Gaza: A Filler War Between Ukraine and China

Everybody and his dog is writing about Palestine. The dogs are probably doing it more intelligently, but I can’t change my phylum, or even species. We columnists do what we can and suffer what we must.

OK, Israel. The current war is an ordinary case of colonialism. In the late Forties the Jews grabbed Palestine militarily. When you do that, the people displaced hate you and want to kill you. The only way to control them is brutally. Which the Jews did, and do. Eventually the colonized revolt. They just did. When this happens, the occupying power responds without measure or mercy. It is as predictable as the value of pi.

There is nothing particularly Jewish about it. Colonialism was all the rage for centuries among Eurowhites. The Jews just had poor timing, getting into colonialism  when everybody else was getting out. European peoples, certainly to include Americans, acquired most of the world at gunpoint, exactly as the Jews are absorbing parts they like in the Middle East. America got half of Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. The Philippinos, who did not want to be colonials, fought. The Americans crushed them with stomach-turning savagery. If interested in this, read Little Brown Brother, by Leon Wolff.

Europeans got all of Latin America, India, most of Southeast Asia, Africa, much of China,  the Muslim world, and Gaza. The philosophy was that if you see something you like, and have better weapons, just say, “Mine!,” and snatch it.

What the Jews are doing is sickening, but usual. The Europowers (today often called in the Global South, Anglo-Saxons) routinely did things at least as bad as what the Jews now do in Palestine. These atrocities were hideous, but now largely unknown as they are not permitted in history books. The mass killings, torture, starvation, poisoning and so on were nauseating.

You may think that the British were above such barbarity, being noble and quoting Shakespeare and such. No. They were quite ordinary. Try this: Ten Atrocities That the British Don’t Want You To Know. French (Algeria), Belgians (the Belgian Congo), Spanish (Mexico et al), and America (the Philippines). The treatment of slaves in the sugar plantations of the British West Indies was ghastly. Go to Zacatecas in Mexico and see the torture instruments in the museum. You may blow your lunch.

To understand American foreign policy, remember that it has three, and only three, goals: Money, power, and empire. This may sound like high-school cynicism. It isn’t, or if it is, high-schoolers are more perceptive than they used to be. Governments, certainly Washington and Tel Aviv, don’t give a wan etiolated damn about democracy, human rights, values, war crimes, truth, justice, or the American way (as, anciently, the announcer droned of the latter three as Superman jumped out of the window). They don’t care about dead children or bombed hospitals, though they have to make mooing noises about these things while doing nothing.

In Gaza, the essential fact is that Israel can do anything  it wants because Washington will support it without limit. This is because Jewish influence in America is immense and unshakable. If this were not so Israel probably would not last since it has nothing America needs or wants and the Arabs have oil, lots of it. Conservatives grouse about AIPAC’s power, but with no effect. One might as well complain of sunrise or gravitation.

Since the US wields a veto in the United Nations, this august box of pointless chatter can do nothing but wave its hands and say, “the children, the children.” Money, power, empire.

Washington will urge a ceasefire and orate about humanitarian aid while sending arms and aircraft carriers to Israel. It will also stall until Israel has accomplished whatever it intends to accomplish. Huge demonstrations against the killing will probably have no effect as Western countries have learned to be democracies without the populaces having power.

No point exists in honking about international law. Law exists only when there are means of enforcing it. Who is going to make the United States follow laws?

Much breath is wasted in lamenting the killing of civilians. It would make more sense to drink beer and watch Star Trek reruns. This would have as much effect and be more agreeable. As long as America supports the killing, it will continue.

Besides, killing civilians has a long and celebrated past in the West. The firebombing of Tokyo, Dresden, and other cities, the obliteration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki eliminated hundreds of thousands, often by burning. These were not military targets. The German siege of Leningrad did yeoman work in the starvation line. The Americans killed God knows how many Viet civilians in that war and often treated them bestially. The Germans, now called “Nazis” to disguise what Germans are and did, killed lots of Jews.

