Here We Go Again in the Holy Land

‘Nuther day, ‘nuther few morgue loads in Gaza. It has become almost boring, 25,000 dead and counting.  Should we go for a record?

But questions do arise to reinvigorate flagging interest. What kind of human will intentionally bomb a hospital? Or a refugee camp? Is there nothing so foul that an Israeli pilot will not do it? What could be more cowardly? What would it take to get you, the reader, to bomb a hospital’

Of course it is not the scale of what Israel is doing, but the dogged, unrelenting coldbloodedness of it, its shamelessness. It would never occur to a military man, Israeli or otherwise, to say, “No, I won’t do that.” In my decades of covering the armed forces I found officers often to be long on physical courage  but almost always to lack moral courage. Soldiers pride themselves on following orders and if the orders are to bomb a refugee camp, well, the pilot was just following orders. This is what Eichmann said, though he wasn’t a soldier. The cult of obedience removes all moral responsibility.

Note that Washington is as culpable as Israel for the slaughter in Gaza. Israel depends utterly for its survival on American support. If Washington told the Israelis to stand on their heads buck  naked and sing Yankee Doodle in three-part harmony, or lose all American support, in two minutes they would be upside down and wailing. The killing continues because Washington wants it to continue.

The historically literate will note that the mass deliberate bombing of civilians is not particularly Israeli, but an invention largely made and certainly perfected by the United States.  The British-American air war against Germany targeted civilians. Everyone knows about the firestorms in Hamburg and Dresden, and for that matter Hiroshima and Nagasaki, though countless other German cities were so targeted, with Tokyo being firebombed to burn thousands to death.  Germans who lived through this tell of exactly the results seen in Gaza, rubble, fire, dead and dying children. Plus ca change, plus ca doesn’t.

The eternal cry of the Jew: “The whole world hates me. What’s wrong with the whole world?” Well, here is an answer that will serve for a few decades. Before Gaza, there was around the web the usual low-key hostility to Jews, like the 4K background radiation. Now nice liberals make venomous comments about how Hitler should have finished, etc. For all I know, ninety percent of American Jews may oppose the killing, and certainly many do, but this doesn’t seem to matter. Selling the Holocaust will be harder for a few years. It will make no practical difference.

It is easy to see why. A friend, conservative, by no means a milquetoast, for a while watched video from Gaza. He saw a little girl, horribly hurt, legs gone but still alive, with adults, apparently her family, going stark bugfuck crazy. The child would not live for more than a minute or two, massive femoral bleeding being of short duration. My friend began sobbing, not his style. Never an antisemite, he is now.

This is what America supports, does, is. Tell me why itg isn’t so. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Ukraine, now Gaza, Yemen, shortly China.

The truculent buffoon in the White House and his ventriloquists speak of “American values.” But America, as distinct from Americans,  has no values other than money, power, and empire. This is not dorm-room cynicism. It is fact. Individual Americans may believe in kindness, truth, human rights, and peace but to Washington these words are empty bottles to be filled with whatever meaning will best serve to shoo the sheep in the desired direction. And anyway Americans have no influence over what their country does.

In geopolitics, only the enforceable matters. Endless talk of violation of international law is merely tedious. Law is pointless if not enforced. It isn’t. Repetitive mooing about human rights equally is meaningless. -Any attempt to impose such rights would mean war with both Israel and the United States. Do you see any takers?

The “law of war” is equally a silly notion. No warring party will put itself at a disadvantage by declining to use some prohibited weapon, such as white phosphorous, or doing something disapproved, such as bombing civilians. The United States has never paid attention to the- law of war. Neither has Israel. Or, probably, anybody else. When I was in Marine infantry training at Camp Lejeune during Vietnam, we learned to use grenades of white-phosphorous, known colloquially as Willy Peter.

The United Nations has all the import of a high-school debate club in Arkansas but less backbone, producing much noise but no results. It is an obstacle to the most important things it is supposed to promote, and should be disbanded. It serves chiefly as a means of imposing American hegemony. For example, the entire planet except the US and Israel votes to end a pointless blockade of Cuba. Washington vetoed this. Most of the world wants a ceasefire in Gaza. America vetoes it. Instead of being a forum in which the nations of the world can decide on joint policies, it serves to prevent precisely this.

Perhaps history does repeat, like a slowly executing do-loop. In 1o099, the First Crusade took Jerusalem, establishing a Christian beachhead on the fringe of a sprawling Moslem world that hated them. The Christians depended crucially on Europe for men and support, and were finally vomited out after many years. Now Israel has established a Jewish beachhead on the fringes of a sprawling Moslem world that hates them, and depends crucially on the United States for support. {after the current killings, the Moslem world will hate the Jews for a very long time. They will not make a nice distinction between Zionists and Jews.

Perhaps the Jews will fare better than the Christians. It is not easy to see how. Israel’s population will always be minuscule in comparison with that of the Moslem world, or even of the nearby Moslem countries. bThe current Israeli pogrom will provide Moslem’s with the equivalent of the Holocaust, a multigenerational repository of hatred.  This too will make no difference as long as the US supports Israel and, Congress being a subcommittee of the Knesset, this support is not in immediate danger.

But the Empire declines and Asia rises. In two decades the world will be a different place. And should local Moslem nations get the Bomb, whether by purchase or development, Israel’s options, as we say, will be limited. The two-state solution, now apparently forever impossible, may one seem to have been a good idea.

The Israeli approach hi geopolitics has been to do anything it wants, brazen it out, and rely on America for protection. The American approach is to do anything it wants and dare anyone to do anything about it. But America is now like the aging tough in a mountain bar who once said, “I can llickany man in this bar”.  Now, getting on in years and putting on weight, he says, “I can lick everybody in the bar at once.” Iraq, Iran, Russia, China, Yemen, Syria. Maybe this will have a happy ending, but outside the bar. a cold wind is blowing.





Abraham Lincoln didn’t, and he is dead. Coincidence?




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  • When civilians stop harboring and abetting combatants, there will be no need to bomb them. Until that happens, the civilians will continue to take it in the shorts. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, as they say.

    • Agree – I will figure out how to get my damn name onto this… I am not “Anonymous”. I am Peter Marx, I Smyrna GA if anyone cares

    • Looking forward to hear what you’ll say when your neighbourhood is flattened in the upcoming civil war.

    • Yawn. It’s a cheap trick to say that a hospital had a few rifles hence it had to be flattened.

