To Hell with Ukraine

Great. Just ever-lovin’pea-pickin’ great. In LA some sixty thousand people–who really knows?–sleep on the sidewalks, in tents, cardboard boxes, sleeping bags, or not much of anything. Others live in their cars. The same in San Fran, Seattle, St. Louis. There being no bathrooms, they defecate as the urge hits, and where. What choice do they have? Some are junkies, others crazy, many just with no jobs or jobs that don’t pay enough for a room. 

 Meanwhile Biden sends billions to Ukraine, lots of billions, our billions, while America crumbles within. A corrupt, senescent, second-rate lawyer mysteriously empowered to bankrupt his own country to benefit a corrupt, dirtball country of no importance to America. 

 How is this possible? Why do Americans tolerate it? 

 Because they have no choice. Americans have no influence over their government except in things that do not matter to that government. 

 Recently my stepdaughter Natalia, Mexican, went to Austin to visit friends. She returned and pronounced America a truly odd country. All the houses were the same, so how could you find your way home at night? And there were lots of people, she said, living under bridges and on the sidewalks. This she thought strange. She had never seen such a thing in Mexico. In twenty years, neither have I. 

 Meanwhile Biden sends fortunes to Ukraine. How is this? Couldn’t we have an American President? Just once? Someone who cares about people in his own country? No prospect of this is in sight 

 In America there are people, lots of them, who don´t have enough to eat, or barely do. Appalachia, the Rust Belt, the rural Deep South. I wonder whether Biden has enough to eat. I wonder whether he cares that many of his citizens do not. No, come to think of it, I don’t wonder. But he cares, cares deeply, about Ukraine. 

 America crumbles, but Biden is going to rebuild Ukraine. Our trains look like something out of Turner Classic Movies. The passenger versions, across the continent, are nice, slow but appealing as period pieces. Chatanooga Choochoo, all that. They are also primitive and badly maintained. We have had four freight derailments in a month or so. 

 No, make that five. This morning we read of another, in Arizona. This is Third World, pushing Fourth. But Biden is going to do what it takes, for as long as it takes. For Ukraine. 

 I sometimes wonder whether Biden knows his own country, or anybody’s country. There is no evidence that he does. He wasn’t in the military, didn’t spend time hitchhiking through West Virginia, doesn’t know the blast of bigrig wind standing beside the highways of the Far West. He has never worked for a living, probably doesn’t know anyone who has. A political hack and second-rate lawyer, finishing seventy-sixth in a class of eighty-five in a mediocre law school after being caught cheating. But he will send as much of our money as it takes to Ukraine. Are you grateful yet? 

 The water is undrinkable in Flint, Michigan and Jackson, Mississippi and, I am told by my daughter who lives there, in New Orleans. What the hell kind of country allows this? Answer: A bushworld country, or one whose government is more interested in Ukraine than in its own people. 

 But, if I may, another word on trains. My wife and I were in China several years back, and rode their high-speed trains (180 miles per hour). They are startling, smooth, quiet, gorgeous. China has 24,000 miles of them. Their high-temperature superconducting maglev version, with carbon-composite body, at 360 miles per hour, is in late-stage development. America has not a nanometer, not an angstrom, of either. Coming back from Chengdu was like returning from a scifi movie. 

 But Biden sends billions to Ukraine, a little, little man eating prime rib in the White House while a couple of hundred thousand die for him in Ukraine. Anything for Ukraine. Anything at all. 

 Americans do not go to doctors because they cannot pay the bills. Unlike countries of the First World, America does not have decent national medical care. Do you suppose that Bident lacks medical care while he sends money, desperately needed by America, to Ukraine? 

 China–if I may again say that horrid word–has a for-profit economy. China spends its money on China. America spends its money on Ukraine. Go look at China. You will see highways going in, four-lane tunnels running twelve miles under mountains, brightly lighted. Airports, astonishing bridges. Phenomenal high-tension electrical lines. If you are interested in such things,China has a massive Five G installed base and, now, from Huawei, Five.five G. 