When Americas pilots bombed Baghdad, perhaps they didn’t know that civilians lived in cities. Things can slip one’s mind.

When it comes to killing civilians,  the Jews have been barely more than  wannabes, though maybe only because they didn’t have the opportunity. In this century and the last, the heavy hitters in such matters as burning children alive  have been chiefly the Americans, British, and Germans, with the Turks making a good showing in the early years of  the last century. The Japanese did pretty well too.  The Brits starved additional millions to death in India, but I don’t think they should be allowed to count these  since it wasn’t intentional but just a result of using India’s food to support WW II or deny it to the Japanese.

Apparently some Israeli has mentioned the possibility of nuking Gaza. Whether this was casual blather or calculated intimidation, I don’t know. The Jews have also said that they could do to Beirut what they are doing to Gaza. Tel Aviv’s nuclear warheads presumably reduce the ardor of Hezbola and Iran for joining the fray.

But Iran is Israel’s bugaboo, as Iraq formerly was. An interesting question is what would happen if Israel nuked Iran. The Israeli approach is just do it, brazen it out, rely on American protection, and wait a  few years for indignation to die down. What would, or could, any country do? Washington would be shocked, horrified, concerned, make disapproving noises, and do nothing. The “world community” would gnash its hair, pull its teeth, turn purple, and do nothing. That is, nothing effective. Countries would summon ambassadors, sever relations, stop trading with Israel for a few years, and maybe wave their hands in the air. Washington would Say Stern Tings, but do nothing, and make sure nobody else did either.

Onward and upward.Or think beer and Star Trek reruns.


The exclamation point is to infuse you with a boiling desire for Fred’s seditious and scurrilous ravings.






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  • You have a brilliant, truthful, sarcastic, satirical take on everything. George Carlin was and is still my favourite “comedian” and, in my opinion, you have risen to his status as truthsayer and prophet.

  • For most people none of this makes a difference. The Great Pretend rules the lives of Americans and that i-reality covers up, substitutes for any actual reality. Your points, right or wrong become irrelevant.
    Politicians say what they are told to say. “All lives matter!” “Even the loss of one life, especially American cannot be tolerated.” When in fact, for most politicians or leadership NLM, no lives matter except their own, maybe some close family and their donors’. Soldiers, civilians, women, children, just numbers and statistics to use and fit into useful narratives or not discussed at all.
    Methods of killing become diabolical or just collateral depending on who is killing and who is killed. War crimes are only committed by losers.
    We in the USA must have a declaration of war debated and agreed in Congress before we wage war. I slept through all those debates and votes in my lifetime, but surely they take place. If they did not, the people would make a fuss, right?

  • “OK, Israel. The current war is an ordinary case of colonialism. In the late Forties the Jews grabbed Palestine militarily. When you do that, the people displaced hate you and want to kill you. The only way to control them is brutally. Which the Jews did, and do. Eventually the colonized revolt. They just did. When this happens, the occupying power responds without measure or mercy. It is as predictable as the value of pi.”

    “There is nothing particularly Jewish about it.”

    I think everyone knows this Fred. What pisses us off is not Israeli war crimes per se, but rather the puppetization of our government by Israel, which extracts billions in military aid, thereby making its crimes our own. Also, I think that you know this, and are just attacking a straw man.

    “Conservatives grouse about AIPAC’s power”

    Are you fucking kidding? Aside from few dissident cranks on sites like this and Unz, most conservatives are all about ‘Muh Gawd’s chosen peoples!” and “Muh ‘Merca’s greatest al-aih!” They’ve even formed their own lobbies that work together with AIPAC to extract even more loot from homeless US taxpayers sleeping in their cars. Google “CUFI”.

  • Nothing, NOTHING – not history, nor so-called colonialism – justifies the savagery of this latest example of the seventh-century ethos that underlies Hamas and Islam. The Nazi’s had their justifications for anti-semitism too.

