Fred and Loathing on the Campaign Trail, and a Vote for Trump

I despise Trump. He is a mean-spirited son of a bitch. His licking the boots of those revolting pseudo-Cubans in Miami and increasing sanctions, utterly unjustified, on Havana, are grounds enough for putting him behind bars. Trying to starve thirty million Venezuelans into giving up control of their oil, trying to assassinate Maduro are grounds for rehabilitating the guillotine. Beginning a cold war against China and driving a growing crop of countries into alliance against America gives new meaning to “stupidity.” This is Trump.  I wouldn’t use him for dog food. I like my dog.

But: He isn’t Biden. He has my vote.

Here we could go into comparisons between Biden and the Donald. Trump is intelligent, Biden is not. Trump is an engaging conversationalist, Biden teleprompter dependent. Trump has personality, whatever one thiks of it. Biden has the verve and zing of unflavored tapioca. You probably couldn’t do Trump in software. Biden would be easy. Most importantly, Biden is a compromised hack, a shill for all the forces that drive the country toward war, with Russia, with China, all for the benefit of the Empire. And over which the population has no influence.

But none of this is why I or half the country, will vote for Trump. Columnists talk about politics because they have to talk about something. The reason for the potential electoral explosion is much deeper, a nauseated, murderous, loathing for Washington and everything it is, does, and wants. a revulsion too deep to be expressed sometimes even among friends, a feeling that if someone blew up the Capitol with both houses in joint session, and exterminated the whole nest of bloodsuckers, we might get our country back. It would at least be worth trying.

No, America was never the bastion of perfect virtue that we have always been told it was. All manner of ugliness can be found in this or any other country. But it was never like this. We didn’t have hundreds of thousands living on sidewalks. This morning we heard of yet another shooting in a school. A curfew is in effect in Washington because of high rates of dangerous crime. We are aware, most of us I suppose, of the rapidly tightening censorship of the internet, that the press is controlled. It was always controlled, but in ways of little importance to most. The usual sorts of sexual peculiarities existed, but they were not shoved in our faces, taught in early grade school. We didn’t have brain-warped men in dresses like escapees from Weimar demanding to shower with real women. We could live where we with, with whom we pleased.

And we know that our government is corrupt to the core. Trump is, or was. But it is infuriating that he is attacked when the Bidens, apparently in the pockets of Kiev, are barely touched. Corruption is as American as apple pie. Reagan with Iran-Contra, Nixon with Watergate, Agnew taking bribes like a slot machine and engaging in tax fraud, the Clintons with their crooked foundation and trips to Epstein’s island. To hell with all of them, I say. And so do tens of millions of others.

Was the invasion of the capital a coup attempt? If so,its chief defect is that it didn’t work.  Certainly it bore no resemblance to any known coup and looks fabricated. But here’s the point: I don’t care. I don’t  care at all. Over-excited yoyos or a calculated pretense of being over-excited yoyos–I’m happy with either. If I could, I would release all of the invaders and pay them reparations.  It’s not rational. Rationality no longer works.  I am so sick of the whole worm-eaten  fetid mass that if the Russians or some other beneficent force buried DC under ten feet of linoleum cement, trapping the scum  like insects in Home Depot’s meritorious  amber, I’s be delighted.

When people get so fed up that they just don’t care, that they want to break things and kill something, interesting times are on the horizon. America is not the stable and united-enough country it was in 1965. Burning cities, a nation-wide riot, galloping impoverishment, rat infestation, crime, crime, crime and nobody dares do anything about it, crumbling infrastructure, intense racial hostility and government that encourages it. It’s gonna blow, sweethearts. Anyway, that’s the way to bet.

We hear that America is “divided.” My God, ain’t it so. Biden et al–Al Sharpton, I suppose–seems deliberately, calculatedly, almost savagely making things worse. By erasing Southern heritage, he alienates the South and conservatives proud of American history. By open contemning whites he increases racial hostility and, by cuddling with blacks while telling them fairy tales of police brutality, he increases the racial divide. By refusing to touch crimes, entirely committed by blacks, he is winding a spring. Stores close, tax bases move out of cities, anger grows. This can go on only so long.

