White Nationalism: Interesting Idea, Not Too Practical

The congenitally alarmed express horror and perturbation over White Nationalists, of whom they know little. They seem to think–or perhaps hope, life being boring in Washington, that in conjunction with the election of Trump, WhyNats will bring back lynching.

This is overwrought. In fact WhyNats are seldom awful enough to be interesting, or awful at all, and in any event are self-limiting and in no danger of gaining power.

Most of their ideas, as I understand them, amount to cultural conservatism, and would garner a massive following if not associated with hostility to too many groups. Whynats want to close the southern border, suppress rampant crime, end ranting against whites, end birthright citizenship,  revive scholastic standards, end affirmative action, let people live where and among whom they please, reinstate the primacy of European culture, and deport illegal immigrants.  These seem reasonable enough, except maybe the last, since throwing ten or twenty million people across the border might prove impractical.

The fly in the White Nationalist ointment is their hostility to other races, ethnicities, religions and, well, almost everybody.  Again as I understand them, WhyNats are against the thirteen percent of the population who are black, the nineteen percent and climbing who are Hispanic, the six percent and climbing who are Asian, the two percent who are Jewish, against Democrats and liberals, and by strong implication southern Europeans, sexual curiosities and Moslem’s, many of whom are white. This leaves enough Americans to populate a small-town PTA meeting. Maybe.

How is this going to work in a country still governed by elections, however rigged? Antagonizing almost everybody is not practical politics. The aforementioned rascals vote.

Incoherency sometimes afflicts WhyNat thinking which, for example, often divides people into white and nonwhite. This puts a naked savage in the wilds of Papua New Guinea in the same category as a Chinese theoretical physicist. The view is lacking in demographic granularity. In a country that is increasingly non-white, this starkly binary understanding allows no compromise, negotiation, or modus vivendi. Whatever its appeal, it isn’t going to work. It isn’t practical politics.

The crucial divide is not between whites and everybody else but between blacks and everybody else. Whites, browns, and yellows seldom push each other in front of subway trains, beat people into comas, engage in mass looting, or regard the firefight as their preferred form of social interaction.

While most things that WhyNats want are cultural and political and thus (I hope: see list above) at least theoretically possible, there is in White Nationalism a strong and explicit desire to maintain the genetic purity of the white race. This is neither unusual nor, as far as I can see, reprehensible. Many races, religions, and ethnic groups oppose outmarriage. But in America it isn’t politically practical.

The regnant fact is that America is a multiracial country.  Love it, hate it, or focus on an urgent need to sort your socks, this is the fact. Anybody who dreams of racial homogeneity needs to stop smoking that Drano. It isn’t good for you. Groups that want to maintain purity can marry each other, but there will be massive leakage around the edges. I recently read a Pew (I think) survey saying that forty percent of third-generation Latinos marry out.

Does anyone think the hi-tech world is going to fire, or deport, the multitudinous Chinese scientists and programmers on whom America now depends? Orr forbid them to date their white fellow tech-heads?  As a young man I lived in Taiwan and found the girls to be smart, beautiful, and classy. Young white men enthusiastically agree. The condition is called “yellow fever” and it is not transmitted by mosquitoes.

Latinos? Much the same applies. Mexican girls are often disastrously pretty and, when speaking unaccented American English,are not very exotic. They will not repel young Anglo guys. Americans can approve, accept, or deplore this. They can approve, accept, ordeplore sunrise. The effect will be the same. Short of a law forbidding intermarriage, which is not a practical goal, there is no      practical way to prevent intermarriage. Or support for doing so.

WhyNats dream of an all-white America. Fine. As a dream it has its appeal: no slavery, perhaps no Civil War, no Jim Crow, race riots, burning cities, depressed educational standards, uncontrolled crime, open borders. Oldsters remember the Fifties, wen kids could leave their bikes anywhere and find them on their return and children could engage in sprawling games of hide and seek after dark in safety. This was real. I was there.

But in 1619 the Historic American Nation, progenitors of today’s White Nationalists,  began importing blacks and continued in high volume until at least 1808. Having imported them, they now complain of their presence.  perhaps they owe the rest of us reparations.