    If Hamas, and Hezbollah, gave up their weapons – the result would be peace. If the Israelis gave up theirs, the result would be another Holocaust.

    There is only one way to deal with this seventh-century savagery, “Neca eos omnes”

  • Greetings Fred,

    A lot of truth in your historical “benevolence” to the masses by those in power. That is the way the game was played and will probably be played in a similar fashion well into the future (what ever that brings). I am of the strong opinion that Israel has a strong claim on their real estate going back some 3,000 years.

    Michael Savage calls the notion that the Jews arrived in Israel after 1948 and they are essentially Europeans that don’t belong there, one of the biggest lies of our time. He goes on to note that the land of Israel has been populated by the Jewish people since about 2,000 BC. Greater detail of their occupation can be found at this link:

    The world’s balance of power was much more stable during the short Pax-Trumpa years and my money says it would still be that way if DJT was still sitting in the WH. Russia would not have attempted the Ukraine invasion nor Iran backed HAMAS with their current savage invasion in Israel. Weakness in the White House gives rise to all sorts of evils in the world. For some reason I feel we are being dragged to a major regional conflict in the Middle East with deep US involvement if not a WW III by the standard Democrat “Slow Escalation” as LBJ pursued in Viet Nam.

    A tragic shame for sure with innocent civilian deaths and mounting casualties in any war. As you have pointed out there are plenty of examples. I have visited both South Africa (which has gone dangerous) and India which is hopefully robustly growing. Even with the brutalities of the UK, both those countries have benefited greatly from British rule and is obvious today. The British made a great mistake in South Africa which could have been averted with a little more sensitivity to racial issues. They made a Big Time mistake!

    Roger… the world is on fire from resulting US weakness. The US will join the complaining crowd for a cease fire, mounting civilian casualties in Gaza but the fighting will go on without a cease fire.

    The bottom line: Israel is fighting pure basic EVIL which must be exterminated down to the last smoldering ember if they are ever going to live in any real peace. When HAMAS is exterminated, there is a high probability that Hezballah will attack then God Forbid Iran will finally Nuke Israel. Katey Bar the Door….

    Perhaps that is the way things are going to go despite any worldly attempt for world peace I vote for more Pax-Trumpa.


    • Hey, Jack. If you’re American, put your money where your mouth is and give the land your house is on back to the local Indian tribe. They were expelled from that land far more recently than 70 AD so, by your logic, they should have at least least as much right to it as Jews have to Palestine.

      • Hmmmmm, some g — Never thought of that! With all the improvements I have made, do you think some of your Indian friends would make me an offer of 600 K?

        • Doesn’t work like that, Jack. If you maintain that Arab land in Palestine is stolen from Jews, then you’re on stolen land, too. Your improvements are irrelevant, as the Indians it was stolen from never asked you to make any improvements. Not only that, but Arabs on supposedly stolen land in Palestine have made improvements of their own there.

          If you can’t take the improvements on “your” land with you when you leave, then return the land to the Indians with the improvements intact (or destroy them if you wish before leaving.) But to keep that land, while demanding that Arabs in Palestine yield their land to Jews after a far greater absence makes you a hypocrite of the highest order.

          • That’s your opinion, some g. We live in an ugly world with Good and Evil. Let’s hope and pray that the Good will conquer the Gross Evil savagery spewed on Israel without warning or provocation by HAMAS in this current go-around. The people with the “larger stick” usually win as the Allies did against the Evil of WW II with God on their side. It seems that no country wants anything to do with the Palestinians which is a sad commentary — they were hijacked by HAMAS. I wonder why on one wants them……

            I didn’t steal my land from the Indians and Israel didn’t steal their land either. Please see the comments relative to ownership from LK below or Michael Savage in my original comments. I choose to go with those renditions. Have a nice day, some g.

