Life in a Third World Hell Hole: Mexico for Beginners

Being as I am a creature of little judgement and less discrimination, I have friends both woke and White Nationalist. These being hypergolic, I have to keep them separated so they don’t leave each other’s body parts on my rug.  Like most Americans, both have odd and, usually, badly inaccurate notions of Mexico, the White Nationalists being wrong as a matter of doctrine. and the woke because of mild lunacy. On the eccentric principle that perhaps people should know a bit about a neighboring country, I offer the following somewhat chaotic thoughts.

I should note that I have lived in Mexico for over twenty years with Violeta, my Mexican wife, a half-hour south of Guadalajara in west central Mexico.  We speak Spanish in the home. I being a retired news weasel (most recently for the Washington Times) and she a weaselette, or maybe weaseless,  by inclination, we follow the news both national and international, and travel often in Mexico. In short, we have a pretty good handle on the country.

The Mexico we live in bears faint resemblance to descriptions an American sites. No, I do not support open borders, which are a bad idea. Yet, since the immigrants are unlikely to go away, an idea of what they are and of what they are able might be of use.

Let me begin by asking readers a few questions, which we will answer shortly.

What is the rate of literacy in Mexico?

What is the total number of births per woman?

What proportion of the population speaks Spanish?

What proportion of the Congress are women?

How many of the two Presidential candidates are women?

Let’s clear up some common misunderstandings found on racially truculent sites, I have repeatedly seen it said that Mexicans throw trash and garbage everywhere. In Mexico they do not, as anyone could tell by Googling several Mexican cities, clicking on images and looking for the trash. I have been to more Mexican cities than a congressman has brain cells (OK, that would be about three cities but I have been to dozens and no trash.

An American woman once asked me, “Does Mexico, like, have paved roads?” Annoyed,I said that no, Mexico does not have paved roads. All Mexicans sit asleep at the bottom of a big cactus, with a sombrero and a burro. Why would they need paved roads? Actually roads vary from broken up and essentially abandoned the the vast empty northern deserts to splendid four-lane highways with most being at least reasonably good.

I have read on a racial site of Latinos on Staten Island leaving their children in filthy diapers while going out to seek drugs. Perhaps on Staten island. I couldn’t check, and doubt that anyone did. Not here. Mexicans like their kids. You can see young couples walking along the boardwalk with both tads, maybe three and five, holding them by the hands. They actually like them.

Gringos in the north of the continent often seem to think that Mexican doctors cure diseases by sacrificing chickens, perhaps holding a goat in reserve for difficult cases. This is as silly an idea as I have heard, and I have lived in Washington. Of my own experience I have had eye surgery in Guad on three occasions, my ophthalmologist teaching at U. Guad and routinely doing corneal transplants both DMEK and PK. I just underwent a cardiac angiogram by high-resolution computerized tomography, no goat or even a chicken.

Daily life in what some call a Third World Hellhole. The other day we cranked up the CRV to take it to the Honda agency to feed it fresh oil and have filters and suchlike parts of its anatomy reinvigorated. The agency is exactly like a Honda agency in Berlin or Chengdu, all plate glass and shiny tiles, waiting room, bathrooms, competent techs, and boring, as an automotive agency should be. No trash.

Okay, we catch an Uber to El Chai del Carmen, a favorite restaurant some distance away. Guadalajara is big, some six million. It is full of large glittering shopping malls as glorious as any in the US. That is, it is like any big international city. El Chai has a substantial patio under roof, in effect on the sidewalk except there is no sidewalk but a plaza. Food good, international, in the morning orange juice that has actually had the recent acquaintance of oranges, tables full, people chattering, occasional ambulance shrieks by.