      Besides, have you forgotten Israel’s history? The Irgun, Stern Gang? Classified as terrorists by the British, hiding among the civilian population and carrying out attacks. Boobytrapping the bodies of British soldiers, bombing hotels. It is a country founded by terrorists.

      If the UK hadn’t been governed by a Jewish merchant elite since the 1800, the proper response would have been to promptly execute 50 of the leading Jewish families living in England.

    • You need to see a shrink.

    • Exactly. Not rocket science

  • So who exactly started this latest round, back in October, and were they nice to the Israelis?
    BTW, the Allied bombing of Germany followed German bombing of Spain, Poland, the Netherlands and then the UK. Bombing cities flat was, to put it mildly, inefficient, and it did not have the demoralizing effect that both sides expected.

    • NEWSFLASH. Islam is at war with everyone who isn’t Muslim. EVERYONE! Including you. Israel just happens to be closest to the frontlines of this war. And
      on the Muslim side there ARE NO CIVILIANS. ALL Islam wants ALL of us dead. So whatever Israel does in fighting this war, a war between 6th century savagery and civilization is perfectly acceptable because this is a war with NO RULES. You mindlessly carrying water for savage murderers…who would kill you in an instant with ZERO qualms just highlights your lack of understanding how the REAL world works

      • Not completely true. There are Muslims who just want to make a living and support their families. Other Muslims have been trained to hate the rest of the world and make war on them.

        • But the Muslims who want to kill you if you do not submit are following the example of their prophet, which creates a different problem.

        • Not all Muslims are fanatic terrorists. Not all Jews accept the existence of the secular Jewish nation state of Israel (a euphemism for “Zion”). Some Jews are silent pacifists and have to suffer the consequences of actions taken in their name, but without their consent, by the pugnacious political entity created by self-chosen Jews (see Deuteronomy 7:14) whose misguided zeal for a mythical Zion began with Theodore Herzl in Basel in the 1890s.
          Bill Fairchild, aka anonymous

      • Scout, in ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ got a whole new perspective looking at the world from someone else’s front porch. Dan, you would do well to do likewise. If you don’t want to go all the way back to the Crusades, you need only go back to the aftermath of WW I. Since then the British Empire and its bumbling successor, the US empire, has done nothing but deceive, embezzle, and slaughter the denizens of Western Asia. If you are unable to understand the hatred they harbor for the government you pay exorbitant taxes to Dan, well, I don’t know what to tell you.

      • I spent ten years working in Saudi with the Saudis and did not find any of them hating me, a white dude, or wanting me dead. You must be thinking of the ISIS head choppers that the US let loose in Syria.

      • Did you know that Iran has two seats reserved for Christians and one for Jews in their Parliament? I bet you were never told that on TV. Can you tell me if Isreal has any such mandated representation for the Christians in THEIR nation? I’ll wait.

    • Don’t focus on the “latest round”; go back to the beginning, the Balfour Declaration in 1917. The British, perfidious Albion, gave the jews Palestine which the British did not own. There were most likely other jewish machinations in the U.S. that compelled the British to make this generous gift. Look up Benjamin Freedman.
      On the subject of German vs Allied bombing in WWII…. German engineers, the finest in the world, were tasked by the German leaders with designing TACTICAL bombers for battlefield use. The British leaders and later American, instructed their aircraft manufacturers to build huge capacity bombers whose only purpose was the terror bombing of civilian targets either at night (British) or from extremely high altitudes (American).
      Churchill took the seals of office on May 10, 1940. The bombing of German cities began on May 11. His aim was to draw retaliation from the Germans in order to steel the British public into war furor as non of the ordinary Brits had any stomach for the slaughter that Churchill so loved.

      • Brits also invented death camps, aka concentration camps, in the Second Boer War in South Africa, ca. 1905. They rounded up women and children of the Boer warriors who had left their homes in order to deal militarily with the British scorched earth war, thus leaving their families at home unguarded and easy targets for being rounded up and being concentrated into shoddy camps with scant food and poor sanitation, where many of them died.
        Ruthless military-minded politicians will repeat anything that has worked before in history regardless of its morality or its attendant consequences.

      • The ‘British’ were ruled by a Jewish merchant elite since the time of Disraeli. You don’t know your history.

        Balfour was Jewish. Rothschild, Safra, Khadoorie, Sassoon, etc.

    • Israel started it with its Hebrew Bible-based expanding and cruel occupation of Palestinian land. They controlled virtually everything that went into Gaza and came out of Gaza. Gaza, as is often said, is an open air prison run by the Jewish state of Israel.

      • The local Arabs started calling themselves Palestinians around 1967. The Jews have been indigenous to that land for over 3,000 years. Obviously, the newly minted “Palestinians” had no history on that land. There has never been a nation called Palestine, it is just a region. There has never been a separate Palestinian language, culture, currency, anything.
        I listened to a Rabbi recently who said the tragedy is that these people were born innocent and pure and then taught to hate Jews, kill Jews, and celebrate anyone who did.
        A new Palestinian state would have to be based on a new Constitution that recognizes Israel’s right to exist and causes a cultural change in Palestine. That is not likely to happen with the current alternatives.
        A “two state solution” is only viable if that new state commits to recognizing Israel’s (and Jews’) right to exist.
        It is not rational for Israel to tolerate another adjacent terrorist, militarized state committed to their destruction since the current independent state was given to them in 2005.Note that the Arabs have been offered land for peace five times since 1936 and rejected every offer. Then Israel removed 50,000 settlers from Gaza in 2005 and gave the territory to the Palestinians as an independent state, which then spent 18 years attacking Israel. There has been no “occupation” for 18 years. The Palestinian population has grown 500% over the last 70 years (i.e. no genocide).
        Recent polling suggests that 75% of Palestinians support Hamas.
        The PLO has a $300M/year terrorist pension program (7% of their whole budget) that rewards the families of terrorists who get killed or captured.
        I listened to a Rabbi recently who said the tragedy is that these people were born innocent and pure and then taught to hate Jews, kill Jews, and celebrate anyone who did.
        The only way to save the Gaza population is for them to renounce their terrorism against Jews and Israel. This opportunity has been offered before and ignored.