          • “That’s your opinion, some g”

            Many people these days think that the statement “That’s your opinion” is some magic wand of rhetoric that dispels all arguments. It isn’t.

            “I didn’t steal my land from the Indians”

            True, but it was stolen by others. By your logic, it is stolen property and must be returned. After all, you think that land that was stolen from Jews much, much further back in history should be returned to them.

            “Israel didn’t steal their land either.”

            Stop gaslighting. You know damn well that Israelis have been stealing land in the West Bank from its rightful Arab owners since 1967. They actually go so far as to break into Arab’s houses when they’re away and change the locks. The Israeli government does little, if anything, to stop them. Here is just one example:


            If picture is worth a thousand words, then that video is worth a million, Jack.

            These people didn’t get kicked out of 109 different countries for nothing.

      • I agree. Jack, give back your land to the Indian Tribe on the condition they can prove conclusively they did not take it from someone else, and the ‘someone else’ did not take it from another, etc.

    • Lest your misinformed friend forgets, the world has often been at war with land acquisitions by force or assimilation as Stalin has done.

      The Israelites have been in present Israel for close to 4000 years. Survived at least 2 exiles – first the Mesopotamians and then the Romans. Then the land was OCCUPIED by the Arabs in the 6 or 7 century followed by Ottoman Empire for 400 years and finally the British. Seems to me the Jews DO have a historic claim to the land.

      Most interesting is that at the time of the Partition of the land under the British Mandate, a small sliver of coastal land was designated for the Jews and all the rest of the land, current day Jordan, was to be for the Palestinians but was given to the Hashemite Kingdom. They were the keepers of the temples in present day Saudi Arabia, then conquered by the King Saud and the Hashmites were given TransJordan and the Palestinians were no longer welcome. So the Jews were the original settlers (given by G-d?) and everybody else was occupiers.

      Many displaced peoples were assimilated into the countries they were displaced from, including the Jews from the Arabic countries they were forced out of. Of interest, about 750,000 Jews were displaced from the Middle Eastern countries at the time of the creation of Israel and now there are more Sephardic Jews (Mediterranean basin) than Askenazi Jews (European) that they complained about. The Arabs instead placed all their displaced unwelcome people into camps where they have been festering for decades.

      At the time of the creation of the land of Israel, they were immediately attacked from all sides by the Arab countries surrounding them and that is when their borders expanded.

      So many peoples have been at war in the past, defeated, conquered and displaced in our life time but only the Jews are the ones that are victimized. This is easily seen in the UN human rights record.

  • Fred: “…There is nothing particularly Jewish about it. Colonialism was all the rage for centuries among Eurowhites. The Jews just had poor timing, getting into colonialism when everybody else was getting out.” WRONG.
    Deuteronomy 20: “…. “Hear, Israel: … going into battle against your enemies.” 12 “, … lay siege to that city. 13 When the LORD your God delivers it into your hand, put to the sword all the men in it. 14 As for the women, the children, the livestock and everything else in the city, you may take these as plunder for yourselves.” 16 “However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. 17 Completely destroy[a] them—…”

    Deuteronomy 20: New International Version

    • Joe,
      Excellent! I gotta write a book making ME one of the anointed…promising women, riches, and 10 count shrimp.

      ” In the Beginning, there was bullshit….”
      ” And it was good….”

  • The history of the human race is a history of cruelty, with the occasional achievement interspersed.

  • Israel has nuclear weapons? Did they just admin that? Isn’t there a US law that prohibits aid to countries with nuclear weapons. Especially if they haven’t signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty. i must have just dreamed this>

    • US Congress in violation of the International Security Assistance and Arms Export Control Act.
      American aid to Israel is illegal under the International Security Assistance and Arms Export Control Act. H.R.13680 legislation was passed by the 94th Congressional session and enacted into law by the 38th President of the United States Gerald R. Ford on June 30, 1976. The law prohibits aid to nuclear powers who don’t sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

      Speaking in a radio interview Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu said that “one of Israel’s options in the war in Gaza is to drop a nuclear bomb on the Strip,” the daily Times of Israel reported.
      Other quotes from the same interview: … “there is no such thing as uninvolved civilians in Gaza.” … the Palestinian population “can go to Ireland or deserts, the monsters in Gaza should find a solution by themselves.” … “Anyone waving a Palestinian or Hamas flag shouldn’t continue living on the face of the earth.”