All Washington–whence we have just returned, roils with alarm over Trump. Good. Let them roil. They are making fools of themselves–it only takes a little touching up–and a laughting stock of America. Meanwhile more and more money goes to Ukraine–what does Zelensky have on Biden? At least half of America senses that the place is falling apart, aging infrastructure breaks, people live paycheck to paycheck, and stupid in the White House and the whole goddam roach hive scurries about sending more money to Ukraine, an uncountry of no importance to America.

Trump wants to end Washington’s war on Russia. For this reason alone I will vote for him, and for this reason the DC lampreys fear him. Those who rule in America are tightly focused on maintaining their hegemony over the world. the US seems of no importance to them except as a source of  funding. Washington’s next trick is a deliberate shooting war with China. This is obvious to anyone who pays attention to Asia, but who does? Trump has no more morality than Biden, denonstratedly will try to kill foreign leaders in helpless countries–again, Maduro in Venezuela–but he doesn’t have the balls, and maybe the stupidity, to start a world war.

But this is reason. More profoundly, I would love for Trump to win because I could then listen to the shrieking of Washington and New York just as I did when he trounced the loathsome Hillary. I detested her and the swarming bastards around her, and equally detest Biden and his ambient ventriloquists.  Given a choice for President between a brain-damaged derelict shooting up in New York’s subways under a blanket of ratsand anybody in Washington, I would not have to think about it.

We have come a long way.








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  • I wish I didn’t have to read between the lines to understand what Fred really thinks about the issues of the day. Great article sir!

  • Yep…..

  • Yes, we have come a long way since 1965 and I wonder if America will ever be what it once was. Probably not. Too divisive. There are many that feel we can never vote ourselves out of this mess, that a civil war is the only way to cleanse the country after shipping the liberals to Liberia or wherever. Hmmm, now that doesn’t sound so bad…

      • Absolutely. We’ve caused Africa enough grief.

      • Note that TRUMP is wholly despised by the Republican leadership, beyond even their revulsion for Ron Paul.. That is the reason I support him and will vote for him whether he is on the ballot or not. A vote the TRUMP is a vote against the Uniparty …. much more affective than voting third party or sitting it out. I voted third Party, by the way, in ’08 and ’12, rather than vote for McCain and Romney. I was delighted to have the TRUMP option in 2016.

  • It is unspeakably awful, and unbearable that we have come to this. But we have. Well said, Sir, and God help us!

  • Voting for a Demopublican or Republicrat serves only to legitimize and perpetuate the one party state. Abstain from voting or ‘throw away’ your vote to a more principled third party choice to keep your conscience clean.

    • So keeping your conscience clean supersedes the good of the nation? Whatever his faults, Trump’s policies were mostly good. At least he wants to seal the border, which is wreaking much more havoc than you might imagine. and it will be our downfall, just as it was Rome’s, if we don’t corral it soon. We have a moral duty to think of the nation first, and our consciences second – and I argue that thinking of the nation first is the highest moral duty. Trump was never the one who imposed censorship, as Biden has done, nor did he pay media outlets to repeat govt. propaganda, and for that reason alone, I will vote for him. The censorship is the other arm of the Thing That Will Ruin American Forever. We cannot survive if we cannot speak the truth to each other.

  • Power / Contol / Money

  • My sentiments exactly, Fred. I just wish that I possessed your eloquence.

  • I held my nose and voted for Trump twice, the second time to no avail. After that fiasco, I swore that I would never vote for him again. But since then, I have seen the nightmare that is The Current Occupant and his band of idiots in action. Once again, I have no choice but to give it one more shot. I don’t think we’ll survive another Biden term, including whoever is propping him up and pulling his strings each day.

