is catastrophic.

The big-city ghettos amount to a distributed foreign country with customs and values sharply differing from those of the surrounding society. In particular, as seventy percent rate of illegitimacy, frequent firefights among gangs, a dialect often barely comprehensible outside of the city, and a resistance to assimilation embodied in the use of strange names for children: Latoya, DeShawn, and so on.

This too is a disaster.

Part of mandatory political discourse holds that whites have abandoned America’s blacks, doing little to solve their problems. In fact whites have made Herculean, almost desperate efforts, but these have not worked. No other country in the world has so consistently and strenuously tried to encourage another race to rise.

It hasn’t worked.

In 1954, a white Supreme Court decreed segregation impermissible. Then a white President sent troops to Little Rock to enforce the decision. In 1964, an overwhelmingly white Congress passed the Civil Rights Act and in the next year, the Voting Rights Act. Then in Duke Power the Supreme Court judged the use of IQ tests by employers unconstitutional because blacks were not  passing them, and later judged affirmative action, clear racial discrimination against whites, legitimate. The theory in the latter was that slightly underqualified blacks would catch up on the job but, when this didn’t happen, affirmative action became an entitlement.

Countless programs arose, intended to benefit blacks. Head Start, AFDC, straight welfare, Food Stamps, racial set-asides, Black Studies, black-only dorms, black-only graduations, Section Eight Housing, free breakfasts for children, then free lunches, and massive housing projects. All of this was done with good intentions and to decent people some of it seemed necessary, as few wanted to leave children hungry. In aggregate, though,  they seemed to foreshadow a custodial state.

When the measures did not have the desired effects of raising blacks on average to the standards of the other races, the country began to lower the standards to meet the blacks. Promotional exams for advance in police departments were dropped because blacks didn’t pass them, then SATs in college admissions and LSATs for law school  for the same reason, Medical College Admission Tests, along with the ACT. Entrance tests for elite high schools then went, or were attacked, for the same reason. Colleges ceased requiring grammatical writing because blacks couldn’t or wouldn’t learn it, and dropped algebra requirements for the same reason.

Then America began pulling down statues and portraits of anyone blacks had heard of and didn’t like, abetted by America’s white middle-school young adults, seldom much better educated than their black co-pullers-down. Literature went if these white children didn’t like it and blacks couldn’t read it. Onand on.


This, and blacks complain that nothing is done for them?

What is to be done? A better question might be what can be done. Nothing, certainly, in the short term. The endumbment of schools and universities is in full flood with the enthusiastic endorsement of faculty and, usually, governments. Enforcement of laws declines, penalties are reduced or eliminated, police cowed. It being easier to eliminate laws than to reinstate them, which would probably lead to many burning cities, little is likely to change on this front. With children being steeped in the philosophy, if that is quite the word behind all of this, little seems likely to change for decades, if then.

Soon there will be none left who know what education is, or was, and the chain, once broken, will not easily be repaired.

Cities are now often governed by their black populations, or by black female mayors, black women seeming more able than the men. Blacks in these cities show no desire for improvement. If they did, they might begin by not shooting each other. Since they run their schools, they might insist on order and homework. If, for example, they wanted better textbooks, whites would happily provide them. Blacks could tell their girls to marry before reproducing. This is easy for me to say, yes. And of course even suggesting that blacks take responsibility for their lives is verboten.

The horrible truth is that the behavior of large populations springs from their underlying culture. Japan does not have an almost nonexistent rate of murder because it doesn’t have guns or does have lots of police but because the Japanese don’t kill each other. It isn’t in their culture. Homicide in America’s white suburbs is rare for the same reason. There are many, many guns in those suburbs. Nobody uses them. They are often there today, though few will say this, from fear of blacks.

Since the black culture that results in these miserable outcomes is impervious to outside influence, change is not likely.

People of good will, and others, talk about “root causes.” These usually include the lingering effects of slavery, genetics, the Great Society, racism, drugs, and culture. Well and good, but what effect does talking have? Nice people speak of large numbers of likeable, law-abiding and just plain good blacks, who exist. Fine, but speaking improves nothing. Others point out that in other times black society had far lower rates of all of its current ills. True, but we do not live in other times.

Call me dim, but it looks to me that all of America’s racial problems are getting worse and will continue getting worse, this in large part promoted by governments at all levels, by schools and universities   and racial lobbies. Where is this going?

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  • Fred, Comments relative to this essay are not appearing after the essay.

  • If one watches TV commercials, one would think that the population of the country is 60% white, 35% blacks who are just like whites, and 5% Asian and Latino.

  • You dare say that which everyone else knows, but won’t say. I applaud you. Consider it a badge of intellectual honor. I read something akin to that from a very smart man, very likely the smartest guy in the country at present.

  • The TV that I used to watch, would convince you that it is 80% black and 13% white!

  • How any Trillions of dollars have been wasted with NO DECERNABLE RESULTS NOR IMPROVEMENT?



  • I guess my rather lengthy comments on 5 March didn’t make the cut? Here they are again:

    Bravo, BRAVO, BRAVO, Fred….. You have put the hay down where the goats can get it with this essay — you tell how the cow eats cabbage! I would imagine some to a lot of your readers will not touch this one as it is a social “hot potato”.

    I have wondered for years how can a 13% minority of the US population have such an influence on our society – much if not most adverse. Same can be said for the probably less than 7% of US adults that identify as some other sexual orientation other than straight. There is obviously some overlap and duplication in the two groups above but the other sexual orientation group is not quite as disruptive and seems to mesh more favorably with the other groups you mention (Chinese through Latino) that live in America with a remarkable low level of friction.