Here we come to an aspect of Guad, of Mexico that is more easily sensed than described. It is European. Americans oftten think of Mexican culture as being alien, like that of Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, or Mongolia. It is not. It is as European as America. Just as north Europeans founded Canada and the US, southern Europeans founded Mexico. It has a European language, religion, and legal system (based on the Napoleonic Code),  An Italian, deposited on the grounds of the multitudinous churches would think he was at home. Mexican literature, except for place names, is indistinguishable from European. Churches are Catholic, often very old because, being built of stone and masonry, they last. The music could be called southern European with Mexican characteristics. It could never be mistaken for, say, Arabic, Chinese, or Mongolian.

Which brings us back to El Chai. Here is the part hard to explain. In restaurants, bars, in the plazas and parks, in the streets, there is a…how to put it?…a Latin liveliness that is more Italian than Spanish and certainly not American. As you go northward in Europe above France, and enter Nordic realms, colors fade, food becomes boring, efficiency rises. Seville and Oslo are just different. I suspect that much of the distaste felt by Anglo-rooted Americans for immigrants is just the Anglo-Latin disjunction of Europe replicated across the Atlantic.

Back to questions. From the CIA World Factbook:

Literacy in Mexico: 95 percent (the OECD says 96 percent) Google “Functional Illiteracy in the United States.”

Total number of births per woman: 1.76. This seems to me low, but who can doubt the CIA, In any event, there is no population explosion.

Percentage of women in Congress: 50 give or take a couple of percent

How many of the two candidates for President are female? Both. Whatever one thinks of this, it is not machismo.

Guad is a city of fountains, and of andadores, wide paved expanses often patterned, with benches, statuary, trees, with zero cars, lined with restaurants and bars, none of them those damned American chains, where people can sit inside or outside for coffee, wine, what have you, and small children can run free as there is nothing to run them over. One such fountain shoots pulsed bursts of water high into the air. Whoever is in charge of such things can redirect the water pulses so they fall outside the catchment pool and children run shrieking through the downpour. Think Rome.

Organized crime in Mexico is as bad as you have heard and, I promise, much worse. It is godawful, and it is out of control. It is not street crime. Bi and I walk in the cities without concern, likewise in countless small towns. There is no danger here of being attacked and beaten by “teenagers,”, pushed in front of trains, or car-jacked  as there would likewise be none in the United States if there were no feral blacks. Some one to two million gringos live in Mexico by choice–numbers vary–which they would not if they thought it a hell hole.

Recently my stepdaughter Natalia, a clinical psychologist,  visited Austin to see a friend and came back appalled. There were, she said, lots of people sleeping on the sidewalks. Further, she said, the houses were all exactly the same.

Mexico is heavily and increasingly middle class, much of this being what Americans would call lower middle class.   In countries that I have seen the world over, this status engenders a sharp drop in crime, fertility, and antisocial behavior in general. Parents send their children to school and, when they can, to university. The narcos come chiefly from the underclass. (Middle class means roughly having a job, house, refrigerator, flatscreen tv, and kids in school.)

Many in America will be surprised to learn that there are universities in Mexico. There are in Guadalajara, among others, la Universidad de Guadalajara, laUniversidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, la Universidad Marista, and la Tecnológica de Monterrey (which has campuses in thirty-one cities). I could not find a comprehensive listing of Mexican universities in English, but this list is fairly clear, naming the parent university followed by campuses around the country. Note that there are lots.

In principle the American system, high school, four undergraduate years to learn basics and grow up, followed by grad school, is much superior to the Mexican, which is high school followed by med school,law school, or what have you.  Today? I am not so sure. Standards in America have been so deeply enstupidated, and there is so much pure political crap in education, that I would prefer a Mexican schooling. A bried look at what this means:

Bi puy through U. Guad as a lit major. An American undergrad major would include maybe five courses in lit, today of worthless writers most likely. A Mexican lit major studies nothing but lit (and related things like etymology and semiotics) for four years, leaving her in coursework terms with more than a master’s but less than a PhD.