  • Fred: Trump has been the same since 2016. But glad to have you on board.

    yours, John Gilmer

  • And if Fred, an American to his boot straps, feels this way, imagine how those of us of the World think – contrary to thought in Washington, America is NOT “the world”. Think how those decimated by American invasions feel. Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, on and on and on, millions dead, more millions deprived, disinherited, roaming the world looking for a safe place to live – and all because of America. And that’s what they know of American culpability. They know about the military, and bombs, and soldiers kicking in doors; they barely know the damage the So called Federal Reserve – neither Federal nor a Reserve – has done to them. they are just waking up the PetroDollar ponzi scheme which has scammed them for decades. Just think more than 4/5ths of the world hates America, loathes and detests the Beltway Vampires, and wants to see the whole bloody edifice wiped off the world map. And then the latest news is that “America has ordered Russia to ,,,,,” There’s this strange emotion of crying and screaming in pain of unexpressed vast negative emotions, coupled with a desire to roll on the floor laughing. We have no word in English for this, because, I suspect, we have never come across its like before.

  • I agree with you Fred. I’m not a big fan of Trump, but I believe he means well for the country. I’m not a Republican or a Democrat, but I have noticed one thing – Democrats cheat, they always cheat. Republicans do to, but Democrats are really good at it. It’s how they managed to get the current infestation into the WH.

  • Don’t forget the foreign invasion.

  • Fred sums up, quite lively, what so many of us think.

    Complex systems, such as the U.S. Government, fail when they become too unwieldy. The average life expectancy of a U.S. S&P 500 corporation is now just 18 years. In 4 years, this average is expected to shrink to an average lifespan of 12 years, as these corporations must adapt to an increasingly complex network of global linkages. Like these corporations, the U.S. Government will fail, as it no longer is able to adapt to change.

    So, why hasn’t it failed? It has failed, but is propped up by $5 trillion of tax revenue per year, plus the unsustainable debt load that is imploding. That’s not an opinion, but the views expressed by our own government, .. specifically the Congressional Budget Office which has been admitting for years, the debt is unsustainable. Our corrupt government requires by law that U.S. corporations follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), but exempts itself from these standardized methods, because it knows its accounting has failed. The deficit financing uses seignorage which is now doing irreparable harm to the economy. Not only has the government failed, but its taking down the U.S. economy with it. As Fred says, this Government is corrupt to the core.

  • […] Loathing on the Campaign Trail, and a Vote for Trump, by Fred Reed […]

  • […] “When people get so fed up that they just don’t care, that they want to break things and kill something, interesting times are on the horizon.” -Fred Reed from Fred on Everything. […]

  • Once again, as only you can do, you have outdone yourself. Best blog ever.

    There are 10,000 different ways that things can keep keep getting worse, making it impossible to predict the future. But one of the 10,000 ways will get lucky and shit will get much worse.

    Just finished reading Rodney Stich’s book Defrauding America… Dirty Secrets of the CIA and Other Government Operations.

    There is no hope. It is time for the American experiment to end.

  • “By open contemning whites [Biden] increases racial hostility and, by cuddling with blacks while telling them fairy tales of police brutality, he increases the racial divide. By refusing to touch crimes, entirely committed by blacks, he is winding a spring.”

    Meanwhile, in other news…

  • Hi Fred, I am delighted to have you back on line. I thought you had done what old soldiers do and faded away. Your heart is in the right place even it the rest is getting on.

    And Yes, Don is a crook but sooner him than that son of a bitch that stole the election. Ditto for the crooks keeping him out of prison and perverting the course of justice.

  • Sad but True

  • Great article! When will you write about Ramaswamy? Or have I missed it?

  • I hope that Fred’s references to the presidential election are tongue-in-cheek. Surely he of all people knows that 2024 is going to be pure theater, that the Deep State has already decided who the next Figurehead-in-Chief will be. It ain’t gonna be Donald Trump, no matter how many hundred million of us vote for him.

  • Damn joker you be too cryptic. Take your 782 gear out to the washrack. Go form a smoke circle.

  • Fred-San,
    I’m deeply offended by something. Step to the left get in the ‘wrong think’ reeducation line behind Dr Jordan Peterson.
    Friends of the Big Guy

  • You don’t like Biden because he is boring? Well, Trump is entertaining, but in the wrong sort of way, and his presidency was an unmitigated disaster. The comments on this article amaze me; how could any intelligent person vote for or support Trump? And for a second time, when he is even closer to senile dementia?