  • Pretty disappointing take. Never thought you’d be an Islamic sympathizer and preach such nonsense.

  • Most wars and atrocities just fade into history, earning a paragraph or two in the unread history books collecting dust on book shelves. This Palestinian conflict will be quickly forgotten, overshadowed by the shocking daily news about Taylor Swift, and by the fact that few Americans know where Palestine is. Several days ago she kissed her new boyfriend, Travis Kelce in public! Tens of millions American girls and the 330 million other Americans of various LGTQQWERTY permutations are now distraught, along with the reputed 13,000 Americans who are still straight, unable to think, with the stark realization they they will never be able to marry her. The news keeps coming out in one shocking WW2 newsreel after another: she slipped a reference to Travis Kelce in an improvised song, she introduced him to her father, she was seen walking down the street in Manhattan. But, the world lacks a Winston Churchill to confirm their convictions that this is the World’s darkest hour.

    • Exactly! TS canceled a performance in Rio (Brazil) due to high heat because ONE PERSON died, possibly of heat stroke, at her prior performance. TS even wrote a nice 2 page letter (very nice handwriting!). I learned all this on multiple “news” broadcasts today!

  • Excellent article Fred, it hits the nail right on the head. Yes, the Jews in Palestine are colonizers and, contrary to what one of your commenters claim, they are of European origin, specifically Eastern Europe (Ukraine and Russia) and Poland with some Germans thrown in. Sadly, American Christians have been sold a bill of goods by theologians eager to equate modern Israel with the Second Coming. They forget that JESUS Himself told the Jews they were the children of Satan, and that Jews told Pilate to let His blood be on their heads and on their children’s heads. They also leave out that the Jews in Revelations have been converted to the Christianity they have hated for 2,000 years. “Antisemitism” is an invention of Jewish intellectuals to use as a weapon against anyone who dares to criticize a Jew and the ADL was founded by Northern Jews incensed that Leo Frank would be convicted of murder of a 13-year-old girl. Yes, Jews are one of the tribes descended from Abraham, along with the Arabs and most of the other Middle Eastern populations, and the Old Testament makes clear that they were at odds with God from Moses until the time of Christ.

  • They called 10/7 Operation El-Aksa/ Arabs claim the remains of the second Temple are part of what “native arabs” built 800 years after we Jews built our temple.