Perhaps off topic a  bit: There is, between the Rio Bravo and Tierra del Fuego, a vast amount of writing, music, and art totally unknown to the north. Americans are notoriously anti-intellectual, poorly educated, and parochial. A pity. Among the political, there is also a tendency to deduce reality from doctrine. If I introduced a three-foot iguana as my wife, my woke friends would become inclusive and say that of course it was as intelligent as everybody else and besides species was a social construct and didn’t exist. My Racial Right friends would think the beast acceptable if I told them it was an American iguana of English descent but would probably think green to be on the wrong side of the color line and favor albino iguanas.

A staple of hellhole theology is that Mexicans are of low intelligence. If this be true, it isn’t obvious here. The idea suffers from a deficiency of plausibility. Consider. Mexico is awash in banks, which have employees who sit at computers and manipulate exchange rates, intermediate banks, SWIFT codes and the like. Somebody maintains the computers, somebody networks them in the bank, and wide-area network engineers link them to corporate, probably in Mexico City, where programmers maintain hardware and code on central computers. Others maintain big turbofans at the airlines, and the avionics, and run the instrument landing system. Others run the land line phones, the cell networks with all their towers and routers at various levels, and the medical MRI and High-resolution computerized tomography equipment. It is not clear how this sort of thing, repeated across countless industries and technical specialties, is accomplished by a people allegedly two IQ points above American blacks, who do none of these things.

Apparently people read books as there are at least thirty-one book stores in Guad. I know because some website lists that many. The five I know are excellent, my favorite of these being of two large floors and covering everything from pre-Socratics through biochemistry. In Spanish. Violeta is reading a vast book on Cataluñian syndicalism in Barcelona after World War One. Somewhat acerbically, I suppose, I wonder how many Americans, including college grads, know what Cataluñian means, what syndicalism is, what ocean borders on Barcelona, or the dates of the war.

Americans are mostly against mass immigration, which is reasonable, but do not seem hostile to Mexicans, which is different. Vi and I have travled much of the United States and, with one exception, have encountered only friendliness. Under the circumstances, that’s a lot of civility. At my fiftieth high-school reunion in rural King George County, Virginia, Vi was a great hit and ended up leading the girls in dancing.

Finally, a brief eruption into sociology. Mexico is said to be politically unstable. Given the power of the narcos and a level of corruption equal to that in America, this is plausible. On the other hand, I have been hearing this for twenty years, so perhaps the country is stably unstable.

It is, however, culturally stable. It is almost a monoculture, has a universal language, and is overwhelmingly Catholic while being devoid of friction with Protestant denominations. There is no color line but a racial blur that produces nothing resembling the racial hostilities in America. There is legal separation of church and state but this does not mean, as in the US, an attempt to abolish Christianity. I don’t know how many really believe but towns are happy to celebrate the days of their patron saints with splendid fiestas, belief or no.

By contrast, the United States is neither politically nor culturally stable, with no common culture, religion, or language, intense political division, powerful racial and ethnic divisions, and a collapsing economy.

That’s life in a Third-world Hellhole.

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  • Hello Fred – It’s always great when another Fredoneverything shows up in my inbox. Lucid, intelligent writing is always good. This observation on Mexico is quite refreshing. You could extrapolate this to other countries and cultures. My personal experience in Mexico is limited to several day trips to Juarez. This was back in 1972, and you could easily walk over from El Paso, eat good food, buy furniture, get medical treatment and enjoy friendly people. I hope Fred continues to dismantle misconceptions and stereotypes. We need it badly.

  • Fred:

    Much of what you write is bringing up and attacking straw men. But that’s OK.

    There was a PBS thing about a decade ago that “sort of” addressed the lack of blacks in Mexico. When Mexico eliminated slavery c. 1820, it had roughly the same proportion of slaves to total population as the southern US. What happened?

    yours, John Gilmer

  • Hey, Fred, love your sardonic wisdom, justified, and the balance and incisiveness of your opinions and judgments, but was wondering, due to a couple of hard shots, about your take on black people. “Feral blacks” and “American blacks, who do none of these things”… seemed a bit much.

