Mossad and the Existence of Mars

If you write long enough for publication, sooner or later you will make a fool of yourself, and then your choice is to admit it or prevaricate. For years I have regarded what I called “conspiracy theorists” as mildly delusional, as inhabitants of a remote societal fringe. I had never really examined their claims, dismissing these out of hand. Recently, though, a friend explained to me what actually happened on Nine Eleven. His account:

It was a Mossad operation (he said). When the towers were built, Jewish firms operating under Anglo false papers plastered key structural elements with nanothermite mixed with a colorant, then painted it with a sealer to prevent odors. Witnesses from the time reported seeing “workers” implanting what looked like detonators in the drying “plaster,” and Israeli ships were known to have unloaded large bags of what looked like explosives late at night in earlier weeks. The “airplanes” were holographic projections and the charges set of remotely, most likely by telepathy. The Arabs dancing with joy in Egypt were in fact Israeli plants. Witnesses reported hearing them shout, “Halavah falafel beit agron!” an ancient Hebrew war cry. Careful examination of photos, since removed from the internet, showed yarmulkes protruding from back pockets.

On examining this evidence, and thinking it over carefully, I decided that it made sense. This opened my eyes to another Deep State deception: The existence of Mars. Here is another of those things we are told as fact by government, totally without evidence. Vast sums of tax money allegedly go into Mars probes, and more will shortly be said to go into manned missions–money that then simply disappears. People cannot go to Mars. There is no such planet.

How many people have actually seen Mars? The question may seem silly to many. We have been brainwashed for so long by government-controlled media that doubt can easily be described as a “fringe theory” or a “conspiracy theory.”

But have you ever looked through a telescope and seen Mars? Or what someone tells you is Mars? Do you know, personally, anyone who has? By “someone” I do not mean an authority figure on television claiming to be an astronomer. Has anyone you know and trust seen Mars? You are actually seeing holographic projections, like the ones used to create the “airplanes” that hit the Twin Towers.

People promoting the official story will respond that tens of thousands of employees of NASA attest to the existence of the planet. They can’t all be in on the “conspiracy,” can they? At first, this seems persuasive. But have you actually met any of these people? Note that we have only the government’s word for the number of these employees, and in any event only a very small number would have access to video “from Mars.”

Yes, we have all seen video on television of “scientists” at NASA seated in control rooms, watching footage from Mars rovers. This is easily faked. In movies you can see convincing scenes of other planets, of other galaxies even, some of them technologically convincing.

Truthers have said for years that the photos look very much like certain parts of the Arizona desert near Tucson re-shot through red filters. The terrain is very similar. Even the scatter patterns of the rocks and their size and surface conformation are identical. Yet no one in the mainstream media has had any interest. Why?

Mark Cavallo, head of the Truthers for Planetary Justice, has said, “There is a wall of silence surrounding the Mars program. I talked to the New York Times, a paper that’s supposed to be dedicated to truth and openness, and an editor flatly said, “You guys are fruitcakes.” That’s the response we get everywhere—the Washington Post, CBS, all of them. When all of the country’s major (and government-controlled) media take exactly the same position, it can’t be by accident. Obviously there is collusion. Nothing else can explain such a uniform answer.”

Although the Arizona-desert theory fit the facts, and little evidence supported the official story, it was ignored.“Mars” photo from NASA. Below  Arizona desert

Then: A watershed moment for the Mars Truther movement came in 2017 when Alex Kubrick, an employee at the National Archives, came across a file labeled NPR–”No Public Release.” Although he wasn’t supposed to have access, he opened it and found several CDs stamped with “Cocoa Beach—NOFORN Top Secret CR.” Suspiciously, Cocoa Beach is a small town close to Cape Canaveral, where “Mars missions” are launched. “Top Secret CR” is a level of classification higher than Top Secret. “NOFORN” means “no foreign access” CR means “Code Required.” Kubrick knew that such files could only be in the Archives by some mistake.

Perhaps foolishly—almost certainly foolishly—he took the CDs home and looked at them on the high-resolution workstation that he used for working on Archive documents. They turned out to be photos of the “surface of Mars” taken by one of the “Mars landers.” He was puzzled. Nothing of interest here, he thought. We’ve seen these many times on television. True, they weren’t exactly the angles published, but clearly just Martian desert. Why “Top Secret–NOFORN–Code Required”? It didn’t make sense.

Idly bumping up the resolution, he noticed a white speck near the right margin of one of the panoramas of red desert. It looked almost rectangular. Increasing the magnification, he saw a lettered sign:

“Pepe’s Cat Tacos—Eight Miles.”

At this point he knew that the Truthers had been right all along. Mars didn’t exist. He posted the photo, anonymously, he thought on the main Truther site,, and called a friend to give him the news.

Two days later the site disappeared. Check for yourself. Remember, though, that the government is probably monitoring the URL. You could end up in a NSA data base.

Disturbingly, when people called Cavallo–people who had known him for years–they reported that his voice didn’t sound quite right. Almost, yes, but with slightly different inflections, as if it were a trained voice actor. He said that he had wearied of a federal job, and that he and his wife were going to go to a small town in Wyoming, which he didn’t name, and start a new life. He was never heard from again.

Draw you own conclusions.

In the following months, Truthers with experience in digital mapping analyzed a copy that Cavallo had managed to post on a site in the Dark Web. By careful photometric work involving pixel-by-pixel triangulation and shadow-angle correlation, they were able to work out the precise location of the Pepe sign. Several of them flew to Tucson, rented an SUV. Using cell-phone GPS, they drove to the spot on a narrow and seldom-used road through the TaraHumara mountains. GPS is accurate to within fifteen feet.

There was no sign. and no indication that there had ever been a sign. It had been expertly removed, probably by a CIA evidence-removal team.

This is the world we live in.

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