  • I have read extensively about the history of Islam, and have to laugh at the titanic omission of the history of conquest by Islam of the Levant, of Turkey, of Persia, of all the territories of North Africa, of Spain and more, in the Single CENTURY following the death of the Prophet Mohammed.
    Of course, every square inch of our planet has been steeped in blood, by one group conquering others, leaving piles of skulls as markers of their conquest. Christianity certainly had many centuries of bloody murderous slaughter, internally and against neighbors. I am unaware of any large groups that have lived in actual harmony and peace except for a very few pastoral tribes in remote jungle or island fastness.
    So it is more than ridiculous to describe the Jews as if they are somehow the unique historical aggressors of the Levant, considering the centuries of slaughter by the armies of Islam, and the other centuries of bloody slaughter occasioned by the Crusading Christians battling the Armies of Islam for control or even just ACCESS to the Lands regarded as Holy and Sacred to Both.
    For starts, Saudi Arabia, as far as is known, has never allowed the construction of a SINGLE Christian Church within its recognized borders, nor do they allow for resident Christians to bring Christian Bibles into their country, or gather to celebrate their faith’s rituals.
    In sharp contrast, Israel has allowed the construction of numerous Mosques and the free exercise of their faith by Israeli Muslim residents. The Knesset even has seated Muslim legislators elected by their Israeli co-religionists.
    In the Arab Muslim nations surrounding Israel, Homosexuals are jailed, beaten, and often sentenced to death for their sexual behavior and preference. Anyone who was old enough in 1979 to watch the TV, should recall that when the Islamic Revolution came to power in IRAN, they promptly slaughtered the communists who had helped toss the Shah, and next began rounding up Homosexuals, and beating women who dared to wear western fashions.
    We soon saw photos widely distributed by international NEWs groups, showing the corpses of Homosexuals dangling from industrial cranes lining the wide boulevards of Iran’s Capital. They executed many Hundreds for homosexuality, and these photos were published intermittently for months, until they no longer shocked us. In other Arab Muslim nations of the middle east, the persecution of homosexuals and non-Muslims is sufficiently commonplace that it is not even newsworthy, certainly not to the Leftward-hurtling News Whores of this time.
    Here I have to disagree firmly with Fred.
    Israel has its faults, but there is one group in this world that just in this century has been responsible for TENS OF THOUSANDS of Unspeakable atrocities in the name and furtherance of its “faith,” against its neighbors of ALL NATIONS, All faiths, and All races, and it sure as $]-[IT is NOT the Jews of Israel.

    • ‘or gather to celebrate their faith’s rituals’

      You can at the Embassy representing your country. Which is not exactly Saudi territory, true.

      You also can if you are discrete. The police there do not care unless forced to by the Muttawan.

    • True. But the sickening brutality of Hamas is, unfortunately, mot unusual in the Middle East, and that has always been so.

      Note also that the Middle East spawned numerous religions, many of which were intolerant of others. The Asian religions much less so.

  • Fred, I’ve been reading you for over 40 years, and you’ve always had a bit of an anti-Semitic tone on your occasional columns regarding Jews and Israel. I’d like to see ”you’re better than this” but I don’t think you are. Calling the Jews/Israelis colonizers is as comical as it is incorrect.

    The Muslim religion didn’t exist until about 600+ years ago. The Jews were in what is now Israel about 3700 years ago. And as for the Muslims being “angry” about being ”colonized” in the late 1940s and that’s why they’ve been killing Jews, read some more history. Please. The “Palestinians” have been killing Jews long before 1948. That’s all they do, all they’re good for, are producing lots of children who can “be educated” to murder Jews when they grow up. Fer Cris’ sakes, Fred, the Israeli Arabs have far more human rights than do the Arab residents of ANY Muslim nation. How many IDF soldiers have been killed or maimed due to their Government’s inane policy of warning the Palestinians? If you haven’t noticed, Arab’s sneak into Israel and kill via knifing or running over innocent Israelis. Some Palestinians assisted Hamas in their slaughter of the innocents. But the media presents the Pals as innocents, when they’re virtually as guilty as Hamas.

  • […] Gaza: A Filler War Between Ukraine and China, by Fred Reed […]

  • Fred’s essay is on point, but the Gaza war does have an unique twist. It’s the first time that the perpetrator gets someone else to foot the bill—in money, weaponry and maybe men. If things degenerate into a full-scale regional war and nukes fly, America may well end up replenishing Israel’s nuclear arsenal after the conflict. Watch this space.

  • Sayed Mohammed Mohandas says that, before, when an Iranian aeroplane filled with suicidal jihadist terrorists attacked an American Warship, flying backwards, the US Warship easily shot the aeroplane down before they could do any damage, and the Great American Victory appeared in US newspapers on 4th July 1988, and America cheered.

    But today, Sayed Mohammed says, Iran have torpedoes and missiles, and any US warship that tries to shoot down an Iranian aeroplane will be on the bottom of the sea.

    And now the US have two Aircraft Carriers in the Eastern Med.

