Trump’s Conviction, Washington, and the Appeal of a High-Throughput Guillotine

Everybody and his dog is writing about the Trump conviction, so I guess I’ll add my few grains to the sand pile. Otherwise I’d kill something, preferably a New York judge. Or several of them.

On the observable principle that each succeeding President is worse than his predecessor,  Biden has, barely, taken the title for godawful worthlessness and foreign-policy bafflement. But the question is not whether Trump has the morals of a politician, or whether he and some porn queen made the beast with two backs. How many readers would have done the same, given a shot at stormy?  The point is that the uniparty, the bicephalous brigandage that is the real government, has turned the entire political apparatus of Washington against Trump, while ignoring the behavior of its own miscreants.

The media make constant reference to the “insurrection” supposedly martialed by  Trump against the Capitol. What “insurrection” for God’s sake?

During the Floyd riots, mobs surrounded the White House and threatened to assault it, resisting police who ordered them to disperse. In Portland they took over land in the city and declared it independent of the government, attacked police with Molotov cocktails and bricks, both being deadly weapons. In Minneapolis they burned a police station.  this was insurrection on a massive scale. Martial law should have been declared, with the announcement , “Looters will be shot.”

Who was prosecuted for insurrection? Why not? Because  Floyd was black. The looters were black.  The white rioters were heavily middle class and Democrats. They were against Trump.

Yet savage sentences have been handed out to the mob of overexcited dingalings and damned fools who invaded the Capitol. Yes, their behavior was illegal and yes, they deserved punishment–but not the wildly disproportionate time they got. The idea that it was an attempted coup can only be sold to yokels with no faint idea of what a coup is or hhow coups are done.

All of this is utterly political. Who is prosecuted for what depends on almost anything but law. Trump is tried for a mildly sordid affair with a porn star but Biden is not prosecuted for being neck-deep in corruption in Ukraine along with his dirtball son. Curious, isn’t it, that a President known for this corruption frantically sends more and more money to Kiev. What do the Ukrainians know  that we don’t? Diddling a porn star is without meaning. Being corruptly involved with the  government of a country militarily  entangled  with America in a shooting war leaves opena real question of who is getting paid for what, and who has what dirt on whom.

There is a saying in sports reporting that you can bullshit the fans, but you can’t bullshit the players. When Violeta and I go to Washington we stay with journalist friends, and they are friends, on Capitol Hill, across the street from Lincoln Park.  One is a high-end executive with a major network. The Hill crawls with media  rabble and opinion mechanics. All of these people are wildly partisan against Trump. What they do cannot remotely be call journalism.  One has in her kitchen, always on, a television, tuned to MSNBC. I’ll guess that seventy  percent of its non-commercial time consists of raving, raving, raving against Trump. There is no trace of reportorial self-respect, the principle of always seeking the other side, of fact-checking. In newspapering a saying used to be, “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.” Not now. Pure political advocacy.

At higher levels of the media anthill, people ,are not stupid Yet many seem to know little of the world beyond the ring road. Nor do they care. They do not even try to practice real journalism. Another dictum in the reporter’s trade was, “A burro is an ass. A burrow is a hole in the ground. A reporter should know the difference.” They usually don’t, at least as regards the mysterious and inexplicable reaches of Flyover Land.

For all the brainsthat many of them deploy,  they are not savvy pols. In Trump’s first victory, Washington had no idea why he won, why people voted for him, no idea of the anger in the country and why it was there.

On Capitol Hill, you sit around the kitchen drinking good wine and wondering whether to order out for Thai or maybe from this chic Mongolian kitchen, or perhaps go to this really great Turkish restaurant. Even in the kitchen it can be at least a hundred bucks  for two people,  delivered by motorcycle including wine and  tip. I’m not sure, because no one bothers to check.

In Middle America, where sometimes the water isn’t fit to drink, the Deplorables think that Saturday night out for the family at KFC is a  treat.  A meal at an Indian restaurant in classy Washington would be remembered for a lifetime. Vi and I were recently guests in DC at an all-you-can- eat Brazilian joint where doing the squat-and-gobble will set you back at least a cool C-note each.  The place was packed. This is Washington. Those people hadn’t been in a KFC since college, if then.

The contempt of Washo-York elites for most of the country is intense, and the hostility is reciprocated. If Trump goes to jail, I will vote for him because of his incarceration and, if he doesn’t, from loathing of Washington. So there.