    What say you?

  • Fred, I believe you might be being a bit generalistic. I am a retired corporate pilot and flew into Mexico, including Guadalajara, and have been to the Yucatan Peninsula on cruise ships. I live in Texas just outside Houston and there are tons of Mexican and other Latin American immigrants around. You live near Guadalajara, which is a beautiful and modern city. Merita on the Yucatan is also modern (and I remember seeing American chains in Merita.) I have also visited the Big Bend area here in Texas as well as El Paso and have spent time in New Mexico and Arizona as well as California and Colorado. I crossed the Rio Grande in a john boat and road up the hill to Boguillas on horses and found a little town right out of a western movie, with hitching posts in front of the few stores and cantinas (which served bland food) with dusty dirt streets. The only vehicle I remember seeing was a Humvee with a load of troops with M-16s. Granted, that was before 9/11 and the closing of the border and requirement to go through checkpoints. In short, there is Mexico and then there is Mexico. As I understand it, the high crime rates are mostly in Northern Mexico in the rural provinces south of the border. There’s a reason the US government sometimes recommends against travel there.

    As for Mexican immigrants to the US, the middle-class Mexicans aren’t going to immigrate. They don’t need to. And there are middle-class and wealthy Mexicans. My wife and I were on a cruise and were seated next to a Mexican family from Monterey, which is just across the border. They were a lovely family. They told us they had driven from Monterey to Galveston to catch the ship the day of the sailing. But there are tons of immigrants around where we live. There’s a fairly large community of mostly Mexican with other Latinos thrown in near where we live. It’s not uncommon for there to be shootings and reports of theft. In fact, if I bothered to watch local news, which I don’t anymore, there are reports of shootings nearly every night and most involve Mexicans and other immigrants. (The rest are nearly always blacks.)

    While I agree with most of what you say in your article, there are exceptions. By the way, I have no problem with Mexicans or Mexico but there are some, mostly young men and some women, who are basically criminals.

  • Let me give you some advice from a equally old and well traveled curmudgeon. It seems you need it. Stop telling everyone how normal, civilized, pleasant your new home is. If you don’t, we gringos and our diverse, woke, supremacist, warlike culture will start crossing the border in your direction and change your new homeland because it is best for you.
    Having imported the old 3rd world to our nation we are now becoming the 3rd world we pretend Mexico to be.
    Keep your secret or be ready to fight to keep it.

    • That was more or less my own thought. The “mythology” prevalent in the north about Mexico is probably the main thing that protects them from a northern invasion.

      The US government now gives people crossing the border illegally essentially a free pass. I wonder if the Mexican government will be as charitable when the time comes, as it surely must.

  • Fred and crew:

    1982-ish I was fortunate enough to not be able to afford the study abroad in Europe option at Uni., plus I had actually taken Spanish in middle and high school, so Morelia in the State of Michoacan is were I ended up for a fabulous 4 months; studying Spanish Language, Mexican History, and hanging out with a group of about 30 additional students from various places in the States, (WWU, Sarah Lawerence, some universities in the midwest as I recall.)  We all did homestays with local “middle class” families of the sort Fred describes in the aforementioned article. Middle class white boy gets to see how the rest of the world actually lives, live is a bit more humble and basic and way more fun.

    Upon completion of the exchange program I traveled by bus to Mexico City to spend a week at the Museum of Anthropology.  While Digging the massive subway system in Mexico City they were burrowing through massive ancient Aztec ruins, much of it properly preserved and on display.  Truly an astounding Museum. Next stop Oaxaca to see the pyramids at Monte Alban.  I met a couple of young gals from Italy at a liquardo stand whipping up Banana Smoothies + peyote!!  As luck would have it they too were heading for the Monte Alban site.  We entered the gated site and at closing time found some good hiding places, effects of peyote working its magic, late that night during an almost full moon we climbed the largest pyramid and had a fabulous time.