 Biden has just signed an $886 billion military bill. Add the VA, black programs of god-knows what size, and DOE, and you get well over a trillion. Most Americans, I read over and over, live maxed out on credit cards, don’t have five hundred dollars for an emergency. Biden, a draft-dodger during Vietnam and now a warrior President, probably is not maxed out on Visa. He probably has five hundred dollars, as his people do not. But he is not ignoring them. He is buying them aircraft carriers at thirteen billion per, and sending their money to Ukraine. Which do you need more, affordable dental care or an aircraft carrier? 

 Crime in America is at appalling levels. Tourists from normal countries must view visits as trips to a zoo. Education is abysmal and getting worse fast under Biden. Potholes come, bridges age, infrastructure rots. But Ukraine gets lots and lots of stuff free. 

 And now the banks collapse because of, well, backbreaking military giveaways to Lockheed-Martin, backbreaking national debt, backbreaking trade deficits, and unending wars. Now Ukraine demands fighter planes. 

 So let us thank the gods that we live in a democracy where the will of the people rules. Don’t ride the trains, drink the water, or need a doctor, and keep a comfortable pad handy because sidewalks are hard and get cold in winter. But we can be sure that Biden will send as much of our money to Ukraine as that dismal, trivial country wants. Are you grateful? 


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  • Letting Russia conquer Ukraine would then result in the dominoes fall of other countries.
    I’m all for supporting Ukraine to win.

    Let junkies starve.

    • Go back to Faux News

    • You’re thinking like an American and projecting that worldview onto Russia. The U.S. government is the one out to hegemonically rule the world. No one else, including Russia thinks or acts like that. Maybe try some self-education and empathy.

    • Mr. Bolton is that you?

      • That was for the person who thinks that the domino’s will fall if Russia wins. Which they are. When Russia wanted to be welcomed into the fold we should have jumped at the chance back in the 90’s.
        In a way I’m glad they didn’t. They still have values, morals and ethics.

    • I heard the same domino theory with Vietnam. Wherever we go where we don’t belong trouble follows.

    • Putin has been in power over 20 years without lifting a finger to conquer Europe, as you claim.

      We had an agreement with Russia to keep Ukraine neutral, but violated it by overthrowing their democratically elected president with our puppet.

      Suggestion: Turn off your TV. You’re being lied to.

    • That plan sure worked well in Iraq and Afghanistan. How long has Europe let the US pay for their defense while they spent money elsewhere? Europe bears no responsibility for broken assurances and the way NATO expanded? If Putin is a problem, It’s their problem.

      Personally, I think Ukraine is a worry for this administration because Zelensky has evidence about graft, “The Big Guy” and his P.O.S. son.

    • Nice oldy mouldy motto there – Domino Theory.
      Haven’t heard that in half a century, no thanks for the memory.

    • LOL. Yeah right John, live in a country where you need battle armor to walk to the grocery store, one that has prices so inflated you need buy low grade crap. Then go home to to your run down pot holed neighborhood and tune in to Netflix to watch some woke or pedo peddling. Ah that is life. But your neighborhood is OK is it? Give it time, societal rot spreads like cancer, slowly but surely it infects the entire body. And your reward for your patriotism, a humiliating loss in Ukraine and a bankrupt country lording over its western vassals till they too collapse into the putrid cesspool of life that only the leaders and rich escape, ensconced of course in their walled estates surrounded by guards.

    • The domino theory? Seriously? It’s 2023, for fuck’s sake. Russia is just defending Russians in a nine year old civil war. Pull up a map of the 2010 Ukrainian presidential election results. The eastern part is Russian, full of Russians. Crimea has been Russian since before the US Constitution was enacted.

