Thoughts, Not Obsessively organized, on Diversity, an Atrocious Idea

Living as I do near Guadalajara I do not, thank God, see much television from the Great Squirrel Cage north of Mexico. When I do, I get the impression that America is four-fifths black and that all white women have black husbands. Whites apparently do not marry each other. My information is unreliable, but it appears that white men never marry black women. Latinos, as nearly as I can tell, do not exist, But there may be a few somewhere. Asians also fail to appear in this gush of blacks.  

When I visit my bank’s website, there is the compulsory black man with the white wife on the opening page. tries hard to sell me books about Harriet Tubman and has a page about its commitment to racial piety. Everything is about or for blacks. Judging by this prominence, they must be the brightest, most prosperous, and best educated in America, as well as the most numerous. 

Should not whites have some small part in the country? Apparently not. Schools drop AP courses, abandon grammatical English, universities do away with algebra requirements, and adopt all manner of cockamamie courses for and about blacks. I picture white parents hiding in the basement, with a lookout, to teach their children to count beyond ten. 

I know, I know. Every American is aware of the foregoing, and I may seem naïve. Still, I am surprised at its all-encompassingnesss. Things that people in a country are accustomed to can be shocking when seen at intervals from without. The whole country from the White House down is pushing the thirteen percent.  What is really going on? Are there no whites in America other than wives of black men? No Chinese? No white children? No Latinos, even? 

But I have found a clue. I have discovered that a mysterious force called DEI has something to do with it, about which I hear endless boilerplate mumbling by people with the brains of catfish. Apparently, may the lord save us, it means “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Spare me, spare me, oh spare me, I find myself moaning, bending my gaze heavenward. What should we make of these three horrors? 

Diversity of course is a proven terrible idea, causing most of the world’s worst problems, and should be avoided at any cost. Equity means hiring people for jobs because they can’t do them. Inclusion means putting people together who don’t want to be. Why these impositions are thought desirable is a mystery, Like Fermat’s Theorem. 

Consider the wonders of diversity as wreaked upon a suffering globe. How do we love one another? Let me count the ways, or a few of them at least. Irish Protestants and Catholics killed each other enthusiastically for years, blowing up whole night clubs full of each other. Then we have Jews and Moslems in Palestine. Sunis and Shiites in many places. Hindus and Moslems in India. Hutsis and Tutus in Burundi. Jews and Germans in Germany. Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka. Blacks and whites in America. Francophones and Anglophones in Canada. Eskimos and whites in Canada. Chinese and Indonesians in Indonesia. Moslems and French in Paris. Blacks and whites in South Africa. Blacks and Asians in America.  “Indigenes” and everybody else almost everywhere. No one can doubt that diversity is a good thing, at least if you own a funeral parlor. 

Even fans of different football teams can get into bloody fistfights, like members of teenage gangs. Obviously, we need more diversity. 

Fact is, different kinds of people seldom want to be around each other very much or, frequently, at all. The woke who prattle fervently about diversity and inclusion are like adolescent rock singers bleating that all we need is love. Actually, that is indeed all we need. The trouble is that we don’t have it and aren’t going to, at least not between different groups. We just don’t much like each other unless we are like each other. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. 

 We can easily see this. Rich and poor fail to congregate, old and young, children and adults and teenagers, educated and not. They all flock together with others of their own. People prefer to spend their time with friends of their level of intelligence.  They marry according to these same standards. 

Blacks and whites seem actually hypergolic, or at least immiscible. In American universities, blacks demand separate facilities and in dining halls, races and ethnicities sit with themselves. 

Diversity often engenders savagery out of proportion to any reason for it. Today in America we have an unremitting bloody, one- sided war of blacks against whites, with the media trying to hide it and whites not fighting back. One day they may, and then it will be hell, most amazing hell.  

Black murders of whites occur at a rate of at least two or three dozen a month, suppressed by the media. For example, this story appeared  as “two teens and a twelve-year-old kill two girls.” Accurate enough, but lacking details. Three blacks killed two white girls. Do we really need inclusiveness? 