    I really wanted to get to the Beach, so I endured 15hr. 3rd. class bus expedition to Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca State.  I was not a surfer but this was a surfer’s paradise, it had not yet been ‘discovered’ . You can now fly direct to the International Airport in Puerto Escondido. After a month spent working on my tan and playing on the beach I had to return to finish my University bullshit.

    Fred is Spot On with his overview, I hope to spend more time in Mexico in the near future. Also, outside of the complete Tourist Trap locations, one is able to leverage their funds from whatever your current lifestyle is to something two or three times as fabulous.

    Here in the PNW, Washington State, I do my best to engage with any Spanish speakers I encounter, which is is quite a few. I could use a good language tutor but I’m generally well understood in Mexico and Spain unless the conversation moves in a very obtuse direction. Speaking a bit of Spanish is helpful for long term / low budget visits.

  • Excellent travel advert, Fred. Makes me want to visit Guad.

    Also, what is the name of the book you mentioned that discusses syndicalism in Barcelona after WW1? Knowing already what syndicalism is, having spent 5 days in Barcelona recently, having read Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia, and knowing that Noam Chomsky describes his own personal preferred form of political power as anarcho-syndicalism, I would very much like to read said book. If it is available only in Spanish, then so be it, as I could always use more practice reading Spanish literature.

  • Cute column, Fred. Here’s that you used to write about Mexico 25 years ago:

    > Around Mexico City, I’ve seen girls of five years, street urchins, sorting through garbage dumps to find scraps to eat. Pretty it isn’t. They’re kids, newcomers to the world, who ought to be wearing cute dresses and playing with dolls. Instead they’re eating half-decayed slop from tin cans. Sometimes they don’t find enough, or some deviate, victim of a bad childhood, catches them alone, and they are found dead in ditches.

    Oh, Mexico has changed a lot in the past quarter century, you say? Yeah, that’s because it’s exported its underclass here; those people would be your filthy Staten Island dopers. You yourself once admitted this, stating, “The southern border is largely open. Immigrants pour across the frontier…badly educated or actually illiterate, sometimes speaking only Indian languages. Mr. Trump once said that ‘Mexico is not sending its best.’ This is true of all Latin American countries. Cardiac surgeons and systems programmers do not swim the Rio Bravo to pick oranges in Florida”.

    Fuck you, Fred, and fuck your Mexican wife, too.

  • When I first traveled the nation and the world in the 1960s to 1980s, Mexico was really Mexico, the South was really the South, and Europe was truly distinct and impressionable. Not today.

    The regional differences in the U.S. have largely vanished. European cities are now international cities, no longer having distinct differences or characters. I talked with a 30 year old gal from Denmark whose job was in accounting. She said everyone in her office spoke English to each other. Same with her friends — mostly English with a bit of Danish. She said she only speaks pure Danish to older people. The media in much of Europe is now in conveyed mostly in English. Wherever you go, whether in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, etc, you see signage split evenly in English and native language. The gal with whom I talked said English will likely be spoken exclusively in the Nordic countries in less than one generation, because its already taken over among young people. Other than museums, palaces, and other historical places, the old cultures have largely disappeared. Central and South America are changing rapidly too.

    Progress has extended lifetimes significantly. It’s given us much better engineered cars, houses, cell phones, microwave ovens, etc. But, it has also given us the “sameness” that blights the U.S. and Europe. In my family, there are huge spans in years between the generations, so I’ve been privy to the world in which they struggled. One of my grandfathers was born right after the Civil War. Their stories and characters were shaped by rough experiences, which almost all of us lack. The pioneer spirit has disappeared. We’ve all been turned into well-fed and content lapdogs.

  • If Mexico is so great, then why are the Mexicans et al coming here by the millions? What do we have to offer them?

  • Methinks the man doth protest too much.

    If Mexico is such a great place then why don’t the “migrants” stop there? Surely it would be easier to adapt to a similar culture and language. The Mexican government seems happy to shuttle them through Mexico but not let them stop and become residents.