    • Well, it’s clear you’ve swallowed the government bullshit without noticing its stench. You’re a poster boy for what is happening to the country. Blissfully ignorant of even the simplest facts, you content yourself with an ersatz “patriotism” that would embarrass a kindergartener in any normal country. Pathetic, really.

    • I’m for letting Russia win. Europe would be a much better place under Russian vassalage than ours.

    • What countries would fall? What other European nation possesses something worth invading to seize?

    • More fucking mental mastrubation from the NeoImperialistic Hannity listeners I see.

      250 billion thrown in to a virtual dumpster fire filled with Fucking Nazis.

      Fix something here, and your spot on Fred.

      I think I’m gonna take the
      website so people can see what an absolute shithole Tucson has become.


    • John, You are the problem that America has. In geopolitics, you weigh in, yet know what the news reports. Russia is not in Ukraine to conquer Ukraine. But to enlighten you would take too long so I won’t try. And the junkies are not the only Americans starving.. or hurting. Shame on you. (You voted that Sob into office eh?)

    • You are a brainwashed idiot. Read a book.

  • Mr. Reed,
    I copy and paste your columns from time to time on Facebook. My intent being that your wisdom needs to be broadcasted as much as possible, more so since Facebook may have banned you. If you don’t mind, I took the liberty of proofing this as I found more than a few typos.

  • Sorry, Fred, but we had an American President.

    But you decided he wasn’t worthy of your support after putting words into his mouth he didn’t say.


    John Gilmer

  • Mr. Gilmer is correct.

  • Fred, I agree with John.

    He was much much much better.

    Of course not perfect.

  • Fred, I’ll volunteer to edit your prose for spelling and punctuation for a month for free. I won’t change a word of what you say, just make it readable. Let me know.

  • Guess we should try to be more like china.

  • I agree with Mr. Gilmer. We had a president who tried to put America first. And yes, his demeanor left something to be desired, but I could argue that a world as crass as ours deserves a different type of leader. He was betrayed by people in his inner circle, in his cabinet, and in his party, who insisted on their globalist, climate change, DEI bullshit and were determined to see it to fruition. And so here we are. Trump’s big sin was listening to the lies of Fauci et al. – but then most Americans were fooled by him, too. Imagine the hot economy Trump had in January 2020, translated to now, with manufacturing moved back to America, as he wanted it, a strong military, and no money disappearing into the Ukrainian abyss (likely being laundered and sent back to politicians’ pockets – both parties, I’m sure). America would be a different place now. Safer, stronger, and more affluent.

  • The communist and Fascist multi-millionaire and billionaire Jews, Totalitarians all, are why the US forced the Russia-Ukraine war. Here’s the truth about world Jewry. Jews are THE history of early Marxism, so what if they’re applying the same tactics today? Ask yourself, who owns and/or controls: All major Western media to include social media? The US Federal Reserve? Other Western central banks? The International Monetary Fund? The Bank for International Settlements? The World Bank? The World Economic Forum (the Great Reset folks)? Big tech? Other large corporations? Western politicians, elected and unelected (the Deep State), and NEVER loses an election or power?

    Why is the US/NATO in the Middle East? Why is there a Russia-Ukraine war? What if “those” of whom that orchestrated past Russian and similar revolutions have gone from covertly to overtly prosecuting strife in today’s Western world and we are seeing and living with the consequences? Think they have the resources and power to be successful? Think it will get worse?

  • Your last two essays…. GREAT! Busy as hell and no time to comment….. Hope to later. God Bless you and your important work!

    PS I agree with comments of a previous reader. The line spacing of your essays between paragraphs needs to be increased.

  • While my comment is not directly relevant to Ukraine, it IS relevant indirectly. Bidet, has resumed the biggest pissaway of taxpayer dollars in history, by resuming aid to Abbas and the palestinians…you all know, the people who have resumed murdering Israels, who Abbas says if he had but one shekel left, he’d use it for the pensions to the palestinian murderers.