        • You need to read ancient mid-East history from more than one source. Arabic peoples lived in “Israel” for the last 3,000 years, just as Jewish peoples have. The ancient Roman Empire conquered this area and first named it the Province of Judea, as it was controlled by Jewish people then who vastly outnumbered the Arabic peoples in the same province at that time. Judean Jews revolted against Rome several times, which after Rome’s 2nd or 3rd military conquest and with much butchery, inspired Rome to rename the area “Syria Palestina”, as they did not want to hear the words “Judea” or “Jew” spoken any longer. This name lasted from 135 to 390 A.D. Which racial group, Jews or Arabs, dominated the area switched back and forth until the mid-1890s, and the area was home to many wars, Crusades, and mostly Moslem rule from about 630 to 1895 AD. During much of these centuries the few remaining Palestinian (geographic, not racial) Jews lived almost totally in Jerusalem. By the 1890s, Palestine-Israel was predominantly populated with Moslems. With the birth of the modern Zionist geopolitical movement came a growing number of Jews moving into Palestine-Israel from all over the world. Most people are familiar with this area’s history since the 1890s, so I will stop at this point in time, but much, much more needs to be learned from a deep study of this historical period. While learning this modern history, one must put one’s religious, ethnic, and group beliefs on hold until the detailed history of both Jews and Moslems in Palestine can be learned. It is MOST DEFINITELY not all one-sided with righteous morality on the one hand versus perverse, militaristic evil on the other.

        • Cleansing the current cohort of Palestians living in Palestine because they aren’t “indigenous” opens up the acceptability of cleansing Jews from all of Europe and the New World and Africa and Asia because they are not “indigenous” to those lands.

        • The “jews” in Israel are not indigenous to that land. They are Ashkenazi from central Asia and Europep. Stop spreading lies boomer.

        • Every apologist for the sickening, murderous Jews is going to Hell.

  • When I look at Israel I see freedom of speech, freedom of religion, equal rights for gays, equal rights for women, and democratic elections. When we ask the Israelis what they think of USA they call us friends.

    When I look at Gaza and the rest of the Muslim world, I see no freedom of speech, no freedom to criticize the government or religion, death penalty for atheists, death penalty for apostasy, often death penalty for all non-muslims, death penalty for gays, zero rights for women, and no free and fair elections. When we ask the Muslim world what they think of USA, they say they hate us and as soon as they destroy Israel we’re next; I think they believe it too.

    You say after this Muslims will hate Jews, but they already do and always have, remember what started this whole mess.

    I can find no excuse for American liberals siding with terrorists, aside from their commitment to side against America on every issue, but I can also find no excuse for American conservatives siding with Russia, aside from Trump’s hardon for dictators because he wants to be one.

    Remembering what USA did to Japan, Germany, Cuba, & Iraq, excessive retaliation as a warning to the others not to fuck with us. Perhaps some of what Israel is doing is ensuring that after 10/7, nobody is volunteering to attack Israel next.

    • So…our might makes our invasions and murders right?

      And…were you alive during “covid “ and you still think you’re free?

      It’s none of your business what governments and other nations do. We here in the US are neither free, nor exceptional. Pull your head out of your anus.

      We have invaded and murdered thousands more than the entire Muslim world combined. Look in the mirror before you condemn anyone else

      • ‘So…our might makes our invasions and murders right?’

        It makes them inevitable. If Hamas would lay down their arms and go back to working to support their families, none of this would be necessary.

    • And you see Muslim Arabs as member of the Israeli Parliament, also as volunteers in the IDF.

    • Half of America is conservative, why would they support the gayest country on earth? One that harbors pedophiles, has the most brothels per capita, has an active slave trade, and whose official state ethnic group pushes transgenderism and other forms of degeneracy on the west?

      That’s a very strange way to get conservatives to support Israel.

  • How would you propose to handle the problem of Hamas using the hospital as a giant human shield? Really – I am curious. I find such killing repulsive, but at this point, I think Hamas has the larger quilt because they acted first by making the hospital a shield. Israel acted in response to what Hamas did. If Hamas really did make the hospital a human shield, how could Israel act differently?

  • Israel agreed to stop the bombing if they released the hostages. Instead they kept torturing them. They started the war, hope stupid can they be?

  • Fred—some person of Jewish descent must have screwed you on a financial deal. Your prejudice is more than showing. Hamas started it….so they and their population must bear the consequences. You rep what you sow!! And, I have heard no reports of Israelis raping/torturing Palestinian women…. What happened to your normal logic and sense of fairness, Fred?

  • What kind of human will intentionally bomb a hospital?
    Or a refugee camp?

    Who started WWII? Try Germany and Japan. War sucks, but if you’re in one, you either win
    or die I’d rather win.

    If it wasn’t for Oct. 7, there would be no invasion of Gaza.
    What about the hostages? Is that Israel’s fault too?
    Islam has been trying to destroy “Israel” (meaning the Jews) since 600 A.D.

    Btw, Dementia Joey is not the President. NoBama is.

    And it wasn’t Willy Peter. It was Willy Pete.
    I was in the same war as you.

    Would you have liked to live in Cuba under the Castros? Cubans lost their freedom in 1959.

    I could go on, but what’s the point?

    I’ve been reading your column almost since you started writing.
    You’ve made some good points and occasionally some I’ve disagreed with, but today’s column is over the top.
    Whatever – You’re just a guy who writes and I’m just a guy who reads what you write. Same boat – different oars.

  • There is only one rule in war, Win.
    The horrors of war can be described in some vivid anecdotes but the true horror cannot be realized unless you can see the immense scope and all the other horrors that it brings. When war rides, all 4 horsemen ride together.
    All nations use the same rules and there is always some pretend attempt to limit the horror but it always happens.

    • And all nations have philosophically minded educated people who try to invent a theory of a “just war” which allows their nation’s current war to be considered just but none of the other wars ever fought.

    • Great, then Hitler did nothing wrong. The Jews can return all the extortion money they have looted from the Germans over the last 80 years.

  • Fred, have you not read about what Hamas did on Oct.7? Butchered women and kids? Put babies in ovens??

    War truly is Hell, and when you start one, expect Hell. The US firebombed Tokyo and nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki to force the Japs to surrender. They started it; we finished it.

  • Fred, you’re going to get a lot of flak over this but you’re dead-on. I seriously doubt that more than a handful of Americans today know that the United States was neutral in the Zionist Israel-Israeli conflict until the 1960s when JFK started sending them weapons. US support escalated under LBJ then took off when Nixon kept Israel afloat when they were within an inch of losing the Yom Kipper War – and probably resorting in Golda Meir using nukes Israel has never admitted having. I know, I was there. I was on one of the first C-5As to carry artillery shells into Lod airport. I used to be a supporter of Israel – until I found out they charged the US for all of the goodies they “gave” us “to show their appreciation.” Hamas is a result, as was the PLO. You are right to compare Zionist Israel to the Crusades. Both efforts are futile.