The WhyNat idea, often explicit and usually implied, “We founded this nation. It is ours,” will not fly in the polls when the vast majority of voters have nothing in common with the Historic  American Nation. Again, not practical politics.

Another example of political misjudgementis the defense by at least some major WhyNats of everything whites have ever done. Slavery, for example, and colonialism. As a matter of political practicality–that word again–the only possible position is, “Slavery was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Period.”” But a mixture of die-hard Southerness and retrospective conservative romanticism  keeps this from being said. WhyNats, not unreasonably,  tend to revere such founding figures of America as Jefferson, Washington, and Lee, all of whom owned slaves. Imagine trying to justify slavery in a televised debate. Yes, the Greeks had slaves. No, the Bible doesn’t forbid slavery. This doesn’t matter. The word is political death.

Some of the things WhyNats want seem to be coming into being, such as restored standards for entrance to universities and abandonment of the sillier forms of affirmative action. Splendid. They are not coming about because of White Nationalism. The administrations of Harvard and MIT are not White Nationalists, though it might be a good thing if they were.

Meanwhile assimilation runs apace, apparently little noticed. To repeat from an earlier column: Some years ago a reader, a retired ophthalmologist of East European descent, offered to arrange an appointment for me with an eye surgeon at Johns Hopkins. The star surgeon turned out to be Yassine Daoud, a Lebanese street urchin who, by brains, luck, and Harvard Med, ended at Johns Hopkins. On a later trip, I saw Deepika Sha at Eye Doctors of Washington, who by her name and slight brownness seemed to be of origins east of Suez. University of Virginia undergrad, Penn for medical school, long list of awards and such. The clinic’s insurance woman was named Martinez. At my bank in Virginia the assistant manager and perhaps a teller were Mexican. When I looked in Austin for an ophthalmologist, she was Annie Chan, Chinese, and her clinic’s office staff were bilingual Mexicans. (The doctors are Googleable.)  Does anyone think this is going to stop? How?

White Nationalism? Interesting idea, just not too practical. .


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  • All the big words and pontificating aside one fundamental fact remains. Diversity + proximity = conflict. And when all the White has been bred out of western. humanity who will keep civilization running? The Chinese? The Japanese? Russia? Russia can’t keep the cork in the vodka bottle and they are congenitally paranoid, resulting in the desire to control satellite buffer countries. Not a good way to advance civilization. A return to the ways of the USSR is not a step forward.

    The Japanese refuse to breed and are rapidly aging into extinction . They are non players in the world’s future.

    The Chinese would happily exterminate all non Chinese. For a society/ethnicity/culture that is thousands of years old virtually all their accomplishments since we removed Japan from that country are based on work/ideas/technology that they bought, stole or acquired through bribery from others, primarily the US. Not the hallmark of a group that will be a vanguard for the future.

    There’s a pretty good argument to be made that if the loonies succeed in eradicating white culture, society and people humanity will at best stagnate and possibly regress to another dark ages. But sadly humans are for the most part NOT an intelligent species, merely a clever one.

    • > Diversity + proximity = conflict.

      Perhaps. Assume it’s true. What then?

      Ending diversity means deporting a whole lot of “diverse” folks. As Fred says, it won’t happen.

      Ending proximity means segregating those same folks. And again, it simply will not happen.

      So I repeat, what then? The only way any American is going to avoid “diversity + proximity” would be to find somewhere uninhabited, and move there.

      I hear the moon is available, at least for now.

      • ‘Ending diversity means deporting a whole lot of “diverse” folks.’

        No, it means assimilation, fitting in. A whole lot harder now that diversity has caught fire
        and expects to spread.

  • Well said

  • In today’s USA it is not enough to agree it is illegal, impractical and impossible, you must agree it is unthinkable. No animosity allowed against designated special people, like blacks, Jews, Gays, Trans, woke. No personal value judgements on certain subjects.
    Acting on hate, racism, or other listed biases is wrong and unlawful in the USA. That’s what the people, this society decided. But thinking is still allowed. For now.

