The Lingering Effects of Slavery: An Objective Analysis

Troubled youth. The lingering effects of slavery Probably need therapy.

I keep hearing blacks saying how we need and open and honest conversation about race, and oppression, and the lingering effects of slavery. Well, I guess. I’ve sort of thought that too. Of course, I could guess who they wanted to do all the talking. But I have to concede, if I plumb the depths of my soul, that slavery does have lingering effects and, yes, that they are ghastly. Because of this legacy, I am very sorry about slavery.

All right, let’s talk about the lingering effects of slavery. For starters, Americans can’t walk in the cities of their own country without danger of being beaten to death or shot. How is that for a lingering effect? The downtown’s of their cities are uninhabitable: New York, Camden, Trenton, Newark, Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Jackson, New Orleans, for example.  I am filled with repentance for slavery. Boy, am I.

Sometimes I wish we had time travel so we could go back and hang those wretched Brits who brought in slaves. Places that I once loved–San Francisco, for example–are dying, have died, under uncontrolled crime by a people at the level of hunting and gathering, with stores moving out along with the civilized who are able to escape. In one after another of once-lovely cities, American-African mayoresses make crime  virtually legal. The lingering effects of slavery. Believe me, I am sorry.

Leofs are everywhere,  and white people ought to admit their responsibility. My grandsons go to schools often taught by lingering effects at the mental level of tarsiers, lacking all respect for grammar, mathematics, or recognizable English. Dat stuff be Ray Ciss, know wud I’m sane? Our kids can’t take AP courses because the lingering effects of slavery can’t pass them. I guess if my granddaughter wants to learn chemistry, she can do it late at night, in the basement, with curtains over the windows, and her mother keeping watch.

Our American Africans endlessly advert to  their problems, caused by slavery,  and how whites need to solve them. Hey, I have a brilliant answer for them: Why don’t you solve your own problems? Let’s start with murder. Every year, some seven hundred lingering effects of slavery get shot to death by other lingering effects of slavery n Chicago, three hundred in Baltimore, five hundred in Philadelphia, two hundred in Washington and at least twice as many shot but surviving. I offer our selvatic citizens a solution:

Stop shooting each other.

How’s that for brilliant? Whites aren’t shooting you, despite the occasional temptation. You are shooting yourselves. Why is it my problem?

I here offer another brilliant solution to a black problem. Blacks do terribly on the SATs. They don’t do poorly because of oppression. They don’t do poorly because of the lingering effects of slavery. They are the lingering effects. They do poorly because they don’t know the answers. My astute and uniquely insightful suggestion:

Try studying. Clever, eh? Bet you didn’t think of that. Try books, those square things with the flappy  parts inside. I can’t do it for you. Anyway, why is it my problem.?

OK, illegitimacy, at seventy or eighty percent. Lots of black kids spring from unmarried thirteen-year-olds and grow up as messes because they don’t have parenting? Here is another luminously brilliant solution that I bet you haven’t’ thought of:

Tell your thirteen-year-olds to keep their legs crossed until, or unless, they get married. Yes, they would have to sort of hop instead of walking, but the social improvement would justify it. Thing is, blacks have to do this for themselves. Whites can’t cross their legs for them.

Further, lingering effects are fire hazards. Every few years a city burns, though recently the arson has gone wholesale. I suppose efficiency grows with practice.

Now medical schools drop entrance exams because of lingering effects of  slavery. Yes. Doctors are going to know all about oppression but probably won’t know where their feet are. Before long  we’ll cure diseases by sacrificing chickens. Meanwhile, if you are wheeled into the OR for brain surgery, you will be wise to have a tag on your big toe, “Open other end.” If the surgeon is holding an ice-cream scoop and a pair of pliers, run. While running, you might reflect that AP Biology would have been a good idea. Thing is, a whole raft of lingering effects, some now professors at Harvard, will tell you that knowing anything is a white supremacist form of being, and to promote social justice you’ll just have to go with the pliers and ice-cream scoop.