    And Sayyed says it won’t take much to sink both of them if they try to attack Iran.

    • HA! A few buttons to push and Iran would cease to exist. Iran cannot hope to match the US Military, unless the USA lacks the will.

  • The Present American Crisis: American Imperialism and Zionist Genocide The Crisis by Thomas Paine: “THESE are the times that try men’s souls.” … “… There are cases which cannot be overdone by language, and this is one.” … ”… It is the madness of folly, to expect mercy from those who have refused to do justice; and even mercy, where conquest is the object, is only a trick of war; the cunning of the fox is as murderous as the violence of the wolf, and we ought to guard equally against both.” … “… I dwell not upon the vapors of imagination; I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as A, B, C, hold up truth to your eyes.” December 23, 1776

  • I don’t have any special affiliation for Israel. They are a minority with a long history of persecution…and there have been reasons over the centuries for that persecution. But they
    are simply trying to survive in a region where they are totally surrounded by adherents of
    a violent pseudo religion that seeks to exterminate them. Their opposition includes the PaliSimians…a Muslim sect so corrupt, evil and violent that NONE of the other muslim countries want ANY of the PaliSimians to live in their country. And yet you seem to be preferring the savage muslims….who I must remind you would HAPPILY slaughter you and yours if given a chance over a culture that is more or less civilized. And I thought you were rational… apparently you aren’t.

  • Fred, excellent to read as always.One quibble: You say Jewish colonizers then Jewish lobbyists did this, do that, as if they alone have done or do anything of consequence in this hundred year expansion. I say the Zionists couldn’t have taken over a hotdog stand in Middle East without arms and money from the UK and later the US. (And my friends say, “But nukes …” and I say to them nukes work great across a distance — the Pacific Ocean, frinstance — but to take, hold, occupy a bordering enemy they are next to worthless unless suicide or interesting mutations is your goal.) Nor could they have held on, aipac or no, political influenceor whatever, unless American/Anglo interests had skin in the game (oil and maritime passage) and were, are, determined to keep a beachhead state there to divide the Arabs toward that endgame. If there were no Suez or oil, USA would probably be all in for a Zionist state in, say Uganda?

  • Jews should have just moved en masse to Palestine as benighted immigrants seeking a better life as do the hordes slowly replacing the populations of western Europe and North America. Overt colonization is passe. Colonization under the cloak of beneficent migration is where it’s at. In this day and age, how could Palestinians deny immigration to their lands without being branded xenophobes and racists?

  • Jews vs. Muslims is like Tarantulas vs. Scorpions. I dislike both sides. Support the losing side just enough to catch back up. Eventually, they’d both be gone, The world would be a much better place and far less stinky.

  • Thanks for an honest article, Fred.

    For your next article, how about discussing how Gazan Palestinians, who are mostly unemployed, all seem to have a gazillion kids and various relatives, how they keep referring to regular living districts as “refugee camps”, how the AID (Aid Industrial Complex) was trucking in 500 loads of free supplies into Gaza every single day prior to Oct 7th, how despite few having stead work, there seem to be an awful lot of newer cars (now wrecked) in Gaza and how none of them are innocent because they fully supported Hamas and accepted support from the terrorist organization?.

  • According to a quick Google search, 117 billion people have been born since the beginning of human history. 15-20k dead Palestinians is just a rounding error to that number.

  • Some of your readers clearly except legacy media’s take on things– which includes demonizing amounts as a “Terrorist” organization, like ISIS. It is not. Read its 2017 charter. Israel by contrast, is a terrorist organization – a terrorist country.

  • This article is not intended to be anti-Israel. It points out that all nations, Israel, the US, China, Britain, you name it, is capable of committing atrocities. Regrettably, many of them do. It seems to be part of the human condition, unfortunately.

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  • It’s all toy soldiers, models of buildings, talking talking and jokes. Pass the popcorn.

    And then it comes for us and we plead to the cameras for help.

    Pass the popcorn.

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