  • “Oldsters remember the Fifties, wen kids could leave their bikes anywhere and find them on their return and children could engage in sprawling games of hide and seek after dark in safety. This was real. I was there.”


    There’s really no point in saying anything else here, whether I agree or disagree, because you only replied (via email) one time ‘about’ 15 years ago (give or take).

  • Russia has the largest number of ethnic groups in the world. 185 different ethnic groups. Represented in all levels of government. More than 100 different languages. Religions range from orthodox Christians to Muslims, Buddhists, Jew and Protestants. 13% identify as atheist. Yet, the country is more unified than most western countries. They all embrace a common Russian culture. The US and most of the West no long has a common culture.

    • It did not used to be that way. Official religion of the USSR was Atheism.
      Stalin and his iron rule forced all those people to live peaceably, with conflicts resolved by political influence, deportation to the Gulag.

    • Being big is rarely better. There have been many giant, diverse corporations (we used to call them conglomerates) that finally grew so big they toppled over and are no more. Too many diverse parts.

  • P.S. I meant to put my call sign (MekongDelta69) on my msg. above from June 19, 2024 at 4:54 pm

  • The future will find an ugly remedy for this ugly situation. Presently, the two fractious political parties that rule the U.S. Government are engaged in a civil war with each other, the Dems now crossing the Rubicon of civility by attempting to arrest and imprison the opposition. There is no functioning Federal Government. Our Government only exists because it has the ability to tax and spend $6 trillion per year. It will not last long.

    When it fails, those who depend on the Federal and State Government will also be allowed to fail, because there will be no safety nets in a failed non-homogenous nation. Non-homogenous nations inherently lack trust, so a replacement government will not easily form.
    People will be focused on helping their own. We have many examples of what happens to a nation that fails: China from its massive opium addictions in the early 20th century, Germany from its post-WW1 failure, and the Soviet Union in its Communist collapse. None were pretty. It will be far worse for us, because there will be a very limited world economy following our collapse. The dollar is the World’s reserve currency. Following its collapse, there will be a severe world-wide economic depression.

    • Hey ruralguy, you have a grasp on America’s future indeed. We are headed to a big crunch due to our own fault. We are no longer a hungry nation — fat dumb and not so happy. This diversity crap is just that – CRAP. I believe in the market approach relative to our future — what we need. When the lights go out in America they will surely grow much dimmer in the rest of the world. The Golden goose will have stopped laying those golden eggs of obscene National Debt. We must learn to live with other interests in America but not hoards of illegals. I just wish more Blacks would be interested in saving America…. they are a real drag. Obama had the chance of a life time to lead the Blacks into a productive world — he failed miserably!

      It is not about just Whites anymore but it needs to be about America — the great melting pot. Times are going to be bad. We CAN get along. We need to save our money in terms of gold, silver and dry land for survival. Can’t say it’s going to be interesting but it’s going to be a trip. For those who can manage to keep some assets it will be a softer landing. I don’t think our children understand that or have a clue what is to beset the world. Experience creates wisdom. Read the Fourth Turning available on Amazon.


  • Hmmm… This one is a painful read, Fred. White nationalism is an interesting idea? It’s a horseshit idea in the actual world, and not entertained but as a fantasy in the minds of the deluded, the defective, and the desperate, who hate and fear the idea of a common humanity. It’s the ethic of Flem Snopes, writ large. Racial purity..? Achtung!
    What races? There are no races, amigo mio. It’s a terrified sociologist’s invention.

    Are many things done by Liberals wanky and stupid and showboat. Nearly everything, lately. The fire in them died decades ago. But to say waynats are conservative is like saying Nero was a musician. It’s a sick and brutal aberration, and we’re going to get plenty more of it shortly, to replace the doddering schlub now holding court in The Empire. The only good news is that none of this matters in the terminal glide path of this fucked up failed state.

  • Fred repeats the oft-cited two percent figure for Jews in the US. This is probably about right if by Jews you mean only those who practice Judaism, but it understates considerably the number who are of Jewish ancestry, especially if you include the children of intermarriage.