It used to be that we could hire people because they could do the job. It seemed a viable concept.  Now (another lingering effect of slavery) we have to hire them because they can’t. It used to be that if your transmission needed fixing, you would find someone who knew how to fix transmissions. This seemed reasonable to those of us raised in the old ways, but there you have it. Now we have to hire someone who can’t do it, and probably can’t find the transmission. It would be like an Easter Egg hunt. In high school we had tests to find really smart kids which usually meant Chinese ones so they could become scientists and cure cancer, or at least come close enough to make it nervous. Now, because of the lingering effects of slavery, we can’t do that either. We’ll just have to keep on having cancer.

See? We’re having an open and honest conversation about race. Aren’t you happy?

Now, let me get historical a little bit. We’ve all heard, maybe fifty thousandth times each, that Martin Luther King said he wanted his people to be judged by their character, not the color of their skin. The idea’s pretty good, but I’m tired of hearing it and would almost pay you twenty cents every time you don’t say it. But that’s the problem Whites and Asians and all do judge you by the content of your character. If you stopped smacking white folk and pushing Asians in front of subway trains and such, and stopped killing us and each other too, probably, and didn’t carry off most everything in our stores, we’d still judge you by the content of your character. But if burning our cities weren’t part of the content, well, you’d stop being a lingering effect of slavery and just be, you know, like people wandering around and scratching and maybe drinking beer and things would be just lots better all around. It might be something to think about.

There, we’ve had an open and honest conversation. I guess you are happy and all And now I’m going to get on Amazon and see whether they have a full-body ballistic vest and an armored bathysphere on wheels, because I have a job interview next week in Washington, and I worry about the lingering effects of slavery.




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  • Due to the lingering effects of slavery, I am afraid to comment.

  • “For starters, Americans can’t walk in the cities of their own country without danger of being beaten to death or shot.”

    I’m a ruralguy, partly because I walked into a bank robbery, at my University, 45 years ago. As I walked in, I saw students lying on the floor making whimpering noises, both males and females. A black guy was looking at me, with a sawed-off shotgun pointed right at me. He said “Lay down, .. You dead.” I didn’t get it. The situation wasn’t registering with me. My first thought was to correct his grammar, .. at 20 years of age, judgement and sense were definitely lacking in my brain. But fortunately the gravity of the situation suddenly hit me like a truck. My instincts took over. I squatted down, ready to charge him. those instincts refused to lay down. He didn’t like that, keeping the shotgun nearly point blank at my head, while his partner rifled the teller cages.

    I almost loss my life from those lingering effects of slavery. Blacks are a primitive stone-age people. They cannot thrive in a modern nation. Their presence here is neither good for them, nor for us.

  • You don’t even have enough intelligence to have self awareness but you think you do and of course you do not care in the least. I would mention the flat imbecility of this post as a punishment but clearly you are suffering enough.

    • Unfortunately he is dead on. Blacks were dumped on the street after the civil war with no help at all, totally illiterate. The solution of the left has not been helpful at all-more and more welfare, precious little of programs to break the culture of failure that pervades the black community. At this point I don’t think there is anything to solve these terrible problems.

      • Brain drain of Africa began years ago and will not be quickly resolved of course, China is pushing to bring changes to Africa while changes in US may see small changes if economic justice is extended to all colors. The guns and baseball bats are used by minds untrained in habits of civility. Castro approached the problem with boarding schools. China lined the dopesickness ones ones up against the wall. Russia sent them to a gulag? I think the boarding schools sound more humane. No more expensive than war. Will Trump be strong enough to rally we the people to be the government or not? We must try and thank blacks for making enough noise to kick us toward reinstating our mission to be human.

        • “Brain drain of Africa?”

          Bro, black Africans never came up with the wheel…OR any structure taller than 2 stories. (Timbuktu was built by Arabs, not blacks)

          There is no brain drain. There are simply no brains.

    • Bit of course you are unable to dispute any of the points, right,?

  • Civilization is incommunicable.

  • The problem with your argument, Fred, is that it just makes too much sense. Too logical for those who have no interest in logic.