    • Oops! Type – should read Zionist Israeli – Arab conflict.

      By the way, I took a load of vehicles to Jordan after the 6-day war and saw the greasy spots where the IAF destroyed the Jordanian air force in a Pearl Harbor-style sneak attack. The mission was highly classified by the way. LBJ didn’t want the Jewish Lobby to know we were supplying Jordan.

  • Oh, one other comment – it was the British who started the firebombing of German cities. The US copied them.

    • Indeed, and it was the Brits and Churchill who would have nothing but war and helped the Kasarians sucker in a willing U.S. regime. The same evil regime that allowed the “surprise” attack on Pearl Harbor. We are ruled by evil criminals and have been for a very long time.

  • The 25,000 dead is a small number compared to what is coming. Like you said, there is a cold wind blowing.

    A significant portion of the Israelis believe their backs are to the wall. Some see a future conflict and are willing to go elsewhere, not being willing to bomb hospitals – or nuke Tehran, but some have taken their stand. I can’t find it in me to condemn them on a moral stance.

    “The world’s God is treacherous and full of
    unreason; a torturer, but also
    The only foundation and the only fountain.
    Who fights him eats his own flesh and perishes
    of hunger;” – Robinson Jeffers, “Birth Dues”

    • Reminds me of this quote from Friedrich Nietzsche’s book Thus Spoke Zarathustra:

      “The state, I call it, where all drink poison, the good and the bad: the state, where all lose themselves, the good and the bad: the state, where the slow suicide of all — is called “life.”

      Behold the superfluous! They steal the works of the creators and the treasures of the wise. Education, they call their theft — and everything becomes sickness and trouble to them!

      Behold the superfluous! They are always sick; they vomit their bile and call it a newspaper. They devour each other and cannot even digest themselves.

      Behold the superfluous! They acquire wealth and become the poorer for it. They seek power, and the lever of power, much money — these impotent ones!

      See them clamber, these nimble apes! They clamber over one another, and thus pull each other into the mud and the abyss.

      They all strive for the throne: this is their madness — as if happiness sat on the throne! Often filth sits on the throne. — and often also the throne on filth.

      Madmen they all seem to me, and clambering apes, and too eager. Foul smells their idol to me, the cold monster: foul they all smell to me, these idolaters.

      My brothers, will you suffocate in the fumes of their maws and appetites! Better to break the windows and jump into the open air!

      Escape from their foul stench! Escape from the idolatry of the superfluous!

      Escape from their foul stench! Escape from the steam of these human sacrifices!

      The earth is yet free for great souls. There are still many empty sites for the lonesome and the twosome, surrounded by the fragrance of tranquil seas.”

  • I’m probably the most godless person on earth but might I suggest that “What you sow, so shall you reap.” is worthwhile considering for everyone.

  • I see the lick-spittles who buy all the Israeli bullshit are out in force.The “beheaded babies in ovens”, sex fiend rapists,and even the 1400 murdered civilians have all been proven untrue.No evidence exists for any of it that is the least bit credible.Hundreds of people were murdered by the IDF,rather than have them be hostages.Poison gas killed at least 3 hostages in the tunnels,according to their own parents.
    October 7 did not happen in a vacuum. Hold people in an open air concentration camp for over 75 years and one could reasonably expect hostility. A teenager throws a rock,so a battle tank destroys his home and his entire family.Settlers steal land and build on the West Bank.
    Keep your lips firmly attached to Israel’s ass,buy the bullshit put out by the mainstream media, and take comfort that a country with over $34 trillion in national debt continues to subsidise religious genocide.
    From the river to the sea,Palestine will be free!

    • > I see the lick-spittles who buy all the Israeli bullshit are out in force.

      Disgusting, isn’t it?

      Fred’s articles appear at Counter Currents as well. The comments over there are better.

    • Don’t forget the IDF has an internet operation that floods websites with the jewish viewpoint.

  • Fred
    I usually don’t bother to comment as you usually have nailed it and I would only detract from your wit and insight. You out did yourself this time. I loved it.
    However, I am surprised at the comments. I thought your readers were more…., I don’t know something. Discerning? Astute? Perceptive? But, I repeat myself like a bad stammerer.
    After thinking about the comments for a bit it hit me. The IQ gap between Jews and white Americans must be more than 15 points. The success of the propaganda campaign for Israel is stunning in its impact on seemingly intelligent whites. Me thinks the USA is history. If I were some decades younger I would take an old departed friends advice and learn mandarin. As I am well past golden years I can only take comfort in this quote. “Old men die strangers in their own land.”
    Keep stirring the pot, Fred. Your posts are at once insightful as well as entertaining. Don’t let the bastards grind you down. 😁

  • What a convolved story this is turning into. In 1917, angry Jewish residents of Russia, descendants of the Roman/Jewish diaspora, angry with being being treated as 2nd class citizens in Russia, help launch a Communist Revolution largely targeting the landlords and other white Russians that treated them as dirt. Their Communist movement subsequently devolved into the murder of 100 million people world wide. Germany industrialists, fearing similar Communist massacres in Germany in the 1920s, funded the Nazis to stop the mostly Jewish communists uprisings that had spread to Germany. The Nazis not wanting them in Germany, ship them to eastern European nations, via rail, to concentration camps where large numbers died of disease and famine. The allies, victorious in WW2, charged the Nazis with Genocide to punish the losers with war crimes, in Nuremburg trials that squashed rules of evidence and used torture of witnesses to justify the charges. They couldn’t legally justify their charges, but maintained the war propaganda. The Jewish people, happy to be elevated to victims, instead of being charged with the massive death toll from Communism and their instigation of WW2, demanded Palestinian Lands in payment for their “genocide.” The kicked the Palestinians out of the newly renamed nation, Israel, putting them into an massive concentration camp called Gaza and the West Bank. The poor Palestinians tried to claw back their lands, but every attempt was condemned as “terrorist” activity. Over the next 75 years, the Israelis manning the concentration camp borders would periodically use Palestinian children and other innocent Palestinians as targets in target practice, shooting them indiscriminately, over 75 years. Not a peep from the West about this. Yet, given their AIPAC power over their U.S. government and control of media, they’ve convinced Americans that they are the victims. You can see it on this board. I personally don’t care, but it astonishes me how gullible people are. I admire how the Jewish people were able to pull this off.