Given the easily documented prevalence of unidirectional violence between black and white, might it not be a good idea to let people decide who to hang out with? Perhaps give the races a degree of autonomy and separation? 

 No. It would be sensible and practical, neither of which is esteemed in American politics. 

If the darkening of the country were a political maneuver to get votes, it would be reprehensible but make sense.  If the purpose were to improve education of blacks, provide equality of opportunity, or to seek out qualified black candidates for jobs, that sort of thing, it could be justified. It does none of these things, nothing of substance, being purest flimflam and nothing else. But it goes beyond this, becoming actually dangerous. 

Medical schools lower entrance requirements and airlines recruit flight students not by ability but by color. The enstupidation of the schools will have grim effects on American competitiveness. This is obvious, but that is the point: Many behind the endumbment have to know what the effects will be.  

Why is this done? What goes? The campaign seems too broad to be an actual plotted-out conspiracy. The usual suspects are as usual indicted: liberals, Democrats, and The Jews. I have known a lot of Jews, and none have shown signs of wanting to Destroy White Christian Civilization(often said to be the purpose) though maybe some other Jews, probably in a secret control room under Manhattan. The woke support much of what is done, but are boardrooms woke? How is it that publishing houses, corporations, the military, thousands of school boards, the National Science Foundation, virtually all the media, university students (who are intolerant of deviation from wokeness) flight schools of airlines, all get this bug at once? Many of these can’t possibly believe it. 

I wonder, and I may be crazy, whether people at the top have decided that the racial situation has no solution unless they can force the races into comity and assimilation by brute political force, and have realized that the tidal wave of black crime has to be disguised to keep whites from exploding for a decade or two until the social engineering takes effect. The woke of my acquaintance really believe that blacks and whites, pushed together, will assimilate as the Irish, Italian, and East Europeans did.  

But what do you, the reader, think to be the solution to racial problems? Is there a solution and, if not, where will this lead? 

Anyway, ignore the Asians, who will take care of themselves. Don’t make Latinos into affirmative-action parasites but otherwise ignore them too. They will assimilate. But blacks? What? Vituperation and talking about root causes doesn’t count unless you have a solution. I am looking for practical steps.  

Me? I haven’t a clue. Yet it is the most important domestic question facing the United States. 


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  • Board rooms are fervently Woke because otherwise BlackRock, which provides significant corporate “investment” in the form of operating capital, will pull their funding. BlackRock says jump, they all shout “How high?”

    BlackRock fervently believes in DEI (or better, DIE) because BlackRock is significantly controlled by Chinese “investors” and the CCP’s “Unrestricted Warfare” includes the stated goal of making the West culturally implode, to save themselves the tedium and expense of a shooting war.

  • It’s not “diversity, equity, and inclusion”

    It IS “D iversity, I nclusion, E quity” = DIE

    Btw, to find TONS of individual leftists’ profiles:

    And to find TONS of leftist groups’ profiles:

  • “But what do you, the reader, think to be the solution to racial problems? Is there a solution and, if not, where will this lead? ”

    Mr. Reed,
    It will lead to lead. Sorry. I, a former police officer spent four years in Oakland, California in the late 60’s, and realized then that the clash of cultures could have no positive ending. Fifty years proves my observation.

    Tolerance. Tolerance at it base level is that one group will suffer the existence of another…tolerance means that one will not kill another. It does not suggest acceptance at any level other than that sufferance.

    A possible solution;

    Monetize citizenship. Your kidneys have value, why not your birthright? Unhappy with your life in these United States? Feel the victim? Renounce your citizenship, and he government can provide a cash incentive, and a one way ticket to whatever country will accept you, only sign on the line which is dotted… when the aircraft is wheels up, receive your check. Everyone eligible… those currently in jail, under arrest, under indictment, no problem! Two hundred dollar a day crack habit? Sign here! Living in a cardboard box under the Interstate? Problem solved!