Probably none of this matters. America is so far gone in chicanery, bribery, price-fixing, and general immorality that repair is not possible. The country may go parboiled in an ego-fueled nuclear explosion. It may die gurgling as it drowns in moral slime.  But I will vote for Trump , in jail or not, from sheer loathing of the whole fetid cloacal gush in Washington. He isn’t fit to be head of toilet maintenance in a Ugandan bus station, but neither is Joe,  It willbe a joy to see the faces on Cap Hill if Trump pulls it off.


As I write, it is national election day in Mexico, where I live. To vote here, you need your INE--Instituto Nacional Electoralcard, which has your photo, home address, CURP (a sort of social security number), and signature, and  serves as a de facto national identification, necessary for most official applications and often for things like hotel registration. There also three QR codes, which I don’t knowwhat are but maybe related to fingerprints, which are taken when getting the card. After voting, you put your thumb on a pad of black ink that is almost impossible to remove in a day, at least not without taking the thumb with it.  As a rule to which there are few exceptions, all Mexican citizens can vote in federal elections, no matter where they are or how they got there.  If your domicile is in, say, Jalisco, you can also vote for governor, mayor, and other venues that apply to you. If you are incapacitated, there are officials who will come to your home to register your vote, which is kept secret.

Seems  reasonable, but maybe worth a try anyway.




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  • Such reasonable voting measures have been declared as “vote suppression” and ruled illegal.

    The US has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. The increasing chaos is merely the prelude to the judgment coming.

  • Very solid on the divide between the Wanks and the Deplorables, and yet more acute on the fact that nothing can save the Gem of The Ocean now. Still, a revenge vote for Trump is hard bullet to bite for me. I’m writing in Julian Assange.

  • I will vote for Trump even if he does not make it to the ballot or election day. Further, I will not vote for anyone else of either major political party for any office. I may even write in Fred or George Carlin

  • Get me on the mailing list, please.

  • I have disliked Trump since first becoming aware of his existence. In 1983 I saw a one-column wide, one inch deep b&w mug shot in the NY Post of a smug, entitled, rich boy face, and my first thought was this guy is WRONG. Nothing he has said or done since has changed this opinion.
    Vote for him if you will, but if Trump is president it isn’t America.
    This doesn’t address the topi of your discontent, but them’s my thoughts.

    • What did Trump do as POTUS that you have issues with?
      Do you care if the conviction was unjust, rigged and in violation of laws?

      • I can’t speak for Morris, but I can speak to you: FOOL! Trump starting making claims that the 2020 election was going to be dirty, and then after election day, he started making more and more claims.

        You know what Tramp *didn’t* produce? Evidence. He simply repeated over and over again that there had been election fraud, and gullible people like you fell for it.

        • The evidence for fraud is obvious – who, even with IQs lower than 100, could possibly vote for Biden?

        • The people involved in the election fiasco are not going to come forward and admit guilt. This means if there is evidence, it will not be brought forward.

          • Anonymous:

            The people involved in the election fiasco are not going to come forward and admit guilt. This means if there is evidence, it will not be brought forward.

            You say the election was a fiasco, but in the very next sentence, you concede that evidence for this has not been “brought forward.”

            You believe something, but you don’t have evidence for it. That is a perfect example of stupidity and foolishness.

        • There is a great deal of evidence of a stolen 2020 election in Az, WI, PA, GA. Your favorite news outlets have ignored all of this. 2020 was stolen. Biden is not legitimate.

        • Evidence is hard to prove. Do you think any of the illegal immigrants who managed to vote are going to come forward and say, ‘I voted in the election illegally, please throw me in jail or deport me.’
          The same with anyone else.

        • Rico, do you seriously believe Joe Biden got more votes than any other president in history, let alone Trump? And do you still think Hunter’s laptop is fake and created by Russians, like 51 of our nation’s “intelligence” experts still do? There are some low-information voters and retards who do. Are you one of them?

          • Why do you bring up Hunter’s laptop? What does it have to do with the election? You are changing the subject, which is a common argumentation technique of the dishonest and those with inferior intelligence. It is no difference from whataboutism.

            As for the weak argument, “Biden got more votes than any other president in history,” there were more votes cast than in any other presidential election in history. Is that suspicious? Or is that what you would expect for a country with a population which has increased over the past 200-odd years?