    Trump got in back in 2016 because the choice was between him and Hillary Clinton. She was too controversial, and Trump offered a protest vote. Somehow, 2016 must have been a hexed year, because the same happened with the Brexit in the UK; it was regarded as a chance to express a protest, and that was it. The consequences only became apparent after the deed had been done.

    Fred, I hope you are just being subtly sarcastic or something, or is it that older people just gravitate towards Republicanism? Like Charlton Heston, who went from liberal to conservative gun nut.

    • Dave I sense sarcasm in your post. It is sarcasm isn’t it?

    • There are enough of we sane to save the country. There’s not enough Q-Anon, conspiracy-addled tin-hatters to swing the election to the criminogenic, sociopathic grifter-buffoon.

    • That Trump’s presidency was an unmitigated disaster??? You must live in a tree and I offer you an unmitigated BS. The disaster is with Joe Biden and the Dems or Barack Obama and the Dems. If you are a working American, your monthly bills and the highest inflation in 40 years have to tell you something — not to mention the millions of illegals pouring in over all borders these days — not to mention Biden is leading the US and the world into WW III as well as the tremendous increase in crime — ALL STUPID!

      Donald Trump is the very last chance for America — There is no other American citizen with his capability or intelligence for the balancing of World Power and restoring the rule of law within our country.


  • Saw something like this coming about 12 years ago. Packed up my babies and wife and moved the mountains. We are part of a homeschool organization started by two NASA parents and started my own business (make more money now than ever). Did my demographic research and was happy to find the county was 98.5% White. No one is safe from what is coming but so far this is as close to the fictional Mayberry as you’re going to find. Word to the wise, getting out of the cities late is better than not at all. Best of luck.

  • butt bubba!

  • Trump refused to allow Hillary’s intended war with Russia, and also ignored repeated demands by the neocons to attack Iran…That alone says we must vote for him, despite his many faults…

  • I hate to be ‘that guy’ but damn dude, do a spell check once in a while. I’ll confess I have high functioning autism (formerly called Asperger’s) but I think even normies must eventually get tired of it. Have your Mrs check for complete sentences too.

  • “But: He isn’t Biden. He has my vote.”
    Of course he does, you pathologically stupid, DumbFuck, vOtEr. Have at it, chump.

  • War with either Russia or China would mean war with both. You can add in Iran and North Korea to the mix.

    With BRICS+ doubling in member nations overnight, 40 other nations waiting to join and the Saudis mulling over accepting Yuan in payment for their oil, the Petro Dollar in it’s deaththroes and we are hardly in a position to wage war in either the Ukraine or the South China Sea.

    Regarding Taiwan, war is unlikely if the KMT or some other pro-reunification party wins the next Presidential elections. After seeing how Ukraine has been devastated by serving as a proxy for Washington I doubt either the people of Taiwan, Japan and South Korea whose hugest trading partner is China, would willingly follow suit.

    In a worst case scenario, if the predictions of direct conflict materializes, 85% of the world will be siding with the Sino-Russian alliance.

    If the U.S. had leaders who cared about it’s own citizens they would be petitioning to join BRICS+ and serve as the Western Hemishere’s leg of BRI.

    Instead, we’re inexorably blundering into a world war that will likely result in Chinese DF-DZ missiles and Russian Poseidon Torpedoes devastating large swaths of FUSA (Former United States of America).

    Considering our main exports to the world has been mainly color revolutions, coups, civil wars, military invasions and cultural degeneracy the world would likely rejoice at our destruction.

  • I used to be an avid reader of FoE.
    I honestly haven’t read a single Fred article since he went so Anti-Trump………I honestly don’t know how many years ago.

    Fred got Biden (as much as an expat gets anything from USA). How’s that return to civility? For the price of mean tweets, you idiots have destroyed civilization.

    Trying to starve thirty million Venezuelans into giving up control of their oil- it is not the US’ job to feed everyone on Earth
    Trying to assassinate Maduro- Who’s job it IS to feed his starving masses
    Beginning a cold war against China- That started with globalist policies transferring US manufacturing to China in the 80’s and 90’s……Commies are untrustworthy, who knew?
    Driving a growing crop of countries into alliance against America- Maiden coup, illegal Syrian war, deposing Libya, and myriad other globalist/deep state plots drove the world to fear and hate US. Trump stopped that stuff (as much as he could with Milley the traitor working in the background) for 4 years.