  • “Sometimes I wish we had time travel so we could go back and hang those wretched Brits who brought in slaves.”

    True, but it was not just the Brits. The first slavers were Portuguese, and the lovable Spaniards did their bit. And the French got in on the act as well.

    I like your preview of medical care in the USA, but will it then be affordable?

    “an armored bathysphere on wheels”

    Maybe you could find on e the Ukraine, as a repurposed and rebuilt turret-popper?

    • Curious that the slave markets were closed in Saturdays but open on Sundays…
      Also, I would tell you who owned the majority of slave ships and markets but that would be antisemitisms.

  • We need to have a conversation about race. The people were ready for that decades ago but not now. The politicians and race baiters have successfully stopped any possibility. Good to be old.

  • Well said Fred. Funny how those lingering effects were getting weaker and weaker up to around the time Al Sharpton pulled the Tawana Brawley thing, although we had begun to see the loss of religion, the destruction of the family, the soaring out of wedlock birth rate, the rejection of education, and the entitled dependence on government handouts since shortly after LBJ put in that Great Society thing of his. But since then, the lingering effects seem to have multiplied and get worse every year. Now we have lawlessness and extreme levels of violence to add to the mix. Not sure if they count as lingering effects.

  • This senior citizen is a proud lifelong learner. Back in the early 1970’s, when my black teammates–I was the only white kid on the team besides the coach’s brother–took turns hitting me and telling the others “you’re afraid to hit that white boy,” I was not the victim of racism because “black people cannot be racist because they have no power.” I realize now that I was just experiencing my white privilege!

    So many of the white people in my town, rather than appreciate diversity, moved to adjacent towns at great expense. Some might say “they’re just trying to provide safer environments for their family” but I, having gone through DEI training, now realize they were just acting out their racism. (Sarcasm off now.)

    • It helps to spell the acronym correctly, DIE (Diversity, Inclusion, Equity). Then it makes more sense what they are trying to help you to do.

  • Greetings Fred.

    This essay takes a little different twist relative to our Black Community and Slavery than did you essay on nearly the same subject posted on 3 March 23. I don’t see much difference in your approach to the problem except you use slavery for what it is these days…. An excuse for mediocrity and failure of many Blacks in America. Slavery will never be corrected; it is a part of history. No amount of money, no number of special programs, no amount of dumbing down the brain levels of white students will ever correct slavery. It is past time to put slavery on the shelf of history for what it was…. An awful chapter in American history. It’s time to get over slavery and it’s evil and get on with a new life. Slavery, the mind sets that dwell on the subject, the race baiters along with the lack of Black leadership, the Liberal bleeding hearts are all taking a toll on America that will destroy us unless we take a different approach.

    Many of my comments below are a repeat of my comments to your essay of 3 March “Dear God, What Now? A Racial Diagnosis” in which you laid the hay down where the goats can get it. Most all of your shots in the 10 and X rings.

    I would imagine some to a lot of your readers will not touch this essay as it is a social “hot potato”. I have wondered for years how can a 13% minority of the US population have such an influence on our society – much if not most adverse. Same can be said for the probably less than 7% of US adults that identify as some other sexual orientation other than straight. There is some similarity in the two groups above but the other sexual orientation group is not quite as disruptive and seems to mesh more favorably with Oriental, Jewish, Indian, Latino etc. that live in America with a remarkable low level of friction; moreover, these groups offer outstanding role models for the Black Community.

    I frequently add my comments to articles relative to race before I send them on in email and offer one of my favorite essays on the subject by Pat Buchanan in a letter he wrote to Barack Obama on the Black subject back in 2008: This astute essay rings as true as yours does today. I usually go on to say that Barack Obama had the chance of a life time to lead the Black Community out of their much self-inflicted misery to become more productive citizens in every aspect of US society. Barack Obama failed miserably and probably left the American Black Community in more of a mess than they were before he took office.