            I have heard some of the retards (who agree with you) claim that Biden’s total votes being higher that Obama’s is evidence of something fishy. They don’t consider the fact that Trump also got more votes in 2020 than Obama ever got.

            This is stupidity because it is searching for evidence to support a conclusion.

  • Hell just froze over. Proud of ya, Fred. You’re obviously smarter than you look…

  • Jim, your comments are so full of logical fallacies, I would be hard-pressed to lay out rational, opposing points of view in the time I have left on this sphere. I humbly suggest a few courses in Formal Logic. There’s a chance you may come to your senses…

  • Anonymous. You’re obviously not as smart as you look. BWSG

  • We might live in a technological age, but our brains are stilled wired to be primates relying on primitive emotions to react to stimuli. That toxic brew is the basis of our troubled democracy. 50% of our behaviors, according to Identical Twin Studies, are genetically determined. I.e. prewired. Our morality is not much more than the morality of screaming and raging monkeys: we form coalitions and social groups to dominate others, thinking that our side is always right. The weaker members of the tribe parasitically sponge off the success of the tribe. Both Male and Female primates, but especially females, have better genetic success by having offspring with other tribes, so they tend to form hatred of their own tribe, seeking to join other tribes (this is observed in troops of monkeys and apes). We saw that in the George Floyd riots: In Minneapolis and St. Paul, the single white females nearly outnumbered the number of rampaging blacks with whom they allied. There is nothing superior in any of our moralities that guide our failed democracy. It’s primate morality and morality of the herd. Our government succeeded slightly, when it was based on rational reasoning, but with passage of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act and subsequent illegal migration, the mean IQ of our voting base is falling and so will rational reasoning. We are in for a violent and rough ride.

    • And who, exactly, is this “we” of whom you speak?. To refer to highly dubious studies of people with identical DNA and apply this to over 9 billion people is statistically invalid apart from being just plain wrong.
      You can speak for yourself buster – but you dont speak for me or anyone I know. And I majored in genetics and it formed the basis of my Masters Sc. thesis.

      • The statistical methods of Identical Twin Studies have been often questionable. But, the NIH has shown the publication trends in the Behavioral Genetics fields has exploded in the last 14 years. Over 3000 human quantitative genetic (QG) publications (e.g., twin and adoption studies), occurred in just 2010 to 2014, so it’s a serious science. Also, I’m seeing many textbooks on the field that seem targeted to upper undergraduate and graduate-level students.

        Wiki articles are generally poor, but its science articles are often impressive, contributed by people in the field. They are suggesting structural equation modeling (SEM) is plugging the gaps filled by the earlier flawed statistical methods.

  • I dont think there is another country in the entire world, except maybe some jungle tribesmen, if you can call them a country, that doesnt have workable elections. In Indian rural districts, the same trick of an ink stamp on the back of the hand visible for a few days, works well. In Australia, where I ended up refusing to either vote or register, it is an enforced requirement to register as a voter in your district. At elections you are required by law to turn up and get your name crossed off, after producing ID, usually for most your drivers licence. You are not, as many fools believe, forced to cast a vote. As far as I know, the ONLY nation where none of this applies is America, which seems totally incapable of organising fraud proof voting – which of course, tells you all need to know about the sort of Government which rules, no matter what name it calls itself or colours it paints itself. It’s a corrupt, Kleptocratic Police State, end of discussion.

  • Here’s a small blurb from Andrew Jackson’s inauguration party in 1829, I believe;

    ” The surging crowd made mingling impossible, and as people pushed toward Jackson and lunged toward refreshments, they collided with fragile furniture and shoved servants laden with punch bowls and trays of food. Waiters trying to maneuver with a large bowl of spiked orange punch crashed into a crowd and spilled it all on the carpet. Men in work boots, straining to see Jackson, stood on expensive upholstered furniture.3 That such people were even present at so august an event represented the triumph of democracy to some. To others, the much-reported mayhem demonstrated the danger of giving the ungovernable rabble political rights. Both views were exaggerations.” PS: Nobody was arrested of went to Club Fed for 5 years

    Trump is a son of a bitch but there’s a covered administration is beyond my ability to rationalize, and I’m 77 years old….Da Frenchman

  • I certainly don’t disagree with any of Fred’s major points here, but Trump wasn’t prosecuted or convicted for boinking Stormy Daniels. He was charged with (if I understand correctly–haven’t followed this any deeper than the headlines) using campaign funds to pay her to keep the affair quiet.