    It saddens me that WRSA would link to such drivel.
    I get that the spurned puppy wants to crawl back, but you are too far gone guy.
    Honestly Fred, I once enjoyed your posts. Now, I think that you drank the #OIrangeManBad Kool -ade and are too stupid to be insightful.

    • Roger Dr. Evil, I have been a Fred fan for years but I break sharply with him when he attacks Trump — The very best President we have had since Ronald Reagan. I don’t know where Fred and the Anti-Trumper’s get that he lies and has done all the other monster things he is accused of doing. Donald Trump is successful and people will forgive you for a lot of things except being successful.

      Joe Biden is the very worst in my senior citizen life time by far. He must not have any understanding of the US Constitution and don’t most Dems seem to have these days.

      Donald Trump is the very last chance for America…. We can take that one to the bank!
      Good to see that maybe Fred is beginning to see the light…..


  • I find it… sad, that many people still believe “voting” is a real thing?

  • You may wind up voting for Trump behind bars. It has happened before. Eugene Debs was a federal prisoner in jail for sedition in 1920. Debs received 914,191 votes for president running with Seymour “Stedy” Stedman. Debs promised to pardon himself if elected. 914,191 votes remains the all-time high number of votes for a Socialist Party candidate in a US presidential election.

    Cornel West will get at least that many.

  • Sorry Freddie, I won’t ever vote for concentration camps; perhaps some time out of the sun will reveal what’s really important in a Democracy for those who favor a democratic representative democracy….

    Aside: Appreciate the older columns about your combat zone and police ride-along reporting; adding the explanatory and descriptive Mexico columns.

  • Thankfully, most rational American patriots realize that Faux News pablum is intended to breed fear and anger (while hawking commemorative gold-plated coins) and isn’t actually reflective of the facts as they exist in reality. Also thankfully, the addicts for that pablum are easily recognizable without any difficulty. Thanks for the revealing heads-up about the unfortunate denizens of this locality.

  • Well said, sir, “many people are saying it’s the worst we’ve ever seen” in the words of the Cheeto rapist.

  • Welcome back Fred. You seem to have vanished from the web, only to pop up elsewhere.
    There must be a story in that, wish you would spill…

    I am not sure what the Russia/Ukraine war is about. Seems to me Russia initiated this for reasons I am not aware of. Most of the rest of the world opposes Russia on this.

  • This is another one of the latest sad columns from Fred. Gone is the worldly Fred, instead leaving a proto fascistic myopic worldview, increasingly dependent on fake conspiratory theories to justify his planely egoistic new worldview.
    The hate of the central government in the USA, is just a barely concealed, confederate revanchism from the lost civil war.

    Fred prefers the fascist Trump, who tried to coup the democracy in the USA, to the democratically elected Biden. The Trump who as another strongman or dictator demands that the civil servants should be personally loyal to him, and not the country and constitution.
    The Trump who wanted to fake the election, by disappearing votes and taking the government by force. The Trump who praises genocidal madmen like Kim Jong-Un and Putin, and who is in the thrall of the last.

    Fred will probably say that the government in Washington is not democratically elected, because the “media”, “special interests” and so on. The majority of the USA begs to differ, as they elected Biden and supports policies, while they might seem ridiculous to Fred, are none the less the policies of a new generation of Americans.
    Having lost the majority, Fred together with a large part of the white rural America takes refuge in fantasy tales of being the true “uncorrupted” America of lore, against a huge national or international conspiracy of money and corruption.
    First the confederate states lost the right to hold slaves, and now the rural white America is increasingly losing its power of being the majority, to new waves of immigrants of different skin tones. As democracy no longer works in their favour, it is being rejected.

    Fred, and his fellow travellers, so preoccupied by their own marginalization and rejection of democracy, now turns inward and rejects the ideals which founded both the USA and the rest of western world. The ideals shaped by bitter memories of centuries of wars of conquest, genocide and authoritarianism, which shows that is worth fighting for a world, where the word of the strong and brutal, do not rule. Where human rights and democracy are values, which promotes a better life for all who wishes to embrace them. Where the USA and the west are not just egoistic, but willing to help others in need, which are fighting for their existence as a people, society and country.