  • Hamas exists to kill all of Israel. Seventy-five to eighty percent of Gaza residents approve of the Hamas goal. So, to flip the question, why shouldn’t the Israeli tribe, whose opponents openly want to exterminate them, exterminate the other tribe? In fact, Israel has killed one percent of the population of Gaza, when it could exterminate the whole population in a week. Actually, some appreciation is in order for their restraint at killing Gazans, and willingness to sacrifice dozens of their own soldiers in the process.
    Also, if people dance in the streets at the slaughter of Israelis, then ask to be pitied when Israel hits back, they are acting like classic psychopaths. I do not rejoice at their loss of life, particularly not the righteous twenty-five percent, but I will not take to the streets to demonstrate for their safety, either.

  • Fred, I’ve been reading you for over 40 years, and exchanged a few emails with you, so you likely know who I am.  I’ve enjoyed virtually all of your columns, except those that deal with the Middle East and Israel.  You’re not like  your conservative neighbor who cried.  You’re a freeking anti-Semite and anti-Israel, and you’ve so been whenever you’ve ”written” on  that part of the world, over the years.  I’ve written you on  it before, but haven’t gotten a response from you, for whatever reason (sarcasm  meter goes ding, ding, ding!).

    It’s hard to know where to begin.  Hamas has committed atrocities that would put ISIS and the WW II Nazis to shame.  Beheading babies, those who they didn’t behead, they burned alive in ovens.  Raping and torturing women.  And etc., etc.

    Not one word in your screed about the Muslims and Hamas putting their HQ, their weapons, etc. in schools and in and under hospitals. Using their civilian population as shields. What the hell was Israel supposed to do?  The IDF has been the most  moral army in the world. Hamas– Building their tunnel networks using aid from idiots Biden/Obama, and the Euro-scum, who give aid to  the Palestinians, and Hamas takes it.  So the West is financing Hamas.  I think the Israeli government are idiots who have gotten many IDF soldiers killed and maimed to save Palestinian civilians, warning them in advance when bombs would be falling. Too many  in the West are ignorant or merely choose to ignore that the Palestinians support Hamas, that they have snuck  into Israel and murdered innocent Israelis, Jews and Christians alike. 

    Why is Abbas now in the 17th (give or take) year of his first term in office?  Because he knows if he  had another election, Hamas would win big time.   In short the Palestinians support Hamas who is at least honest enough to admit their only goal is the eradication of Israel.  I hate to call you ignorant Fred, because you’re usually not.  But, God  you’re an ignorant POS on this topic.

    If the US and Britain didn’t do the bombing they did, we might all be speaking German and Japanese.  Except  you down in Mexico.  The Jews have been living  in Israel for over 3000 years.  There has never been a Palestinian country (except Jordan).  The Israelis have made innumerable contributions to civilization, in their own and in other countries. They’ve won large numbers of Nobel prizes.  The Muslims essentially none.  The Palestinians have turned down multiple Israeli efforts to give them their ”two state solution.”  As Eban said “the Palestinians never  miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”  With   ignorant enablers  like you, why not? 

    • > It’s hard to know where to begin. Hamas has committed atrocities that would put ISIS and the WW II Nazis to shame. Beheading babies, those who they didn’t behead, they burned alive in ovens. Raping and torturing women. And etc., etc.

      Yes, terrible–just like those babies thrown out of incubators by Iraqi troops in that hospital in Kuwait.

      Oh, wait…

    • Anti-Israel may be correct as a name-caller, but anti-semitic is not. Palestinians and Arabs in general are all SEMITIC PEOPLES speaking various SEMITIC languages. Look up these words in a dictionary or encyclopedia. If you support Israel, you are still anti-Semitic if you do not also equally favor Palestinians.

    • Agree with everything you say. Fred’s probably got PTSD from Vietnam, so dislikes any war, even justified ones. SAD!

    • ” Hamas has committed atrocities that would put ISIS and the WW II Nazis to shame. ”

      Yes, almost like the rollercoaster of death, the eagle and the bear, the floor of moving knives, the lampshades made of human skin.

      You are dealing with an ethnic group that has a habit of lying. What’s the Mossad’s motto again?

      I’m guessing you are a boomer. We would be much better off speaking German. We wouldn’t have legions of muslims in the west, open borders, transgenderism, etc.

  • “The Most Moral Army in the World” right now is bombing hospitals, churches, refugee camps…
    Did you Israeli apologists ever heard of USS Liberty? Some of the sailors are still alive and run a website with lots of documents and testimonies, if you dare to read something other than what Israel and US Governments approve for public discourse.

  • Thanks for a great and important article, Fred.

    The brutality Israel is unleashing on the Palestinians is the same kind of heartless brutality they unleashed on the USS Liberty shortly after they started the Six Day War. Here’s a documentary of interviews of American survivors of the Jewish state’s cowardly and deadly sneak attack on the USS Liberty that killed 34 American sailors and Marines and wounded 171 other US military personnel: The US subcommittee of the Knesset did nothing about it.

    • Not one mention by you of the indecent butchery by Hamas nor of the raped women and hostages. If savages crossed our border and committed the same atrocities, I wouldn’t bat an eye at destroying them no matter the cost to the rabble who spawned them and supported them. You cannot fight a war and win it you’re not willing to kill. I hope Israel turns this place which forges terror into a gaping hole in the earth. Never has the neutron bomb been more needed.

  • A dear friend of mine, (a lady), went on a religious pilgrimage of the “holy land” back in July 2023. When she was returning from a visit to the crypt in Bethlehem, a nice Jewish man spat in her face. Don’t, for one moment, think that there is freedom of religion in Israel or that the Jews do not hate Christians. The oldest Christian church in the Middle East was a Greek orthodox church in Gaza. One of the first targets of the Israeli air force. And before you call Fred an anti Semite, you may wish to look up the definition of Semite.

  • “Israel started it”????