    Regardless of the legality, I think it was a mistake for him to do that. If the affair had come out, it wouldn’t have cost him any votes he hadn’t already lost with the “grab ’em by the pussy” quote, and might have gained him a few.

    • No. Trump was charged with falsifying records, .. a New York statute whose violation is a misdemeanor. Trump signed a non-discloser agreement with Stormy Daniels, to suppress an alleged liaison with her. The prosecutor claimed the Trump organization marked this in its internal records as “attorney expenses,” rather than as a “campaign expense.” The Federal Election Commission has ruled these are not campaign expenses, so they should be marked as legal expenses, but the Judge refused to allow this Federal expert to testify. The statute of limitations on these statutes expired long ago, so the prosecuting attorney, working with the Judge, said this misdemeanor was violated in an attempt to commit a more serious felony. That allowed them to keep the records violation alive. The Judge ruled that they did not have to show what felony was committed, only an “intent.” Nowhere in the indictment does it show what felony he committed. Legal experts on both the Left and Right are appalled that Trump was essentially charged and found guilty of a felony not stated in the indictment, nor in the trial. It’s a Banana Republic show trial.

      • You got it right Ruralguy absolutely and succinctly — straight to the point and no BS. Donald Trump was held hostage by a Kangaroo Court. Why is Trump hated in New York City? He is successful and people never forgive you of being successful.

        There is no other human being in the US capable of righting the sinking American ship besides Donald Trump . It may only last for four years but that is four years longer than America would last under Biden or any other Democrat as POTUS.


    • Thanks to the biased judge and unqualified affirmative action DA, Trump gained more money and more votes from his conviction than he could have without the trial and spending millions of his dollars. A lot of voters on the fence are sick of watching our two-tiered justice system being rubbed in our faces and will vote for Trump merely out of spite. Biden has proven he can’t walk and chew gum simultaneously, and Kamala is almost worse.

  • In my last company of 9,000, the highest ranked were smug, rude, crude, foul mouthed and hated by all. When they visited, they acted as royalty. But they ‘got the job done’. My company made huge profits and our stock increased every year which benefitted all of us who survived the ‘annual corrections’, 5% top-down layoffs, even in good years. That was actually a huge moral boost for the 95% of us who resented co-workers and superiors who were not carrying their weight. It was a great working environment. Eventually we were bought in a friendly take-over by UTC, of Fortune 100 fame. Our stock tripled. I retired early.

    When I see Trump on TV, I shiver and sneer, but I expect he is one of those who will ‘get the job done’.

  • Hi Fred, I have been reading for upwards of 15 years. I would like to hear your juxtaposition on the sensible voting practices of Mexico and the assassination of 37 candidates (and that the surviving winner is a Jew!)

  • Biden is senile and corrupt. Trump is a liar and Sociopath. Such a deal. As usual, the classic “lesser of two evils.”

    The actress Talulah Bankhead never voted and her father was Speaker of the House. She said that voting only encourages them.

    • Liar based on what? Sociopath based on what? Because the mainstream media told you? Big tech told you? Facts please.

  • >>>… the prosecuting attorney, working with the Judge, said this misdemeanor was violated in an attempt to commit a more serious felony. That allowed them to keep the records violation alive. The Judge ruled that they did not have to show what felony was committed, only an “intent.”…

    Small corrections:

    (A) Statute of Limitations in NY is 5 years for a Felony; these acts happened in 2016/2017, and Statute should have expired, but our friend Coumo, while still Governor, declared SofL was “tolled” during Covid, and also whenever the (guilty criminal !!) was out of State, as in FL, or NJ, etc., etc.

    (B) The law under which T was prosecuted (not the judge or prosecutor) speaks to intent, and merely intending is all that’s required, under that law, to make you guilt of a felony. That they turned it into 34 counts is theater.
    Popcorn ….for the for the folks in Rio Linda.

  • The Democrat Party is a Marxist Revolutionary Party. If this is not stopped peacefully via legitimate fair and honest elections it’s game over. The Republic is finished.