    A second chance for the unfortunate, the oppressed and the eternal victim. I would think $50,000 a reasonable figure…maybe $200,000 per family. There is, with a bit of thought, a list of countries, that, I suggest, will still accept US dollars with a problem attached. Problems that face different rules of engagement, perhaps, but problems that different cultures might solve.

    Haiti. Somalia. Yemen. Ukraine? White beaches, lush jungle, whispering sands. rich verdant farmland.

    It would be humane, and cheap in the long run.

  • We feed birds,,, its quite apparent that Chickadees like Chickadees,,, if a Bluejay comes around, the Chickadees leave until the Bluejay leaves.

  • Pew research found 56% / 34% of young liberal white American women / men ages 18-29 have been diagnosed with a mental disorder. Their excessive empathy causes them to ruminate on others’ negative thoughts, causing depression. They tend to believe in their morality so strongly, their beliefs become discordant with reality, leading to neuroses and psychoses. Both, are key causes of their high levels of mental illness. Among young right-wing white women / men aged 18-29, the rates of mental illness are 27% / 16% — less than 1/2 the left-wing rate. Yet still quite high. The same study found the most mentally stable group was white men aged 65+ — only 4.5% have been diagnosed with mental illness.

    Even more troubling than these shocking levels of mental illness is the average adult has a reading comprehension at the 6th grade level.

    That’s America. Our national purpose is to join hands, celebrate queers, rainbows, and the diversity of crayons.

  • Loved the article, but I’m rather sad at the insult to catfish. They are much smarter than the other bottom feeders you mentioned, and they are tasty too.

    • Practical steps? Are Americans even “practical capable” to paraphrase the Russians?…OK, Learn to enjoy sh*t sandwiches because they’re what’s for lunch, and before long everybody stateside is gonna have to take at least one large bite. Defusing the situation is not in the cards. Just sayin’

  • “Hutsis and Tutus in Burundi”
    Very funny, Fred!

  • A good first step would be to give single young black females some incentive to not get pregnant. It’s the children of single mothers who are most likely to become violent criminals, and to become single mothers themselves.

  • Inspirational Fred with all shots well within the X ring! Unvarnished Truth!

    The Bleeding Heart Liberals have been trying to bring the Black Community up to societal standards for decades probably against their wishes. Their methods have been mostly give-a-way programs that haven’t worked. You can lead the horse to water but…..

    Now they are trying Subliminal Conditioning on TV that “13 percent” is the majority to set the standard. through repetitive ads adnausium. It may be a reverse of the give-a-way programs that is now a cram down the throats program for all races – seeing is believing.

    As an adjunct to the TV conditioning, we have the intimidation factor to strike fear in the hearts of Whites. This includes increasing crime, murder, burning, looting and terror much of which goes without punishment.

    I love your word “endumbment” – it oozes truth relative to the education of our children.

    I think that many if not most Blacks don’t want to join an America that leads the world – they are satisfied with substandard living in squalor and crime even among themselves.

    My advice – Let the problem alone to seek its own level as most other things in nature do. We have done enough with programs and money. It is now up to the Black Community to show the world they can be productive as have the Jews, Orientals, Indians from India as well as Latinos.

    The Bleeding Heart Liberals now forcing the DEI on America as well as the Woke and pronoun BS are playing with fire. As the Japanese Admiral Yamamoto said after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor “I am afraid we have awakened a sleeping tiger”. The idiots forcing the DEI etc. on America can only kick the old white dog for so long to produce a day(s) of reckoning.

    Thirteen percent is thirteen percent – Indeed they have a choice.

    • Agree with all. It would be nice to think that the endless commercials showing black families or mixed-race families are designed to show those people that they, too, can have a better life. A subliminal message for the right reasons. (Interestingly enough, when white people are in commercials, they are often overweight.) But if the message is being received at all, it seems to result in feelings of entitlement. “That’s the life I should have so I want to take it without working for it….or you owe me reparations.”