    I have concluded one of the main problems with the Black Community is a void of any kind of inspirational leadership. While there are many successful Black citizens in America and many really good Black people, I cannot point to any long term inspirational leadership but there are plenty of race baiters and profiteers that live off the turmoil in the Black world. I have also concluded that many Blacks do not want to improve – they are happy with the standards they have been taught by their culture. Just like some American Indians, they prefer living on dirt floors rather in a house with wood floors. Some of these people may never change.

    Then there is the factor of the Sub-Saheran intelligence in the Black race that you have not touched nor will I. A much deeper subject but I do think it bears some truth in the Black culture. Then there are other problems e.g., the lack of Black fathers in the home and too many young Black females giving birth out of wedlock.

    Will it ever end? If it ever ends it will not be quickly. IMO, the end will start when the Blacks have the leadership to show their culture and the community how much more they could realize with an improved standard of living if they would only follow the examples set by the Orientals, the Jews, the Indians from India, Latinos and others. Just stop complaining and get to work lifting themselves up by their boot straps to a better world. Work hard and harder and keep working as well as staying in school. No one can do it for them – it they don’t want it … It will never happen.

    We must lift the Blacks up through their own motivation – money will never be the answer.


    • 0bama never told blacks to pull their own weight because he never pulled his. Nothing he has ever “achieved” did he really earn. He came along at the right time to exploit his color, and with a lot of help from people just as unscrupulous but much smarter, boy did he ever. The message you averred needs to be heard by the black community has been told, by Star Parker, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, and others, but the Jackson/Sharpton coterie make sure they never hear it.
      As for the IQ question, Fred has indeed addressed that.

    • He has re-written this column so many times, it’s starting to look like Marge Simpson’s Chanel dress.

  • I remember years ago, when I lived in LA, there was a major series in the LA Times (believe it or not) comparing black and Korean kids. After school, the blacks were playing basketball and doing rap. The Korean kids were taken to the library by their Moms for all the obvious reasons. ‘Nuff said.

  • Just got back from a visit to the Carolinas. Toured Magnolia Plantation outside Charleston and visited the Slave Experience. Our guide, Mr Joe, kept asking us if we had more questions so he could lead with more judgments on the owners of the property. Several of us asked uncomfortable questions such as how slaves had been brought to the Americas by other black people. He dismissed this and said the difference is slavery was forever and the blacks in Africa sold their captured enemies into a 7 year slave deal. I asked how could those know the slavery was going to end in 7 years and he couldn’t offer a plausible answer. Also, he discussed slaves as chattel property and I mentioned that women in the US were chattel property into the 20th C. Another woman vigorously agreed with me. He didn’t appreciate us. We appreciated seeing the historic slave cottages.

  • That conversation about race that liberals keep alluding to isn’t a conversation. White people, particularly men—for the biology confused those are the people with a penis–are just supposed to shut up and be lectured by ignorant, hateful people.

    The dishonest Truthophobes who would “converse” with us do not want to converse about the welfare state, children growing up without the positive impact of a loving father, or those who are experiencing bad consequences because of their own choices.

  • It is only a matter of time before there is an Endlosung to our problems with the lingering effects of slavery. What would be lost? A few men’s track and field events at the Summer Olympics? I’ll take safe cities and balanced budgets instead

  • No race problem in America, a problem race.

  • One hundred years ago the CPUSA stated that racism, a term invented by Trotsky, would be used to tear apart the fabric of American society.
    And he we are.

  • Mr. Fred Reed, you are correct, Sir.

    Thank you for saying what ought to be said but seldom is.

    Civilization, Western civilization, that is, is a thing of white, straight, men, non-lefto-pukes, over 50.

    And white, straight, men, non-lefto-pukes, over 50 ought to be the only ones qualified to vote.

    Imagine how much better things would look today instead of this third-world, banana-“republic”, latin-American pigsty, clownworld, wokey-wokey, fee-feez and boo-booz, LGBT-degeneracy-for-you-and-me, pedo-groomers having the lay of the kids, feminazi, misandry by default, woketardity as the state mandated religion, utterly corrupt, rotting carcass of a Constitutional Republic, you know, the one murdered in 2020.