  • Looks to me that all these different Trump sitcoms (trials) purpose is to drive everyone into Trump/Biden camps, neither of whom are fit for office of any kind. Everything I’m reading here indicates that it is working. Team sports at the highest level.

  • The ‘crats can’t have ID as a basis for voting because that would end their “manipulation” of the polls.

    Frankly I am waiting for a true leader and then a ruling that is utterly unaceptable for the WAR to begin.

  • “It will be a joy to see the faces on Cap Hill if Trump pulls it off.

    This reminds me of Richard Pryor’s line (in “Stir Crazy”?) when he told Gene Wilder that the prisoners would not rape him because they like it, but they just wanted to see the look on his face.

    Seems like a perfectly good reason the vote for Trump.

  • ‘A burro is an ass. A burrow is a hole in the ground’

    So – Ass hole?

  • Note to Denis: so Trump never lies? Yes, he is God’s annointed one. He’s kind of like a Jesus with a funny haircut and an extra 100 Lbs. perhaps a junior varsity messiah?

    • Roger your comments Will. Indeed, I think that Donald Trump is the “chosen one”. He is the very best we have had since Ronald Reagan — just note the crowds of tens thousands he musters over and over. Biden and the Dems are good to muster 500. There is no other Dem or Republican that can put the top back on the can of worms and avert a WW III.

      America saved Europe and the world twice in the past hundred years. We can’t do it again with our $34 Trillion Nat Debt, a Woke Military 40,000 recruits deficient, little to no patriotic motivation among our youth, our prestigious universities teaching anti-America and antisemitism. America is Soft –as a nation we are no longer hungry.


    • Note to Will: that’s an elaborate non-point. Congratulations for being wordy and saying nothing of substance.

  • Let me tell you why I am voting for him Fred. Because Donald Trump exposes the fucking crazies on all sides of the political spectrum. TDS is consumes both the left and the right. These people have no ability to use nuanced thinking. Say the name Trump and most of them start smearing shit on the walls. You know who are. 😁

    As for me, I do not trust him. He seems to be more involved with big money than before. In all likelihood he’s just another Zionist. That being said, I believe he could still do good things though I am not confident we can avoid some very tough scenarios. Our comeuppance seems pre ordained at this point.

    But, oh yeah you pretty much have to vote for him. Us non delusional folks pretty much understand we are NOT exactly swimming in options.

  • All those “safeguards,” and still majority-Catholic Mexico was enlightened enough to elect a female chosen one from the Tribe.

  • I remember reading David Cole’s angry response to the aborted January 6 coup three and a half years ago. I believe that you will find that more conservatives were horrified by rather than sympathetic to the sorry sack rioters on that fateful day. The reason, of course, is because of our educational system. In our public schools, children (especially boys) quickly learn the “Law of Club and Fang,” as Jack London puts it. We learn that it is never, ever OK to defy authority, whether it is in the form of our parents, teachers, babysitters, police officers, government bureaucrats, or rulers.
    Liberals like to say that the “Golden Rule” means that whoever has the gold makes the rules. However, I think it really means that whoever has the club makes the rules, how they are enforced, who will obey them, and who will receive what punitive sanctions if the rules are broken. Right now, the Socialist Left has this club and is using it not too subtly to break Trump into submission. Anyone who has lived under a totalitarian regime like the Chinese, the Eastern European, or the Middle Easterner knows not to mess with the man with the club.
    No, Biden and his family are not going to face a lick of scrutiny over their handling of Ukraine. I suspect that in 5 centuries, historians will state that endemic political corruptions was one of the major causes for the collapse of the United States. The BLM rioters of 2020 won’t face any prosecution. It took more than a century for the Left to master the art of social control. We better think of how to confiscate the club from the Left before they make any more stupid moves.

  • Roger reasoned comments, Fred. Pleased to hear you will be voting for Trump as will I and millions more Americans. Trump is the ONLY choice if America is going to have even a breath of fresh air for four more years. I can think on NO OTHER American citizen who has the Moxey to stop the chaos in the world with a semblance of a Balance of World Power. We have driven Russia to China. I heard the other day that the Ukraine will never become a member of NATO without a nuclear exchange; moreover, Russia has been badly depleted. A neutral Ukraine is not a threat to American security and Putin is not a Hitler. Trump will fix it and more.


  • Trump will fix it and more? Such confidence. Perhaps he can change water into wine while he’s at it?