    Meanwhile, the Chinese have brokered the kiss and make up agreement between the former arch enemies, the Saudis and the scum Iranians.

  • I would say, “to hell with Israel” as well

  • It will never change while the media and the pentagon are run by
    “neo cons”

  • The Ukraine is not worth the blood of one U. S. Marine. Nor any of his pocket change.

    Biden should become resident in Guantanamo.

  • Fred;
    I respect your opinion but I have a different point of view.

    The Soviet Union took over one little country after another.
    And they made as much trouble as they could in countries that were too strong to conquer.
    Krushchev let his shoe hit the table and told Kennedy that our children would live under communism. And meant it.

    Putin is just a soviet by another name.
    If he rolls over Ukraine, Russia will be back in Poland soon.
    And the more conquest we ignore, the harder it’s going to be to keep the schmuck out of West Virginia.

    As I see it, the Yukes are doing our dirty work for us.
    We’re giving our money, they’re giving their lives.
    And well they should, lest Russia starve another four million Yukes as they did in the Holodomor.

    I feel as badly as you for the mentally ill and the junkies living under bridges.
    We used to institutionalize people like that but the court says that violates their rights.
    We’re now giving them money. That does more harm than good.
    What they need are three hots and a cot, with no largess that can be exchanged for dope, and some good old hellfire and brimstone preaching.
    Anybody who tries to implement that will be tarred and feathered as a right wing extremist.

    Keep smiling and thank God that the war against tyranny is being fought in somebody else’s country.


    • Russia will invade West Virginia? Who told you that – Michael McFaul? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

    • News Flash – the Soviet Union was NOT RUSSIA. They took over Russia too. The Bolscheviks, zionists – put into power in Russia by Western money masters – are the ones that subsumed other nations into a USSR. These leaders, like the Georgian ‘Stalin’, and Western financed ‘Lenin’, hated Russians – all told with western sock puppet Yelstin in the 90’s managing to kill upwards of 100,000,000 Russians before the dust settled on the Western positioned leadership in 1999. Russia, in 1999, gained her independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 and proceeded to release every single satellite nation without a shot fired. When the US didn’t like the new nation of Ukraine making friends with her Slavid brethen, we went in – in 2014 – with a cool $5,000,000,000 of taxpayer dollars to finance yet another bloody revolution – which has seen no end.. and promises to go nuclear. Stop being another ‘bash Russia’ failure to study history bot. It’s a very sad and very dangerous ignorance.

  • The US is falling apart at warp speed…the Pharma-Military Industrial Complex runs this clown show….

  • Fred, we’ve got a problem coming from Mexico. They need to stop importing their chaos into our country. But, I know you live there now and feel compelled to defend them against our criticism. Having done that, it’s also ironic you beg for an President who puts America first. Also, we did have an “America first” president, but you shit all over him for reasons I didn’t find compelling. You write us your opinion. I write you mine.

  • Biden and company’s actions get a proper review. Sow the wind and reap the whirlwinds.

  • LOL – there is absolutely NO evidence that the prior president cared any more about this country than the current one. Unless, of course, awkwardly hugging a flag as you walk into a room is evidence.

  • The Gods must be crazy. Before the invasion, both Russia and Ukraine dwelt in that murky netherworld between a “nation” and a criminal organization. That forced Ukrainians to decide whether to back their criminal enterprise (2nd most corrupt in Europe according to an international index) or Russia (number 1). Hmmm, hard choice. The Ukraine criminal choice offered hundreds of thousands of deaths and the destructions of their economy and cities. The Russian choice offered them colonialism by the most corrupt regime in Europe. I guess it isn’t surprising that they backed the most destructive choice. After all, it was those kinds of choices that led them to become the most backwards nation in Europe.