      I often think that the Civil Rights Act was a HUGE mistake. If you look back at the lives of black people before the 1960s, it looks like they were trying to assimilate themselves into society. They dressed nicely, tried to get educated, talked like normal people, two-parent households, expected their children to behave in a civilized fashion, etc. Yes, I know there really were red-lined areas of town, institutions that didn’t want assimilation, and lots of problems, but when you cram something down peoples’ throats, it tends to backfire. Change that is gradual might take longer to achieve but it is usually better accepted. Much like the push toward electric vehicles: leave it alone and we may all get there in due course; ram it down our throats in a short period of time and it’s likely to backfire.

      • Check out what Thomas Sowell had to say about the Civil Rights Act, and whether or not its actual results matched its (stated) intentions.

  • Like everything else in Zone A, from electoral politics to the media, civic society – for want of a better label/terminology – is simply another market segment to be milked by Corporate grifters.

    Like the former public sector ethos (at least here in the UK) civic society has succumbed to the parasitic rentier financiers who are creating markets to milk. The ‘diversity’ Dollar/Pound/Euro is no different to the various shades of political party dollar/pound/euro selling different brands of the same basic product to electorates in much the same way that corporate media is all about selling different demographic markets to other corporate entities.

    And there is certainly big bucks to be made from some of the market sectors of ‘identity politics.’ Big Pharma for one are very excited about the potential market growth arising from the ‘Gender” demographic. Why else does anyone think that schools, across Zone A, whatever their labelled designation, are effectively run along private sector lines with kids being treated like tins of peas on a production line?

    Secure your market segment when they are young and you’ve got cash cows for decades.

    And has anyone else noticed that you have a bastardised version of the traditional class based social pyramid/hierarchy within this model? With an artificially manufactured hierarchy of oppression operating which is rigidly enforced? Mainly by those at the bottom of the pile at the behest of those at the top of the pile via the bullshit concept of ‘intersectionality.’

    Classic divide and rule. Dividing people into ever smaller and smaller market based segments which can be tapped as a long term rent source whilst at the same time undermining basic human class based solidarity.

    For sure, whilst us ‘boomers’ didn’t get everything right at least, unlike the Zoomers/Millennial’s or whatever market label they have attached to themselves, we never enthusiastically acted as enforces for the narrative of “The Man.”

  • To hell with political correctness – always. Vex the Devil cut to the chase, with truth, skipping the prelims, etc.
    Have you a list of your publications? I’d like to spend some time looking at more. Thanks, Fred. VEX the Devil –

  • You spelled the acronym wrong. It’s DIE, because that is what happens to any organization stupid enough to embrace this insane ideology.

  • A related problem: 20% – 30% of blacks in the U.S. have no problem with whites, and whites, by and large, have no problem with them. Is there a solution, of the kind Fred seeks, which leaves this 20%-30% undisturbed?

    • Middle class and upper class blacks seem fine, for the most part. They ‘integrated’. It’s the ghetto rats that are the worst, though exceptions in both categories do exist. I don’t care what one’s genetic background is. What I care about is their state of mind. I’m a honky-gringo-cracker, and I get along great with my Chinese and Latino co-workers in the high end Chinese restaurant I work at, except for one cook who is a total burrito. I’m a dishwasher, and I am sooooooo glad I took Spanish in school. My grammar may suck, but at least I can communicate.

  • I do not think that black Americans “…are satisfied with substandard living in squalor and crime even among themselves,” as propounded by an earlier commenter. Let me go back to the Civil War and Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation which everybody is taught “freed the slaves.” “Freed,” in this instance, is a relative term. Black slaves did not have the freedom enjoyed by their previous white masters. While they were no longer “owned,” they were subjected to a hundred years of the Democrat South’s Jim Crow laws.

    It seems like yesterday, but it has been almost sixty years since Republican Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen of Illinois garnered twenty-seven of a total of thirty-three Republican Senators to join with Democrats wanting to break a seventy day, mostly Southern Democrat, filibuster, an action which was an attempt to keep the Civil Rights Act of 1964 from reaching the Senate floor for a vote. This bi-partisan effort suceeded and the Act passed the Senate by a vote of 73 to 27, with Democrats voting 46 in favor to 21 against, and Republicans vorting 27 in favor to 6 against. 19 June 1964; a memorable date. It was the date the South finally came kicking and screaming into the twentieth century. The day Jim Crow, officially, anyway, died.