    My extended family (brothers and first cousins) is 100% Ashkenazi Jewish, but among us there are more practicing Christians than practicing Jews. None of us had children with Jewish spouses. We may not be typical Jews, but I’m sure we’re not unique.

  • Trump talks a great game but will he be able to stop the immigration flow if he wins in November?

    Fred, you are correct that there will not be mass deportations. But hopefully convicted felons can be quickly removed and face a prison term if they return. Do we have the motivation to do this?

    • “Trump talks a great game but will he be able to stop the immigration flow if he wins in November?”

      I don’t believe Trump is serious about stopping immigration, or ever was. Why should he be? His businesses profit as much as any from cheap labor–probably more so than most, considering the demographics of the typical hotel housekeeping staff. Immigration is an issue he can win with just by talking the talk, because no one else does even that.

      • We need to hide and watch Rex. No one knows what Trump will do. That’s what makes him such a great choice for POTUS and leader of the free world. Donald Trump is the very last chance for America and the free world for that matter. Joe Biden is driving us more and more every day to WW III due to his ineptness and pee poor leadership. We have no other choice. No other human in the US has the potential for America as does Donald Trump….. IMNOHO.


    • Some forcible deportations have to be done.
      A great number will self-deport given the right incentives – return to your home country, you have, say, 2 months to months to do so, or penalties begin to accrue.
      If we citizens have to live with civil asset forfeiture so can illegal aliens.
      And, and eliminate laws enabling chain immigration and anchor babies.

  • I have an idea to stop illegal immigration in it’s tracks and deport those who are but a burden to the USA: the French have their foreign legion, and I would create a “Corps Espanol”. Maybe even a “Corps Chinois”. Every military age adult male caught inside our borders illegally gets a five year sentence in a Corps. All light infantry only. Everyone else gets a U-turn and sent home. Training in English language as well as Army doctrine. Legal resident status afterward. Sign up for two additional years and you bring your spouse. Fiddle with the details all you want, but we get Army recruiting back up and people we want.

  • So Fred, you did a good job in showing that white supremacy is a non-issue in America. There may or may not be white supremacists in America but it doesn’t matter. The scorn directed at white males has been going on for more than five decades. You know who has the power by who you can and cannot scorn. Interesting side note: American slavery was started by the Irish and the Scottish. The KKK was started by ex-Confederate Generals who were all slave owners, and all were Irish. The NYC Draft Riots in 1863 were all started by the Irish. They went on a rampage for days murdering black men, women, and children. Including orphans. Biden has a long history of racism. His good friend was ex KKK leader Robert Byrd. Before and during the Civil War there were white abolitionist’s. In Texas, a slave state, the German community was abolitionist. Many were targeted and abused and some were murdered for these views. America has had a Celtic Supremacy problem. NOT a white supremacy problem.

  • […] White Nationalism: Interesting Idea, Not Too Practical, by Fred Reed […]

  • When whites are a minority you will see all of the great institutions disappear. We will become South Africa where the whites are persecuted and murdered. Look at all the urban areas now. That is what is coming.

  • Hey Fred, you are spot on with this one! The answer is simple. We just need to learn to live peaceably with one another and get along. Easily said but hard to accomplish with lines of ethnic hatred.

    Great Gobs of Green Bugs I don’t hate anyone! In Dixie, I was taught as a child that Blacks were not good for the rest of society. But many have climbed out of that well and done great things for America and the World. There are many more behind them who need to climb. How many great things have the Jews done for the world compared to the Muslims?

    I believe in the free market approach…. If you can hack the program regardless of color, language or ethnicity climb the ladder as high as you can. I think that is the basic concept of America.

    I don’t like any group or family who doesn’t keep a clean property, or becomes a taker on society not to pull their own weight. Even then, there is help for those who need help to get back on track or even on track. The idea of America is for all people to work toward a common goal and there is room for all ethnic groups as long as they don’t try to force their beliefs on all others.

    Perhaps my comments are an over simplification but if I learned any thing in 30 years of military service supporting America….. I did it for every America Citizen not just Whites or Indians, Jews, Blacks or any one ethnic group. We need Leadership in America and all over the world — a commodity that has taken a back seat in the last 50 years. Where have all the leaders gone?