    • The Ukraine elected a native Russian speaker who promised peace with Russia. Just like an American politician, Zelensky soon ditched his campaign promises and turned belligerent against ethnic Russians. Whether he did it out of fear of the violent right wing anti Russian racists from the west of the Ukraine or to ingratiate himself to money-bearing American war mongers doesn’t much matter.

      This war could have easily been avoided, but the Americans didn’t want that. They wanted war – to “weaken Russia” using Ukrainian stooges. The American plan to use sanctions to foment a color revolution in Russia to oust Putin has failed spectacularly.

  • Perhaps before, Americans did not go to doctors because they could not pay the bills. But now they don’t go because they can no longer trust doctors.

  • What a mess that America finds itself in, and yet it tries to fix the problems of the rest of the world without looking at its own. It appears that both Canada and the United States are quickly headed toward a third world status with just a very few elites enjoying their riches behind gold-plated gated communities while the masses struggle to get by.

  • Mexico renounced the idea of ever developing nuclear weapons decades ago when it was a much poorer country than it is now. In the meantime, nuclear weapons have proved over those same decades to be the only effective way of preventing a nation being subject to those continual American armed interventions and invasions that some idiot politician in Washington seems to find a pretext for every couple of months. If Syria had had nukes for example, there wouldn’t be any American troops illegally there training ISIL headchoppers and stealing Syrian oil and earthquake relief. Nor any criminal airstrikes by the Tribe next door. Mexico has better relations with almost every nuclear armed state on the globe than it does with the US. Maybe it can wake up, smell the coffee and cut a deal with one of them for a few sovereignty protectors.

  • Scumerica is totalitarian, Bolshevik toast. As is the entire West. It was planned a very long time ago by a certain nefarious tribe of Turkic-Mongol origins. Since the turn of this century, it has been blazing forth full throttle. The fat lady has sung and the curtain has fallen.

  • Thanks Fred — Great work as always!

    The war in the Ukraine is bad for the world – I don’t like it but if Russia is successful, I agree with Greg Adams that the Bear will be in Poland shortly and more. This is really a war that NATO should be taking the lead and not the US. The balance of world power is out of whack and there seems to be a polarization forming similar to that of the AXIS powers in the late 1930s. That’s very bad news! I think in large part by the incompetence of Joe Biden. He reminds me of the LBJ approach in Viet Nam with slow escalation – that was a large factor in our defeat and it may well be a significant factor with Biden in the Ukraine. If our objective is to win then we need to throw all we can at Putin short of Nuclear Weapons with more money and assets coming from NATO – they are the ones who stand to lose on the front end not the US. The awful part is this thing is likely to grow into WW III.

    Let me back up a minute…. We had no problems such as the Ukraine war with Donald Trump. The world was relatively at peace with a balance of world power. Life was good! I cannot stress a “balance of world power” enough. I most strongly believe if Donald Trump was sitting in the Oval Office today…. The Ukraine war would never have started and world peace would still be prevailing.

    Trump was the greatest POTUS since Ronald Reagan and Trump did have a handle on America’s problems. In four years, he did more for America that probably all presidents have done together since Raegan. But he threatened the American “Swamp” to such an extent that they will never rest until he is in jail and they can continue their reign of terror unabated on our society. Much of America has strongly showed their stupidity turning against Donald Trump.

    I have never been a pessimist always seeing the glass half full and looking for solutions to all problems. After painfully watching the US national debt grow from $3+ Trillion when I retired from the Navy in 1986 to $31+ Trillion in 2023, with little or no attempt to stop the incredible mounting growth, I have concluded we will never pay off the debt. In fact, I think deficit spending in WW II is what finally solved the Great Depression, won the war and…. IMHO, Living on Credit has been a root cause for America’s economic success since WW II. There are other reasons including our Constitution, the rule of law, our belief in God and the Ten Commandments in addition to a very strong dose of self-discipline and basic honesty in our society. Think about it…. All those important factors, and there are more, have eroded very badly in the past 30 years as our national debt grows like a Monster. Some politicians try to cope with the debt while some try to cope with increasing lawlessness, runaway illegal immigration, election irregularities and a failing system of education in America. It seems No One has a handle on anything and most politicians simply “talk it to death”.