    The word “Zionism” was coined by a Jew in the 2nd half of the 19th century. The concept came from the Anglican clergy who did not want a single Jew in the UK, they wanted them all shipped to Palestine, “A land without a people for a people without a land”. Only Palestine belonged to the Ottomans, and was a small part of the Ottoman vilayet of Syria.
    But then came WWI, the Ottomans lost, and the UK and France chopped up the Ottoman vilayets and gave all the pieces to the UK and France, breaking up traditional groups like the Kurds so the new colonies would have lots of minorities who hated each other and could not fight the Imperialist British and French. And one of these colonies was Palestine, which was 92% Arab in 1900 and 70% Arab and 30% UK Jews by 1930.
    Then came the Holocaust, and, in 1948, the US said, ‘Send every Jew in Western Europe to Palestine.’
    The Jews came, well armed, defeated the Arabs, kicked a lot of Palestinians out of Palestine and their descendants still live in refugee camps. They killed more Palestinians and fought until the UN ordered them to stop and divided Palestine at the ceasefire line in 1948. That lasted until 1967, when Israel took over the rest of Palestine. Two million Palestinians got permits to remain, the rest are, under Israeli law, illegal aliens who have no right to be in Palestine, and Israel now plan to remove them all, one way or the other.


    The US also say they have verified that the Israelis did not bomb a single hospital or school, all those so-called hospitals and schools were Hamas military bases disguised as hospitals and schools, and so legitimate targets. The Grayzone have verified that the US just repeated Israeli hasbara, none of it factual, but facts be damned, officially, under US ‘facts’, the Israelis have not bombed a single hospital or school.

    The UK started it. Hitler wanted to deport all the European Jews but the UK said European Jews are Europe’s problem, and the Royal Navy would prevent any deportations. The US made things worse, and now most of Europe are US neocolonies whose leaders always support whatever the US tell them to support, and have no concern for what their ordinary citizens want, only what the US leadership want. The Jews, left to their own devices, would still be in the UK and Europe and not bothering the Palestinians.

    • “The Jews came, well armed, defeated the Arabs, kicked a lot of Palestinians out of Palestine and their descendants still live in refugee camps. ”

      Actually, the Muslim leadership told the Palestinians to leave so the Jews could be wiped out.
      The Jews then successfully defended themselves, so the Palestinians had no homeland to return to.

      • Both of you are historically illiterate. You forgot to mention the Irgun, Stern Gang and other Jewish terrorist groups that were active in the 20s and 30s.

    • “The Jews, left to their own devices, would still be in the UK and Europe and not bothering the Palestinians.”

      That’s a complete misreading of history. Zionism and the desire for stealing land in Palestine arose long before WW1.

  • Forgot to add somewhere in all my previous replies: I am not anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, anti-Palestinian, anti-Arabic, inter alia. I am equally pro-Jewish, pro-Palestinian, and pro-Arabic. I am, however, against terroristic Palestinians, terroristic Jews, terroristic Russians, terroristic Ukrainians, and terroristic American government actions anywhere on earth.

  • One quibble: Pakistan does have nuclear weapons and has said that it’s willing to lease some to Turkey in case things go too far south vis-à-vis Israel. Some reports also indicate that Iran has recently begun enriching uranium to weapons-grade. As things stand they could get a nuke in really short order.

    Another issue is Iran’s huge conventional arsenal of highly accurate ballistic missiles, which can devastate all of Israel–a tiny country after all.

    Interesting times… in the Chinese sense of the expression.

    • The Iran missiles would have to make it through Israels air defenses, plus Israel can respond with Nukes also, should Iran decide to upgrade its conventional missiles with Atomic warheads.

  • There has never been a land that has not been invaded and conquered with the previous inhabitants suffering for it. None of the peoples of the world have hands clean of the blood of past innocents. You can argue history forever and everybody believes what they find useful and discounts everything else.

    Personally, I believe the Israelis and Jews to be better neighbors than any of the peoples of the Muslim world, in line with what you would expect given the commands of their respective religions.

    In particular, it seems as though their fellow Muslims don’t want the Palestinians either, and for good reason given their history.

    • “In particular, it seems as though their fellow Muslims don’t want the Palestinians either, and for good reason given their history.”

      You are not wrong as this article discusses the reasons that the Palestinian fellow Arabs hate them.
      Why Do the Arabs Hate the Palestinians?
      By Lt. Col. (res.) Dr. Mordechai Kedar
      September 24, 2020

      BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 1,758, September 24, 2020

      EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: For many reasons, the Arab world is not at all interested in giving the Palestinian Arabs a state. The Palestinian Arabs don’t really want one either, because why kill the “refugee” goose that lays the golden eggs?

      In Israel and in much of the Western world, we tend to think the Arab world is united in its support for the Palestinians—that it wants nothing more than to solve the Palestinian problem by giving them a state, and that all Arabs and Muslims love the Palestinians and hate Israel. This is a simplistic and incomplete view. While it is true that many, perhaps even the majority, of Arabs and Muslims hate Israel, there are a good many who hate the Palestinians just as much.

  • “But questions do arise to reinvigorate flagging interest. What kind of human will intentionally bomb a hospital? Or a refugee camp? Is there nothing so foul that an Israeli pilot will not do it? What could be more cowardly? What would it take to get you, the reader, to bomb a hospital’”
    I expected better of you Fred!

    If Hamas didn’t hide in/under/around hospitals and schools, then Israel would not have to bomb them in those places.

    As to refugee camps, there were no refugee camps in Gaza. They just appended “refugee camp” to the end of their town/village names to evoke sympathy from the bleeding heart hoi polloi.

    There is no reason to show concern for the plight of the Palestinians. They brought everything onto themselves by embracing Hamas, a terrorist organization, as their government.

    There are no innocents in Gaza. Every adult is guilty of being a terrorist sympathizer, if not militant fighter, themselves while their children suffer, saddled with the sins of their parents.

    All Palestinians lived good lives supported by the free aid that the UNRWA sent into them (500 trucks daily!) for 75 years and the cash money that oil rich countries like Qatar sent to Hamas monthly, partially distributed to the residents of Gaza. All the free aid they received allowed them to overpopulate their small land area in Gaza, which does not have the water resources to support such a population. They were also sporting a 50%+ unemployment rate. Now it is close to 100%.

    For the vast majority, the good life they had is all gone now, unlikely to ever return. All because they chose to support terrorism in the false hope that it would gain them the land Israel occupies. Now they live in flimsy tents and must eat gruel. Sad…

    • Roger your comments Jojo….It is not only sad but very STUPID that the Palestinians hung their future on the allure of war and terrorism with HAMAS. Not very smart at all. Short of Israel being blasted of the map by an Iranian Nuke…..Israel “ain’t” going anywhere!