  • Esmerelda moved next door and she is beautiful.
    What amazing pouty sultry lips and those earrings are gorgeous.
    And what a sporty car she has.
    Third world?
    The FUSA is a fourth world fake and GAE CCCP wannabe turd laughingstock with delusions of grandeur.

  • I have no doubt Mexico is highly livable, maybe even improving in relation to the United States. They devised a system that works, send all their problems crawling under a rusty fence in Texas.

  • The main problem in Mexico is the entrench corruption. Police detectives have to extort cash from businesses so they can send their bosses the cut they demand. The courts are totally bribable and politicians up to El President himself are in the pockets of the cartels.

    Write something bad about Mexico or make some official or cartel boss unhappy and you might become one of the “disappeared” ones. Driving on the road at night you may come upon a checkpoint with men in military uniforms and carrying rifles. They might be cops, or thieves, or both!

    Are we headed that way in the US? Will mutilated corpses be dangling from highway overpasses as a warning in Tucson as they are in Saltillo?

  • […] Life in a Third World Hell Hole: Mexico for Beginners, by Fred Reed […]

  • When I started reading the column, I thought to myself, watch out Fred, this will lead to many hubristic seppos launching ad hominin attacks on you. Was I right? It’s interesting that wen Fred writes about China or Mexico, places that he knows well, some pig ignorant correspondent, who does not know either pace, will start casting aspersions at his character.

  • No guns for self-protection yet we read the cartels are running and killing rampant. Abductions for ransom ($10K and up) are reported to be a very significant issue. I really like Reed and his phisosophy , but methinks his blinders may need an adjustment.

  • Senor Reed has an agenda. And suffers from the typical leftist illness of selective observation where he sees only what he chooses to see. Mexico isn’t deepest darkest Africa. But it’s not the wonderful paradise he attempts to portray. If it was MILLIONS of Mexicans wouldn’t have illegally crossed into America over the past coup.e of decades. And terms like ” la mordida” and “plomo o plata” exist for good reasons.

  • Mexican “migrants” come to the USA for one, and only one, reason: we de facto invite them in with promises of goodies and manna that make the indigenous American black underclass jealous. Then we have “sanctuary cities.” We offer them “birthright citizenship” leading to the phenomenon of the “anchor baby” which means that the family can’t be deported once the kid drops on American soil. And, last but certainly not least, the Democrat party needs them to perpetuate their hold on electoral power by flooding certain Democrat congressional districts with higher census numbers. Notice how the Democrats are fighting tooth and nail against a measure to not count illegals for census purposes. Why is that, I wonder…?

  • Sure. It’s wonderful! Heaven on Earth. That’s why tens of millions of these sons of bitches stream across the border every year. Go talk crazy somewhere else were all sold out here.

  • In less than 10 years (8 to be precise), America will have $50 trillion in debt. The interest on our current debt is now over $1 trillion a year. Higher than defense. Servicing this debt is the highest component of the budget. And budget keeps going up. And they will continue to go up until they can’t. The economy will be affected by slow economic growth due to the much higher taxation on individuals as this will be needed to service the debt. Plus the government will continue to expand DEI requirements on government spending. The current multi-billion CHIP Act requires nothing but DEI requirements for companies to get the aid. Gringo’s need not apply. The other way out is huge budget cuts. Social Security and Medicare are the biggest components followed by the military. The Social Security and Medicare money paid in was never invested and was put in low interest bonds. Hence, cutting benefits on these to those who paid into them for 35+ years will be a political disaster. Cutting the military would be idiotic with an increasingly aggressive China on the move. There could be savings by better management of these but that won’t be nearly enough. Cutting other benefits to people in need will create social chaos. Unfortunately I believe that America has little chance of getting out of the budgetary mess it is in. Economic growth would be an answer but this would require strong and sustained economic growth. I believe all the government controls over free speech, and the increasing surveillance of Americans, that will only get worse with Artificial Intelligence (as well the mind control over what to believe is true (even when it isn’t) ) means that the government realizes it will have to control what people think and see to keep the country from descending into total chaos that will result from the permanent decline of America. We are at an extreme level of political division and the divvying up of the crumbs is going to cause greater and likely violent division. Hard times ahead. Especially if you are a native born white gringo in America.