    I think this DEI crap of the government or the CRT the military is forcing down the throats of our military members is just that C-R-A-P best left at the library books for those who want to lean of such things. We cannot force social change!

    And I like some of your big words that seem to baffle others. I look them up for my vocabulary. Yours is much better than mine.

    Thanks Fred, you are a Good American…..


  • Fred is deeply frustrating! He sees things clearly, but believes it’s hopeless.

    No one knows the future. We may be able to save ourselves. But given the real possibility of catastrophic collapse in America, it probably won’t be only by voting for candidates who love their country.

    We need to organize at the local level, into groups that can deal with whatever is coming (which may include a big war, natural catastrophes, or a social/legal/political collapse). The people here have the right idea: https://USCPT.org

    Words are important. Symbols are important. Don’t call your group a ‘militia’. Shun the Confederate Flag. (I’m an old, white Southerner. But I have no interest in indulging sentiment — I want to build the largest possible effective organization which can defend, and if necessary, re-constitute, the Republic.)

    Most people get thier political assumptions, and their ideas about how society works, from Hollywood, which continues the tradition of the old bards by portraying the world as a conflict between Good Heroes and Evil Villains … thus the popularity of conspiracy theories on the Right, and ‘woke’ moralism on the Left. But we have to do it ourselves.

    The ThreePercenters and similar groups understood this, but had inadequate political leadership, which is why they stumbled into the 6 January trap, which was a huge gift to the Left. We have to be legal and peaceful, and repel attempts by provocateurs and idiots to provoke us into doing stupid things. Let the Left go first.

    So we have to borrow a slogan from the Wobbly Joe Hill: don’t mourn, organize!

  • Outside of the skin color, we’re all the same physically inside. The reason the skin comes in different colors is explained in the this AI query:

    Human skin color varies due to several factors, primarily driven by evolutionary adaptations to different environments. Here are the key reasons for the diversity in human skin colors:

    1. Melanin production: The primary determinant of skin color is melanin, a pigment produced by cells called melanocytes. Darker-skinned individuals have more melanin, while lighter-skinned individuals have less[1].

    2. Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) exposure: There is a direct correlation between the geographic distribution of UVR and skin pigmentation around the world. Areas closer to the equator, which receive higher amounts of UVR, tend to have darker-skinned populations. Conversely, areas closer to the poles have lighter-skinned populations[1].

    3. Natural selection: Skin color has been strongly influenced by natural selection throughout human prehistory. Darker skin evolved as a protection against the harmful effects of UV radiation in tropical regions, while lighter skin evolved in areas with less sunlight to allow for sufficient vitamin D production[2][4].

    4. Vitamin D synthesis: Lighter skin in regions with less sunlight allows for more efficient vitamin D production, which is crucial for calcium absorption and bone health[2].

    5. Folate protection: Darker skin in tropical regions helps prevent the breakdown of folate, a nutrient essential for fetal development[2].

    6. Recent human migrations: In recent centuries, human migrations have led to people living in areas with very different UV levels than their ancestral homelands, creating new patterns of skin color variation[4].

    7. Genetic factors: Multiple genes are involved in determining skin color. Recent studies have identified at least 169 genes associated with human skin coloration[1].

    8. Sexual selection: In some populations, sexual selection may have played a role in the evolution of skin color differences between men and women[1].

    It’s important to note that skin color is a continuous trait, with a wide range of hues from the darkest brown to the lightest tones. The diversity in human skin colors is a testament to our species’ ability to adapt to various environments and should be celebrated as a reflection of our shared evolutionary history[4].


    With rampant intermarriage and people spending much more time indoors now that in the past, humans will tend to an equal, mulatto shade of color in the future.

    • Hey JoJo…. In your item 7, you didn’t mention genetic IQ. I am of the opinion that those humans with an IQ below 80 are ill equipped to be a productive citizen in America. I reference the Sub Saharan average IQ of 68 of which seems to be plentiful in the US.

      Skin color takes a back seat for me. What matters is cleanliness, motivation and a willingness to assimilate into the basic American society that so many other cultures seem to have done over the years.