  • How Can Israel Complete Its Victory in the Swords of Iron War?
    By Col. (res.), Shay Shabtai
    January 25, 2024

    BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 2,259, January 25, 2024

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The IDF is winning the Swords of Iron War, and the position of the State of Israel is being strengthened. Wherever the IDF reaches, Hamas ceases to function as an organization and military force. Israel has had significant achievements in terms of the hostage deal and the IDF’s substantial operational successes against Hezbollah. Israel has also been assisted by the American coalition’s activity against the jihadist threat, and there has been a positive change in the Russian approach to the war in light of Israel’s successes. India and Japan have also offered support, helping to balance international public opinion. The challenge will be to maintain and increase this positive momentum. To achieve this, it will be necessary to continue the war and seize the opportunity, both locally and internationally, to start a rebuilding process oriented towards creating a new local government in Gaza that is focused on the population’s needs. The goal should be the establishment of a Gazan government that is capable of serving as an effective counterweight to any attempts by Hamas to reassert control.

    The security-military failure of October 7, 2023 revealed fundamental flaws in Israel’s national security doctrine. Those flaws led to the collapse of defense lines and the subsequent terrible outcome of a massacre and mass abduction of civilians. On October 7, Hamas succeeded and Israel failed.

  • The Ashkenazi are targeting Christian Palestinians, too, and are doing that all over Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel proper. The ethnic cleansing extends to all Christian. The goal is a purely Jewish population, from the Euphrates to the Nile.

    PS On a pedantic note:

    phosphorus = noun, accent on 1st syllable

    phosphorous = adjective, accent on 2nd syllable.

    • BS Bob. The IDF is not “targeting” Christen Palestinians. It is targeting Hamas fighters. Anyone else that gets hit is a consequence of Hamas militants hiding behind the local population.

      Is the IDF supposed to walk away from Gaza and say, “OK, you win Hamas. Hiding behind civilians is a valid reason for us to stop fighting you. When can we expect your next attack on OUR civilians?”

      Anyone caught between Hamas and the IDF is simply collateral damage. A case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • Oh Fred what have you done?

  • Greetings Fred et al. Good lively discussion on this one!
    Here is my take:

     Jews have an historical claim on Israel and perhaps more territory for 2 to 3 thousand years.
     Jews have been disliked/hated for several thousand years by Arabs and others.
     Holocaust was very real in attempt to wipe the Jews out. Pure Evil.
     Jews given back their country (Israel) with International approval in 1948 as a result of WW II.
     Why do people dislike/hate the Jews?
     Jews are intelligent. They work hard, save their money, study and produce things that most of the world enjoys/uses. See the last bullet.
     Palestinians have NEVER had a country of their own, people not extremely intelligent. They elected to have HAMAS serve their political interests with never a follow-on election – rather stupid not to have a future election(s).
     Palestinians have been offered numerous deals for co-existence with the Jews only to reject all. Their objective under HAMAS is to eliminate the Jews entirely.
     HAMAS unprecedentedly attacked an Israel at peace by complete surprise on Oct. 7. This attack was horrific taking women and children hostages as well as butchering pregnant women and slaughtering others. PURE EVIL.
     Israel has never attacked her neighbors first. Several wars have been fought as the results of Israel being attacked first. Israel is Tired of being attacked!
     Israel’s bottom line is to completely destroy HAMAS’s political entity as they hide and fight under schools and hospitals. Their Evil must be wiped out. Israel repeatedly warned the Palestinians via leaflets dropped to leave the area for their safety. Genocide is not an Israeli objective.

     America may well have some of the evil/adverse elements expressed by Fred. HOWEVER, America over all is the SHINING LONE STAR on the hill that represents Good and shuns Evil. America generally protects nations that represent Good and not those Evil. America is the very best in the world although many today are trying to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

     Why do people hate the Jews? People will forgive you for most anything EXCEPT BEING SUCCESSFUL. And Indeed, BY ANY Standard the Jews of the world and Israel have been SUCCESSFUL in numerous categories. What is more, they will continue to provide the world with innovative ideas and products. They put most of their neighbors to shame.


    • Thanks Jack. One comment related to your:

      ” They elected to have HAMAS serve their political interests with never a follow-on election – rather stupid not to have a future election(s).”

      After Hamas assumed power, they killed off any opposition. Shot some, threw some off roofs to make an example. There have been some opposition to Hamas in Gaza over the reign of Hamas but that is not tolerated and participants are quickly disbursed and as Hamas feels necessary, some are imprisoned or killed. Hamas is not different than any dictatorship, like North Korea or Russia, for example.

      Everyone should note that while the USA, Europe and Israel all have counter groups freely allowed to protest against Israel, there are ZERO voices, group or individual, in Gaza or the West Bank protesting Hamas. Over 110 days of this war, the lame MSM has not been able to locate even ONE Palestinian calling on Hamas to release the hostages it holds and put down their weapons. NOT ONE! Not even disguised. That should show anyone the degree that people fear Hamas and how much they are OPPRESSED by Hamas, not Israel.

      • There are Muslim member of the Israeli parliament who might protest HAMAS. Mayb e they are afraid of being targeted for speaking out.

      • I believe it was Daniel Patrick Monihan who said the degree of repression in a country is in inverse proportion to the level of dissent there.

    • Jack, I am not so sure the USA is the SHINING LONE STAR you claim, but I am sure it is better than some of these countries in the Middle East or Other places in Asia.

    • Quite the oversimplification but let’s roll with it.
      -If you wish to get technical, Canaanites would be historical owners and the modern world no longer recognizes the right of conquest. As such, there would be no valid claim to dispossess the land of whomever was occupying it prior to WWII.
      -That’s a mutual hatred.
      -Holocaust started once no country on the planet wanted more Jews.
      – People dislike groups that have a distinct lack of self-reflection
      -All criticism is dismissed as ‘antisemitic’
      -Will often convince host populations to discourage in-group preferences
      -Will at the same time engage in shameless in group preferences
      -You buy that ‘complete surprise’ bullshit? It was a green light attack akin to Pearl Harbor; it’s not a false flag attack, but they saw it coming and they let it happen. Why? Because it justifies everything that follows. Nuking Hiroshima and reducing Gaza to rubble.
      -Hamas is using hostages and the Jews are quite comfortable killing them. A warning simply tells the residents their choices are being shot by Hamas or bombed by Israel.