    I frequently add my comments to articles relative to race before I send them on in email and offer one of my favorite essays on the subject by Pat Buchanan in a letter he wrote to Barack Obama on the Black subject back in 2008: This astute essay rings as true as yours does today. I usually go on to say that Barack Obama had the chance of a life time to lead the Black Community out of their much self-inflicted misery to become more productive citizens in every aspect of US society. Barack Obama failed miserably and probably left the American Black Community in more of a mess than they were before he took office.

    I have concluded the main problem with the Black Community is a void of any kind of inspirational leadership. While there are many successful Black citizens in America and many really good Black people, I cannot point to any long term inspirational leadership but there are plenty of race baiters and profiteers that live off the turmoil in the Black world. I have also concluded that many Blacks do not want to improve – they are happy with the standards they have been taught by their culture. Just like some American Indians, they prefer living on dirt floors rather in a house with wood floors.

    Then there is the factor of the Sub-Saheran intelligence in the Black race that you have not touched nor will I. A much deeper subject but I do think it bears some truth in the Black Problem as you call it.

    I said to my wife this morning…. That I don’t dislike any Black person for the color of their skin, it is their friction causing performance taught by their culture that I don’t like.

    You ask when will it end? IMO, it will end when the Blacks have the leadership to show the community how much more they could realize with an improved standard of living if they would only follow the examples set by the Orientals, the Jews, the Indians from India, Latinos and others to just stop complaining and get to work lifting themselves up by their boot straps to a better world. Work hard and harder and keep working as well as staying in school. No one can do it for them – it they don’t want it … It will never happen. The Black Problem is indeed adding increasingly to the destruction of the greatest nation in all history. We cannot tolerate more endumbment of America’s children in the Public School System.

  • Hi Fred.
    Good column, right on the money I expect. You ask where is all this headed. I think inevitably to a very dark place –with rivers of blood in the streets of many American cities and towns. With worse than Bakhmut bodycounts. It may even coincide with intercontinental score settling, won’t that be fun.

  • Harsh words, but that doesn’t mean they are untrue. If untrue, they should be rebutted with facts rather than emotion. Sadly, what you have said won’t be debated or even repeated in the press, Congress, the White House, or… well, anywhere that I can think of. It is the fate of every man lucky enough to live a long life to see the world he knew change, usually for the worse. I don’t have answers at this point, and I have no hope that our elected overseers will do anything that addresses the issues you discuss. Sic transit gloria mundi.

  • Its amazing I feel like I could have wrote this same article, I deal with these people every day and not a day goes buy that I put my guard down. It will truly be illegal to be white in another 100 years in both the United States and Europe. Teach the children well and segregate as much as possible.

  • Nazi loser alert! You’re needed in Ukraine with your loser brethren. I have more respect for those idiots than a bunch of armchair losers such as yourselves. At least they’re actually doing something. You cowards ain’t shit and are mad some brotha is banging your chick. Listen to yourselves!!! Pathetic. Meanwhile, there’s a great book about lynchings and town burnings your relatives loved to engage in; when you savages used to love killing folks, cannibalizing them, and raping the boys and women. All facts. Want the books? GTFOH!! Tools

  • Fred, you are spot on. The genie is out of the bottle and I don’t see a path out of the jungle.

  • I’ll tell you where it is going. To qmuch much worse anti-black racism that the world ever saw.

  • For me personally, there is nothing new here. I wrote this White Manifesto a long time ago: , and I strongly recommend spreading it.

    As to the questions “Where is this going” and “What to do” with all the deadly diseases of the West; and what to do in order that at least part of the west survive, the solution was proposed long ago by Ayn Rand: go John Galt! Secede, divorce, as the Pilgrims did 400 years ago. See interesting quotes at the end of this outline

  • I’m always reminded of my dad when I read these kinds of articles. He taught 4 years in an all -Black high school in NYC and went from being the standard issue Jewish liberal to being a frothing anti-Black racist due to his experience.
    He used to say that the only good thing about Blacks was that if it weren’t for them the Gentiles would be killing us. I would argue with him that Black inferiority makes Whites feel good about themselves when they give them artificial benefits just the way people support the Special Olympics. They will still kill us Jews when the economy tanks, because despite all the bullshit they’ve put us thru for 2000 years, we’ve survived and prospered.

  • With reparations, perhaps all will be well.

  • Fred, as you said in another essay, a spring is being wound.




  • “Where is this going?” you ask. Look what is happening in South Africa to see the fate that awaits Western Civilization and in particular American Whites.

  • Excellent essay…I could not agree more!! Keep going, Fred….you are brave enough to say it like it is! Well done!

  • I’m happy that I found your site again, having lost the link and forgotten your name years ago. Sorry. But I will point out that what you are writing about is nothing new, just getting worse every year. Here’s Time Magazine in 1958:,33009,810262-3,00.html
    which is very honest but sadly ends up saying that the cause of the cycle is white’s fault.

  • The Mexicans in Los Angeles effectively chased the blacks out of the city, so your portrayal of them overstates their innocent nature. Overstates everyone’s, if the truth be told.

  • I came from all white, small Ohio village. When I got my teaching degree, I chose to move (1966)to a newly integrated school in Maryland. After 4 years of teaching and 30 years as an administrator I can unequivocally state that every word in Fred’s article is spot on. The idealistic young teacher became a realist all too soon. I wasn’t born with a hopeless outlook. Black culture forced me to accept it.

  • There is only one solution. Shot all the niggers, they are uselles and need to be put down.

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