  • The impracticality of white nationalism is not a convincing argument against it. The impracticality of the present dominant ideology (call it political correctness, wokeness, DEI, Cultural Marxism or whatever you please) has not in the least bit prevented the implementation of thoroughly screwball notions. Think of CRT, transgenderism, the cult of victimhood, the lowering of professional and educational standards, etc. etc.

    The multiculturalism that Mr. Reed here describes as inevitable is itself impractical as it leads inevitably to the nasty, unpleasant fracturing of a society. Mr. Reed himself has written eloquently on this topic (see his articles Sour Thoughts on Multiculturalism and Immigration: I’d Prefer Small Pox). How practical is a lousy, divided, hostile society?

    Garett Jones, in this book The Culture Transplant, thinks the high cost of multiculturalism is “worth the genuine risk of an ethnic riot every decade that kills two thousand people.” How practical is that? You can be sure that in the hypothetical decade between deadly riots things are not going to be peachy-creamy. Bothersome, costly and enduring hostility, resentment and insecurity will be the daily norm. I don’t find that practical at all.

  • One of the results of the European religious wars was that for more Europeans there came to be a recognition of public spaces as neutral territory with muted expressions of cultural solidarity. This did not extend everywhere (Ireland, e.g., how many Americans know why students at Syracuse U. are called “men of Orange”), but there was enough to allow us to maintain the peace.

    Something similar happened in places like China and Japan (I don’t mean that there is not a dominant culture, but that public spaces are neutral territory). This is not true for those of an intrusive “in your face” mind set. These are the demons we have loosed. Some of whom are LGBTetc., some of whom are black, and some of whom are Fred’s “whynats”.

    It is this “in your face” attitude towards public space that is a major problem.

  • Trump says that he is going to deport all 15 million illegal aliens. Round them up, put them in camps and then conduct mass deportations. Good luck with that.

    Who will harvest the crops? Who will do the lousy jobs, like in slaughterhouses? Who will do the landscaping? I don’t see young white people in line for those jobs.

    Also, remember, the billionaires want cheap labor. They will fight mass deportations. There will be deportations, but in the thousands, not millions.

  • Trump can simplify his deportation plans without trying to physically round up anyone in particular. Simply enforce:

    1. E-verify: Already on the books. When an illegal is found working for a business, arrest the OWNER/CEO, not the manager. Compliance will ensue rapidly.
    2. Eliminate all social credit systems for anyone who cannot prove citizenship via duplicate means. No welfare, no health benefits, rent subsidies, WIC benefits, EBT cards, free cash, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc.*

    *Via #2 alone, millions will self-deport. America is much more expensive than the nations from which the illegals emigrated. When illegals come here for the gibs–and cannot qualify for them–they may reverse course sooner rather than later.

    3. When these felons commit crimes they must be tried & sentenced as “already felons,” as they are committing the crime of illegal entry every day that they are here. Sentences should be stiff–with immediate deportation upon completion. No exceptions.

    • Trump better stop the stupid with regards his statement about giving green cards to foreigners that graduate from a college in these uSA.

  • Yes, the way to enforce immigration law is to arrest the CEO’s who hire large numbers of illegal aliens. If the jobs for illegals dry up, they will not come in such large numbers. Of course, the rich will not like this, so I doubt this will happen much.

  • What is with the ignorant comments that proclaim there are no races or we are all the same physically beneath the skin? A generally informed person, knows that scientifically, any forensic expert can look at dna samples or even a skeleton that has been laying in a field for 6 months and tell you what race they belong to, just by the structure of the bones. That is definitely below the skin. These things are precise and undeniable and used everyday, in every civilized place on earth. Wishful thinking to fit a woke view will not change them until everyone is equally mixed….and that is a long way off.

  • “As a young man I lived in Taiwan and found the girls to be smart, beautiful, and classy.”
    I lived and worked in mainland China for a dozen years. Yup, a lot of smart, beautiful and classy women, for sure. But you forgot one adjective. A female Chinese physics prof at the uni I worked at made the point: “All Chinese women are gold-diggers, why don’t foreign men see that?”

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