    • the republic was destroyed before 1865. 660 000 citizens dead, all the remaining citizens enslaved to the new Den of Corruption (on the Potomac). Then there is the insurrection of Nov. 22 1963 that no one talks about. THAT is when Amerika became an oligarchy “those with the gold (corps.) make the rules”. Free men do NOT have to ask or pay (taxes) for permission. only slaves. FEAR is the passion of slaves. When covid was thrown at us, many cowards “showed their cards”. Feared man, rather than GOD. GOD is watching, so am I…. got ammo?

  • I have zero problem with ‘wakanda-American’ as a concept.
    But I choose to live apart from slums of wakanda-Americans.

  • I know plenty of blacks in my business who are not suffering the lingering effects of slavery. They have jobs, degrees and families. They also have few black friends and are shunned and marginalized by the race hustler. Instead of role models they are insulted as “oreos” and Uncle Toms.

    In the Nature vs Nurture debate the current state of America’s blacks fall firmly in the Nurture side.

    This was the trajectory of American blacks before whites tried to help. Butt-wipes like Lyndon Johnson actually found a way to usher them back into slavery.
    If one wanted to deliberately destroy the black races prospects of a secure and prosperous future the actions would be no different than what was done.

    • But at least LBJ got them “voting Democrat for a hundred years”

    • An analogy:
      Your black friends and coworkers are the “unvaccinated” among blacks, ridiculed and insulted by those who took the “vaccine” [i.e. the welfare culture] and are much worse off as a result.

    • An analogy:
      Your black friends and coworkers are the “unvaccinated” among blacks, ridiculed and insulted by those who took the “vaccine” [i.e. the welfare culture] and are much worse off as a result.

    • Nurture is at best responsible for perhaps 10% of black outcomes. The rest is simple biology. You may know a handful of blacks as you describe but they are the outliers on the bell curve, while the rest remain firmly in the “dumb and violent” category.

  • Get the gov’t and it’s stolen money completely out of it and the negro problem will solve itself in one or two generations. Parasitism can only continue as long as there is a host to feed from.

  • Why don’t you just say, Total nigger death

  • […] doesn’t hit the tops of the charts as much as he used to, but this one purt much nails it down for at least a […]

  • As a Member of the African Diaspora I support many of the points put forward by the author. Yes, we do kill waaay too many of each other with guns in our American neighborhoods. If you as a intelligent hominid were to broaden you perspective, I believe we could reasonably conclude that Europe and the Diaspora have ended more human life globally and through history e.g wars, pharmaceutical industry etc, than all young black men over the same period in American neighborhoods .

  • The solution is as old as civilization itself. Bring the black father back into the household.
    But the welfare state ensures that this won’t happen in our lifetimes.
    If the father is named and at home, the too young black girl will get less welfare benefits. So off he goes to somewhere else so he can put his game on another too young girl. Lather, rinse, repeat.
    I don’t know how to make that change, but one thing is for sure, if you really hate black people, then you probably want to vote democrat and watch the festering continue in a world where any disagreement with them makes you a racist/bigot/homophobe/ etc etc etc.

    • Democrats have always been the enemy of blacks. Slavery, the KKK, eugenics, Jim Crow, all Democrat policies. But none of those destroyed the black family. Enter the welfare state. It’s easier to oppress a population if you can trick them into cooperating with their own oppression.

  • I didn’t know that Fred Reed was still writing articles. I thought he had passed away (or was bedridden). In any case, it took me a while to find this website.

    As I have said before on the Unz Review, the real questions to ask are not:
    Are Blacks less intelligent than Whites?
    Can they succeed in a modern society?
    How can Whites take back the cities?
    How can we stomp out Black crime?

    The more important questions to ask are:
    Why have Blacks won (nearly) every single racial confrontation they have had with Whites for the last 75 years?
    How did Blacks win control of our cities and their bureaucracies?
    Why do Whites allow blacks to push them around?

    Here are some answers that I do not want to hear:
    It is the fault of the Jews.
    It is because we have too much racial guilt (because I don’t think we do).
    It is because the Christian ethos turns Whites into pussies.

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