    So, I ask, why, with those numbers, do the descendants of black slaves and those now getting up in years that lived with, endured, Democrat Jim Crow laws, vote so solidly for Democrats? A hundred years of Jim Crow repression! Imagine! Well, I can only conclude that most of them are unaware of the nature of what I have stated above and have been indoctrinated that the party holding them from prospering is the Republicans. And what are the Republicans doing to counter this indoctrination? Nothing!

    Perhaps the Republicans need to recruit some theater majors into the party. The country is caught up by the entertainment industry. The Democrat leadership has known that for a long time and really knows how to use theatrics to political advantage. Meanwhile, Republican leadership drones on in a most unexciting way, not a catchy phrase or even a bad singer to draw the attention of the voter. It’s pathetic. I mean, really, guys, you expect Americans in 2023 to pay attention to your piss poor reacting to Democrat extremism? Get a life! Take the lead! When it’s time to react do it loudly and with resolve! Does anyone pay attention to Mitch’s monotone remarks, no matter how well spoken and intentioned they are?

    If you don’t catch up with the America of today you will never win another election. Tell the Republican story, the true story of democracy and freedom and civil rights and shout back at the likes of Pelosi and Schumer and Biden and Maxine and Ocasio-Cortez. And last of all, stand united and tell all Republican candidates to never call another candidate names. The Dems know how to use that divisiveness for political gain.

    In other words, start calling the shots. Speak loudly and clearly to the black voter about the history of the Democrat party. Get your message into the inner city. The black voter is not stupid. He is just uninformed or misinformed. I would encourage blacks to go on the internet and read and hear for themselves Joe Biden’s racist remarks. And I would encourage Republicans to shout to the rooftops about them and use them in the presidential campaign.

    And remember, there are millions of, sometimes violent, screaming women out there, mostly white, who believe they should have a rule of law allowing them to murder babies in the womb right up to the moment of delivery and even after birth. That’s a lot of Democrat votes; a tough nut to crack. I know of only one man tough enough to do it.

  • Medical schools have not just lowered entrance requirements for the Diverse – there is serious discussion in academic medicine in America today to lower graduation requirement for the Diverse.


    Additionally, I know plenty of Jews who feel as do the above commenters, and the author of this piece do.

  • Thanks, Fred. You always say what I know is true. We can’t find that kind of honesty in our American media. My wife and I have also noticed the amazing demographics in the television commercials.

  • here’s a reason record numbers of (about 99% white) Americans are retiring early and often places like Costa Rica, Panama, and certain European countries like Portugal and Cyprus. I almost forgot Fred’s one of us too. Also, since more and more work can be done online, even more younger white Americans are expatting too. All this is happening right under the noses of both the commies in the boardroom and the commies on capitol hill. The jacobins of color will be along with the big razor soon enough.

  • Your donation page is still not functional. How am I supposed to shower you with unlimited wealth from my vast vaults of cash if your donation page isn’t working? At this moment there is an avalanche of US currency cluttering up my residence and I figured I’d dump some of it on you so that it will then be your problem and not mine.

    Unrelated: I’m looking for your collumn Say Mr., Can You Spare Some Thorazine. I think I could share that with some folks and watch their heads explode. It’s actually quite fun.

  • Fred has already found a solution. Leave Crazytown and become an Expat. I liked working in Asia where criminals are locked up and not infrequently shot. Women could go out at night alone. Small towns in Red states are still great but I think it’s just a matter of time before they are not.

  • Hmmmm … What do you want to do with fools who rush into their demise? If you happen to have any suggestions feel free to advise the fools that suffer their beloved, “freely and democratically elected” currently ruling criminal elite. They all seem to be either face down on the ground, on their knees, or in respectful bent, there do not seem to be any other free and proud Americans any more.
    Will you rush to the rescue? Or will you just say, along with the dear sainted Darwin, survival of the fittest?
    The way I see it neither shall survive, the slaves shall perish at the hand of their revered masters, and the almigthy masters of course could not possibly survive much longer – since their ability is limited purely to terror and dictate. So what is there to worrry about? The history, as recorded for the known posterity, shall simpy move on.