  • Several people I know have been shaken down by the local police while visiting Mexico or going to their vacation homes in Mexico. I know of no one who has had to pay cash to the police in the US unless they were in to something they shouldn’t be into. My father visited Mexico City in 1965 and was sick for a month after with dysentery. When my folks went to resort hotels 15 years later, it was still common to get sick just from breathing in shower vapor. Now, ex pats with a budget can live cheaply and that includes you, Fred. Trump shouldn’t have said that “they aren’t sending their best,” but living in Phoenix, and observing all the tiny men driving big white pickups doing landscape jobs all over town, we aren’t attracting talent but filling low end jobs from our “newcomers” from South of the Border. Half the Fentanyl in the US is brought in across the Arizona border. Park service warns residents not to use some of our parks because not safe with coyotes (the 2 legged kind) preying on visitors. Lots of upstanding immigrants came in legally but far more are here for the grift.

  • Fred, I agree with you on what you’re trying to say here. But come on, why did you make the move out of Jocotepec back to Ajijic and San Antonio?

    Mexico is certainly for gringos like you and me but, like you say, Mexico sure as heck ain’t for everyone.

    I really enjoy your excellent scribbling my friend. Keep it up.

  • “A staple of hellhole theology is that Mexicans are of low intelligence”
    I suspect that like most countries, it is usually the disaffected, low IQ, uneducated and/or unable to find work who look to move to another country, especially a bleeding heart country like the USA that will welcome them with open arms, give them free food and accommodation, free health care, free educational opportunities and in the case of NYC, free debit cards, etc. What is not to like if you come from the lowest class of the country you were born into?

    So these are the people we see and make our judgements on.

  • Here’s a question you didn’t answer Fred – WHY are Mexican woman all allow themselves to get so fat? And their kids also! Don’t they have any self-respect?

  • Hey Fred – I need some dental work and was thinking of doing some Mexican dental tourism.

    Any recommendations?

  • Overall, this is an informative and eye-opening read, not that I shared much of these negative qualms about Mexico. I’ve always wanted to visit and plan to someday. Mexico City, Tulum, Cabo, and Tijuana call to me, each for one reason or another, whether culturally or for its heritage or some other reason. However, as a literate Black American with a nominally high IQ, who was top of her class throughout school, and is a published author, the two comments that I quote below are disgusting and so tiresome to read. Fred Reed is no better than the racist Anglo-Americans who see us as “feral” or “animals” or “savages” who should be locked away. He sounds like every racist colonialist who equates Blackness with low IQ and low intelligence, when in fact, we can and do work in countless industries and technical specialties, Fred. We are builders, creators, scientists, innovators, trend-setters, history makers, and way-pavers. We are not low IQ beasts. In fact, some of us are even in the esteemed MENSA.
    You spurn the beliefs that Americans supposedly have against Mexico, and yet you turn around and espouse the same rhetoric with your antiquated and archaic beliefs about Black people.
    Your seeming intelligence means nothing with your apparent biases. Your views are disgusting, and you need to educate yourself on social mannerisms.

    “There is no danger here of being attacked and beaten by “teenagers,”, pushed in front of trains, or car-jacked as there would likewise be none in the United States if there were no feral blacks.”

    “It is not clear how this sort of thing, repeated across countless industries and technical specialties, is accomplished by a people allegedly two IQ points above American blacks, who do none of these things.”

    • The U.S. Justice Department statistics show the lifetime likelihood of a U.S. Black male going to a Federal or State prison is 28.5%. For Hispanics, this is 16.0%. For Whites, this is 4.4%.