  • “The media make constant reference to the “insurrection” supposedly martialed by Trump against the Capitol”

    Fred that should be “marshalled” not martialed.

  • Yes… the entire fetid, rotting system is corrupt. Utterly irredeemably irretrievably corrupt. And there is more than enough blame to go around. First in line for excoriation would be your profession….journalism. Which is now just another name for PROPAGANDA. In the past reporters would inform Americans of the corruption. Now they aid and abet it. It’s a major reason why the corruption was able to become system wide, endemic. A once occasionally respectable career now totally evil.

  • Without Trump there is no chance of fixing any thing.
    With Trump there is some chance of fixing some things.

  • The quasi religious, messianic reverence for Trump is curious. Why? He is a carnival barker with a funny haircut. Please explain this bizarre situation.

    • For some reason Will, I don’t think you want to understand and probably never will. Your mind is made up. Fred and millions of others including myself understand the great potential of Donald Trump. I pray that he is elected again. Four more years of the Democrat Bidenistas spells disaster for America i.e. It’s OVER……


    • Voting for Trump is the only antidote for anyone with TDS. I feel sorry for all those with this affliction, but there is a cure if only they will hold their nose and take their medicine. Otherwise, they will be seen on the evening news in November like that unfortunate girl in NY in 2016, falling to her knees in the street and sobbing hysterically.

  • Jack,

    Please explain this “great potential” of Trump that you mention. Potential for what? Tax cuts for the rich? Obedience to the obnoxious, religious right? I used to be a Republican but left due to the influence of the despicable religious right.

    • Here is how I see it Will. Donald Trump is a phenomenon — sort of a rolling monolith — millions love this man. Not saying he has magical powers but it seems close. I am surprised “they” have not tried to kill him! He is a bit rough at times but that’s what America needs at this moment. Rough and Raw Leadership with no pussyfooting around. No one in America has the charisma, the leadership or the energy to do the things Trump is capable of doing. No Republican or Democrat or Independent in my book come even close.

      I don’t side with the Republicans all the time and Damn sure not the Democrats. The Republicans are their own worst enemy much of the time while most Democrats can’t think but lock step and do what the person in power says. Perhaps they are the Stupid Left? The Religious Right is just another group off the deep right end. Groups don’t matter — Results do. We had a peaceful world from 2016-2020 — a balance of world power. We had a great economy at home, crime, inflation, the border and more under control. It was America again until 2022.

      Donald Trump can do it again in the middle of the burning chaotic world caused by Joe Biden almost single-handedly. People may not like Trump but he is the only choice for the survival of America. There just “Ain’t” anyone else. He is the man for the times. Many people hate Trump because he is not a politician and HE IS SUCCESSFUL! People will forgive you for a lot except being successful.

      Trump needs our support — He loves America!


      –Jack B

  • On voting in Mexico – that should keep those pesky American illegals from voting. Trump should have had a step-daughter to diddle; he’d never be prosecuted for that. Oh wait, only if he was a Democrat.


  • Jack,

    Well, I think that your hero is going to win. I hope that he does not disappoint you. Just don’t be surprised if those deportations of the illegal aliens are in the thousands not millions. Remember, the billionaires like the cheap labor.

    • Keep the faith Will, in America and in Donald Trump. America today is a great disappointment for me. Trump has never disappointed me and never will. He can only do so much. Whatever he does will be so much better than Joe Biden has done “to” America. Ever how many illegals he deports will be be better than Biden. Everyone likes cheap labor! Trump will close the border and more. Yes indeed Trump is my hero even more so than John Wayne!

      –Jack B

  • Jack,

    You realize that John Wayne was never in the armed forces? He portrayed Marines and soldiers in the movies, but it was pretend, not the real deal. He was a better actor than critics give him credit for.

  • Sorry Fred seem to have embraced all sort of lies and conspiracy theories. He once seemed levelheaded.

    Lets take it point by point:

    1) There is a difference looting a wallmart or the Capitol during change of government. Thats why they are being punished harder. Not because they are white or Trump supporters.

    2) Trump is a felon, not because he fu**ked a porn star, but because he falsified business records.

    3) Neither Biden nor his son, has done anything criminal nor corrupt in Ukraine. You are pedling russian lies. The Biden administration is supporting democracy and self determination and the rule of law. Trump is supporting the dictators of the world.

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