  • None of the problems would exist if their causes were not well funded. They are well funded by the extortion racket called taxation and the counterfeiting racket called fractional reserve banking. The parasites creating all this bedlam thus enjoy unlimited funding. Unlimited funding results in unlimited evil.

    Religion preaches faith and self-sacrifice and thus the masses line up at the voting booth to commit suicide in the name of altruism and patriotism.

    What’s the solution? Simple: stop paying for it. But instead they spend huge amounts of time and rhetoric bitching about the results of the looting, while never mentioning the looting operation itself.

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  • A solution is to simply stop all efforts to “help” black people. It should be self evident that programs, set asides, affirmative action, loads of cash, etc. has not decreased poverty in the “effected classes.” STOP. Stop incentivizing having children out of wedlock. Bring back orphanages. Build mental institutions. ENFORCE the rule of law. Return to “three strikes-your a chronic offender”, mandatory twenty years, no parole. Be consistent with applying the law. Do the crime, do the time. No paying your way out, no pleading “I’m poor.” The law will require a return to what worked previously. Loop holes be dammed. Americans know what’s right, let’s return to a government of the people, by the people, for the people. The majority doesn’t support at least half of what is being foisted upon them. Contentious issues should be placed on the ballot. Let Americans decide spending billions of tax payers dollars in the Ukraine. Put to a vote the issues of the day. Why does the entire Country need suffer because small groups of weirdo’s, homo’s, cross dressers, and various other malcontents and mental midgets have a problem. We need more jails, insane asylums, and job training centers. I have never seen a God fearing hard working man or woman wallow long in pathology. This Country and most people know the truth, it is evident to all who see the Glory of the created world. When we consistently deal with evil doers and law breakers, the streets will be safe again for the peace loving.

  • So glad to have found you again, Fred. I was introduced o you by The late, lamented Ron Smith, on Baltimore radio, and now I’m once again able to read the truth by someone perhaps even smarter than Ron “The voice of reason” Smith.

  • Asking questions are truly fastidious thing if you are not understanding anything fully, except this piece of
    writing provides fastidious understanding yet.

  • Many years ago in London I was attending an exam for my professional qualification. The student body comprised of locals and overseas students, many from the African continent. I was towards the back of the room and observed people entering and finding a seat. Most self-selected with over 90% either sitting to the right (black) or left (white) of the room. It was quite amusing and whenever someone entered the room I was predicting where they would sit with 99% accuracy. Where did I sit? On the left. I’d subconsciousy gone to that side of the room.
    Communication 101will tell you that the easiest people with whom to communicate will be of a similar age, expectation, cultural background, socio-economic group and a host of other indicators.
    For 50 years I lived in Australia which is a country of immigrants and they gravitate to their kind. There are pockets within each city where similar ethnicities reside. It’s a natural occurance.
    Diversity should be celebrated and tolerated as a mark of a civilised society.
    Equity. There is no such thing as fair. Is it fair that one person is left a pile of money while another has to work a twelve-hour day to feed the family? America will not embrace the “fairness” of Scandinavian countries so what hope do you have for Equity?
    Inclusive. Let’s assume it means “not excluding any of the parties or groups involved in something.” Include others in education but recognise that some will have a better chance than others. But we do not lower the standards to accommodate all. Let’s start with the English language which will be a disqualifier for many a job.
    An observation:
    People may feel entitled without making any effort. When I was growing up my Father would remind me that the world did not owe me a living and if I wanted one I’d have to earn it.
    So many gender identities as to be meaningless.
    America likes to be divisive. Why do you have to declare whether you are Republican or Democrat? Why do you have to say you are African-American or Irish-American, or Italian-American, etc? Why can’t you say you are American? A descriptor can be Black, White, Asian, Middle-Eastern, Indigenous, etc. when the circumstances dictate.

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