    Fred, and his fellow travellers, faults the little money given to Ukraine, for poverty and crumbling infrastructure in the USA. Could it not instead be the result of the 50 year war on central government and paying taxes to it, which as left the infrastructure and social welfare well below the standards of rest of the western world?

    What happend to Fred? Why this slide down to proto fascism? Has he become a bitter veteran, having lost his inner peace and vision, to war long gone?

    Come back Fred, we need better.

    • Roger your comments Bo, Extremely well said. Perhaps Fred is beginning to see the light a little relative to Donald Trump…. Let’s hope so. As I indicated in other comments that people will forgive you for about anything except “being successful”… Donald Trump is successful both in the business world and as our POTUS. Best President we have had since Ronald Reagan!
      Donald Trump is the very last chance for America!

      • Trump is just a charismatic caudillo, who have found a millenaristic following.
        He knows he is a fraud, and just can’t believes his good luck. That’s why he says in amazement that he could kill someone on 5th avenue, and his supporters would still support him.

        His business trackrecord is mediocre. He would have done better placing his inheritance in a stockmarket ETF, than doing hos “business”.
        As a president, he was an unmitigated disaster.

        • Well permit me to offer you an “unmitigated” Bull Shit, Anonymous! You must live in a tree or be on the take as are most Liberal Democrats. The US was on a level playing field both domestically and internationally from 2017-2020. The world was at peace with the balance of world power in check…. If you know what that means?

  • Hopefully, some brave person will pull a Jack Ruby on Trump in one of his numerous upcoming court appearances.

    This would be too funny as CNN, MSNBC and FOX wouldn’t know what else to report on.

  • Greetings Fred,

    I find the opening paragraph of this essay repulsive and non factual. I wonder what and where is the Crystal Ball from which you gather your facts or do you have connections that most all other Americans don’t have?

    I think Donald Trump is an honorable man. He may be difficult to work for but so are many intelligent effective leaders with great insight. I think he has done more for America that most all the presidents since WW II have done collectively. He put America FIRST!

    Other than your first paragraph, it seems that you may becoming to realize what I have known for years — Donald Trump is the very last chance for America!


  • Fred – I wish you would quit mincing your words. Just come out and say what you think. ;->

  • Trump “trounced” H. Clinton in 2016?

    C’mon Fred, that was a close election. In the three states which decided the election, Trump won two of them by under 1% of the vote, and the other, just over 1%.

    Those are slim margins, and certainly do not make a “trouncing.”

  • Unfortunately, should Trump win, he still has to deal with congress, and the republican party. And republicans in congress are just as bad as democrats, in some cases, even worse. Support for Ukraine? There are dozens of republicans, in both houses, led by that warmongering puke Lindsay Graham, whose principal complaint is that Biden hasn’t done ENOUGH to support that atrocity of a war. Nikki Haley? She’s Hillary Clinton’s even-more-evil twin. Mike Pence? Chris Christie??? Compared to them, Biden looks almost not so godawful bad.
    When the odious reptiles of “the squad” show more common sense when it comes to Ukraine than the vast majority of the republican party, one wonders whether it’s even worth the trouble to vote.

  • Me, I voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson. The Libertarians have some strange idea, but I love their belief in a non-interventionist foreign policy.

    Trump did have some good accomplishments, yes. But he has a very checkered past, which came back to haunt him during his Presidency.

    No, I don’t believe the 2020 election was stolen. I believe Joe Biden actually won. Why did Trump lose? Coronavirus, which hit in full force during the election year. Trump didn’t cause the pandemic, but that’s irrelevant. History has taught us that if a President is up for re-election, and during the election year everything goes wrong, they lose. The two most recent examples are Jimmy Carter in 1980 and Bush Sr. in 1992.

    Donald Trump’s legacy is January 6th 2021. I’m sure Trump didn’t that to happen, but when things got ugly, he did nothing. That day was a disaster for the political right.

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