      People hate the Jews because people hate duplicitousness. These are the people who will insist that any over-representation of whites in favorable roles is problematic while themselves being extremely overrepresented in favorable roles.

      So no, they’re not too successful for their own good. They just have a sizable quotient engaged in subterfuge.

  • Great piece Fred. Too many on the right haven’t figure it out yet. All that propaganda you see here at home has not been filtered any less when coming to you abroad. Yep many of you are brainwashed no different than the left. Trained to keep your eye off all the dual citizens who have i filtrated the highest levels of government and our institutions. I’m sorry to report that’s it not China who is responsible. Although they do seem to have some of their spy’s infiltrate the infiltrators now and again.

    This article speaks of courage to do the right thing. Yet I rarely see any conservatives pundits address this. It’s seems making fun, blaming and or calling out China and the Muslims really doesn’t take much bravery at all. In fact it’s quite easy which is why windbags like Bannon & Jones do it at will. I guess some might be worried that if you show some guts you might end up in hell. You would be indeed messing with God’s favorite people.

    Again, great piece sir!

  • The Dresden Memorial was recently sandblasted and the “chosen” are dropping canned baby food and candy bar bombs.
    Open the can or take a bite and it’s KA-BOOM!
    These things happen when you have chosenite delusions and a fallen republic hoping for some mythical Rapture Express that is never coming.
    Personally I like the Great Revealing of quisling traitors preserving the borders of other nations by any means necessary.
    The purpose of this demonstration is to show how beyond fake and GAE is the former republic and how far into an absurd Dante’s Inferno realm of no logic or reasoning it is.

  • Our greatest writer, Samuel Clemens (a.k.a. Mark Twain) traveled, on a donkey, from Damascus to Jerusalem circa 1869, and describes the countryside in his book Innocents Abroad.

    In passing through the area at the headwaters of the Jordan he observed:
    “There is not a solitary village throughout its whole extent — not for thirty miles in either direction. There are two or three small clusters of Bedouin tents, but not a single permanent habitation. One may ride ten miles, hereabouts, and not see ten human beings.” Chapter XLVI, page 485.
    And later on in the ride:
    “We traversed some miles of desolate country whose soil is rich enough, but is given over wholly to weeds — a silent, mournful expanse, wherein we saw only three persons…” Chapter XLVII,
    page 488.

    Clearly this was a land without people. Any claim by the enemies of Israel that there was a thriving Arab and Muslim polity in the Holy Land is a lie. It was a desolation. The desolation which follows the Muslims wherever they go.

  • This piece, to quote Johnny Carson in another context, is fucking brilliant, Fred.

  • Two thirds of the world hates Teh Dzhuuz.

    Teh Muzzle’ems hate two thirds of the world.

    And “journalists” pick whichever half of the truth they can lie with better. What kind of human will intentionally obscure the facts? Is there no adjective so moist that a journo will not spew it? What would it take to get you, the columnist, to further undermine your already fifth-columned country’s morale? (Not much, apparently; looks like you’ll do it for a few extra clicks.)

    On a completely unrelated note, I have designed a cheap but effective field expedient for bulletproofing improvised assault vehicles, requiring only a few rolls of duct tape and some toddlers.

    I’m gonna need that Nobel Peace Prize ASAP. Prices are up.

  • […] Reed explains how the Gazacaust is manufacturing anti-semites around the […]

  • An occupied people have a right to fight back in any way possible. Those defending Israel would have called George Washington a terrorist in modern times.

    Remember during the Revolution when we killed Americans allied with the British on Christmas night?

  • Anti-Semitic nazi scum!!! You are posting hate wvich is illegal!! Reporting you to FBI and Mossad!

  • What’s not to love about the people who have brought the following gifts to the world:

    -invented Bolshevism, ran the USSR and killed 20+ million Christians
    -Helped setup communism in China to genocide his own people
    -promoted the homosexuality and LGBTQ movements
    -Runs child transgender surgery clinics mutilating minors
    -Funds Western invasions through JFS and HIAS
    -Runs the anti-White hate group ADL
    -pushed the woman’s lib movement and child murder as a right (Abortion)
    -runs child sex operations to to entrap world leaders (Epstein)
    -writes countless books pointing to Whites as all the worlds problems
    -runs propaganda networks aimed at eliminating God and the family unit (Hollywood)
    -creates terrorist bombings against their own people for political means…including launching Apache gunships and killing their own civilians in October
    -runs the central banking debt-slave system around the world
    -eliminated God from music and replaced it with degenerate trash
    -pushed the elimination of prayer from school
    -eliminated beauty in art and architecture
    -views abortion as a religious right and flys the flag of Rephan (Acts 7:43)
    -has to sacrifice their first born to their god or ransom them back for 5 shekels (Numbers 18:16)
    -Spits on Christians in Jerusalem as “tradition”
    -Runs 65% of the hedge funds carpetbagging America
    -Makes up victim-hood stories while they genocide other people
    -Made billions pushing toxic vaccines on the entire planet
    -normalized the insanity around gender fluidity (John Money)
    -Runs OnlyFans and the porn industry (Solomon Friedman)
    -Runs money laundering operations (Bankman-Freid)
    -Cements over wells in desert villages and steals people homes
    -Views everyone who is not Jewish as sub-human cattle

    Thanks for all your Jewish blessings! Feel free to fact check all of this on Yandex since Google is run by ((them))

  • Two things:

    First, ‘Washington’, the washington that actually matters, is mostly Jewish. Over half of all US two-star generals and above are jewish. Been that way for a log time. I’ts worth noting that McCarth’ys words ‘communist’ and ‘subversive’ simply meant jew.

    Second, 80 years is a very special interval of time. It’s how long the children of Israel wandered in the desert. 80 years is long enough for everyone who was there at some event to have passed from old age. 80 years is the amount of time after which it becomes ok to no longer give a damn about some historical event.

  • […] Reed explains how the Gazacaust is manufacturing anti-semites around the […]

  • Fred, you have hit the big time. Your comments are filled with hasbara.

    By the way according to polls 80 percent of American Jews support Israeli Jews slaughtering children. This is in keeping with Jewish religious tradition where God repeatedly ordered the Jews to slaughter all the children of their opponents.

  • WHen the fricking UN helps Hamas build their headquarters underneath its hospitals, what are they supposed to do?

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