    To put it mildly….. America is going broke (is broke) on her ASS. We can’t afford more wars like Vietnam or The Ukraine. I doubt there is any way to fix our debt at this late date. And just look who is leading America…. A non compos mentis septuagenarian.

    “Don’t cry for me Argentina.” Simply replace the word Argentina with the word America. We are heading the same way as that once very wealthy country like a rocket sled on rails! Our unbridled debt is killing us! The goose who lays the golden eggs is about as old as we are, tired and thoroughly abused.

    IMHO Donald Trump is the last chance for America and the restoration of World Order.

    • There is no “NATO”. It’s a fiction to cover for America doing whatever it wants – like replace Gaddafi with ISIS. The entire UK military is only 70,000 strong. They’re struggling to provide four Challenger 2 tanks.

  • Presidents are ruled by their parties. The duopoly rules America and was given that authority through the ignorance and laziness of its average voter.

  • Oh Lordy Fred, what a bunch of noodleheads over-soaked in a broth of propaganda you have here commenting.

    I’ll tell you that you are spot on with this essay.
    My imagination is not sufficient to project what effects giving tens or hundreds of billions to the most pathologically corrupt mafia thieves in Christendom will create.

    @John Gilmer and KWS: your thinly guilded God of narcissism only represented himself and his family, as one can easily observe by his actions. Try again.

  • The billions of dollars, that Biden’s managers are throwing at the Ukraine, are freshly printed off the Fed’s printing presses. Show some respect. Think of that next time you buy eggs.

  • Excellent, Fred. Absolutely excellent!

  • Listen to Marty Robbins, 60 years ago:
    That’s the wat it should be, for everyone in every country.
    Your own country should come first.
    Just like family.

  • It always comes down to return on investment.. What exactly is it that we get in return for sending billions to Ukraine?…Sending billions for what exactly? Show me a country after world war 2 that we directly benefited off of from saving….. Korea?… Seems to me we are still fighting that war… any other examples?

  • It’s funny to read the comment section from a doomed nation. Too bad about my kids growing up here. How many years before Ukrainians feel sorry for the suffering Americans? Not so many, I suspect…

  • I like this article. like most of yours Fred.
    Many of your observations align tightly with mine. In my entire 65 years here the U.S.Congress has never declared war. Yet, not “we” but they-con gress- have spent umpteenjillions on U. frickin N. “peacekeeping” missions.

    I support getting the U.N. off this continent, and bringing U.S. “defense” forces back to this continent. Perhaps you have some insight as to how THAT can be accomplished???

    To hell with Ukraine. And Europe and their fraudulent U.N. Peace.

  • fred – it really looks like you don’t visit anywhere in america but the big blue cities. of course national health care is in shambles, simply because there has been too much government involvement.

    next time you come, visit the sticks, the places out of the news. look for the snek on the yellow flag, the people with the outline of a chain and cross under their undershirt, the friendly scowl that says “i might like to meet you” just under that skepticism that you might just hate what’s going on, but escaped to some place like ours, but still vote the same way.

    people are waking up all the time, biding their time, waiting for the present globalist mental midget power maddened napoleons to run into their moscow winter. that time is coming, and everything will change.

    for better or worse is not a good bet to take, as history whispers.

  • Game Over, America.

  • Instead of ‘the war in the Ukraine’, I call it ‘the war to protect the foreign-aid skim scam’.

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  • Bo, you don’t know diddley.

  • This is my first time pay a quick visit at here and i am really happy to read everthing at one place

  • I heard that the Republicans were really adamant about not allowing the 2023 spending bill to pass unless military funding to Ukraine was cut. However, they compromised at the last minute and the budget was passed. Does anyone know why the Republicans folded?

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