      You can either accept the harsh and unpleasant reality that a high percentage of Blacks are feral, or you can build up a false narrative in your mind that a high percentage of Blacks are achievers and law abiding. Psychologists call living in a world of false narratives a “psychosis.” It leads to delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking and disorganized behaviors. If you prefer the more pleasant world of delusions, you can turn to the mass media, where TV commercials, movies, and left-wing commentators have built up a false but psychologically pleasant world in which most professionals (doctors, judges, lawyers, researchers, etc) are Blacks and many historical Europeans are Blacks, etc. The danger in accepting this psychotic world view is you really do become psychotic: Pew Research found 56%/34% of young liberal (leftwing) white women/men have been diagnosed with a mental condition.

      You might be thinking 28.8% isn’t enough to claim that “most” Blacks are feral. But, this overlooks the fact that even worse than these locked-away incarcerated felons are the percent who contribute disorder to our collapsing nation, without committing any crime. I don’t mean to disparage you, but you have a choice: accept reality or live in a psychotic world. CNBC, CNN, the NY Times, etc all create nice pleasant psychotic worlds to insulate people from reality. Here on Fred’s blog, you get reality.

      • And of those 28.5%, how many Black people that have been arrested are innocent? How many have been victimized and subjected to unlawful and illegal search and seizures by law enforcement for the simple crime of being Black? How many have had guns and drugs planted on them? How many young Black youth have received 5 years to life for a first-time marijuana offense when their white counterparts receive a slap on the wrist? How many Black people were targeted, beaten, and arrested during the early War on Drugs?

        Have you seen the very informative, Oscar-nominated documentary 13th on Netflix? If you’re an open-minded person, I implore you to watch it. Keeping Black and brown people in prison is very profitable, and a continual vicious cycle with little to no rehabilitation for anyone. And what is America, today, than a Capitalist society who places profit over people, always.

        If you really truly believe that Black people in America is causing the collapse of this nation, and not say the racist, colonial, and archaic beliefs of our so-called “leaders” who are currently trying to drive this nation into war with at least three others and rip away the human rights of women, racial minorities, and the LGBTQ+ community, then actually you’re the one who is delusional.

        The White Nationalist movement and their antiquated views are the true danger to this society. And as they have proven in the past 400 years, there is no place for anyone who isn’t like them except beneath their heel.

        • Anecdotally, I almost lost my life to two blacks, one of whom held a sawed-off shotgun to my head, when I was in my 20s, many decades ago. I don’t subscribe to Netflix, so I can’t watch your recommended documentary. In general, I prefer rigorous descriptions of problems, using scientific methods, to Hollywood productions of documentaries that are mostly pseudo science. I don’t mean to demean your point of view, though. But, we know from Microeconomic behaviors in African nations, that those behaviors, which identical twin studies have determined are mostly genetic, are a sufficient cause of economic disorder. Your argument that capitalism or White Nationalist are the cause of the problems afflicting Brown and Black people is badly flawed logic. To prove A is equivalent to B, you need to show the sufficiency and necessity of the implication.

          I’m sure your a nice person, JR. I don’t mean to demean you.

    • You just gotta love Fred. His nominally high IQ always shines through.

  • Mexico doesn’t send it’s best to the US. Yes, they do litter.

  • By Third World Hell Holes do you mean: Newark, Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, North Philadelphia, Memphis, South Central L.A., Minneapolis, Downtown Frisco and hundreds/thousands of mid sized towns? These used to be thriving places after WWII. Then the globalists in the c-Suite and Wall Street sent these factories and jobs to China leaving behind Hell Holes. Thank you Globalist Democrats and Republicans and CEOs. All self inflicted wreckage.

  • JR: Blacks are THE problem in America. You are the enemy. White Nationalism, Christian Nationalism is Marxist pablum. Lies. B.S. YOUR community is THE enemy. Black Fatigue is at an all time high. In Civil War 2.0 nobody will be saving Blacks. They will be the target. The sooner the better.

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