A White Imperium Ain’t Gonna Happen. Maybe a Backyard Barbecue Would Be a Better Idea

In the media there is much noise about “white extremists,” a  group said to be a threat to our (largely imaginary) democracy. There indeed exists  an ill-defined collection of racial advocates covering  a spectrum from militias in the woods of Idaho to groups calling themselves the Dissident Right, Alt Right, Race Realists (they are not), and White Nationalists (hereinafter WhyNats, not too accurately to indicate all collectively).

As things stand now, they are hardly a threat to anything. The militias are too few to amount to much and the rest a cross between a hobby and a social club. Their websites, such as Vdare.com have substantial circulation but advocate neither crime nor violence. Their  intellectual leaders, highly intelligent and of academic respectability,  are much given to conservative romanticism, dreaming of an impossible  “white imperium.” Dangerous, these latter, I think are not.

The appeal of White Nationalism is clear. It is a reaction against horrific rates of crime by blacks, cities made into no-go zones, unnecessary immigration from the south, imposed social engineering, degradation of standards, destruction of a valued culture, and the racial discrimination embodied in “affirmative action.”

WhyNats point out, correctly enough, that an all-white country would not have had slavery, perhaps the Civil War, Jim Crow, race riots, burning cities, rates of crime a wonder of the world, degraded education, and so on. The elders of the movement remember a white world in which children could play blocks-wide hide-and-seek after dark in safety, leave their bikes anywhere and find them on return. This world existed. I was there.

But we live in the world as it is, not as we would like it to be. While WhyNat opposition to crime and immigration addresses real problems, their obsession with race and reverence for whiteness smacks of the Roman senate of 450, in late collapse. Some write of establishing a white dominion in which Eurowhites would have their proper place as masters of the world. But this is not an age for the thinking of Cato the Elder (“China screwenda est.”) Other races and peoples rise.  We don’t have to like it but we have to deal with it.

So what is the state of racial affairs in the Great Squirrel Cage north of Mexico?  Could massive unrestricted immigration from Latin America or black crime and dysfunction lead to a social explosion, as WhyNats believe and sometimes hope? What influence  do WhyNats have? What is the actual racial composition of America and where might it be leading?

Facts:The US is now thirteen percent black, eighteen percent Latino and climbing, six percent Asian and climbing, and two percent Jewish. (These latter of course are white but WhyNats seem to regard them as another race.) Over half of children eighteen and under in America are not white, making a non-white majority an arithmetic inevitability. California is more Latino than white. Texas has an absolute Latino majority. Hispanics  now vote in numbers that have both parties courting them. No white imperium is likely to come of thi in Americas.

Nor abroad, where Whites diminish both in influence and as a proportion of world population, the white colonial dominion has receded faster than it grew. Europe tears itself apart with wars and invites heavy immigration from Africa.  The economic and technological centers of gravity of the world move eastward. China is more  powerful than the Europe that recently ruled the world, Japan than any but perhaps Germany of the minor countries that collectively we call Europe. Psychometrists point out that East Asians are more intelligent than Eurowhites. A white imperium, anywhere, seems unlikely. Whether it would be a good idea doesn’t matter. It isn’t going to happen.

Latinos? America on average seems insufficiently concerned about them to mount any concerted policy. While many Americans and some states strongly oppose immigration, others don’t. Multitudinous “sanctuary” states, cities, and other jurisdictions protect illegal immigrants. Some order their police not to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. The mass deportations of tens of millions desired by many WhyNats are nonsensical. In any event most  Latinos, being citizens, cannot be deported. Being angry about this doesn’t change it.

A problem for WhyNats of deportational leanings is that Latinos simply are not behaving badly enough. In California, relations between Latinos and their outnumbered white neighbors can best be described as boring. Even in Texas, opposition seems more to immigration than to immigrants, with no race riots or lynchings. None of this makes deportation, or other concerted policies against Latinos, at all likely. When something isn’t going to happen, it doesn’t matter whether it would be a good idea.

While WhyNats object to immigrants on  practical grounds, often justified,   many of their complaints are nonsensical. Some defects of immigrants are said by WhyNats to be genetic and immutable: high birth rates, the carrying of diseases, the throwing of trash everywhere, low intelligence, and illiteracy. Little of this is true, and none is immutable. For example, the CIA World Factbook puts literacy in Mexico at 95 percent, total births per woman at 1.73, average age at first birth at 21.3. (Note: In recent years the total births in the Fact Book has been at very barely over 2.1, replacement. The 1.73 figure seems odd. In any event, the population is not exploding.) The Mexican middle class, among whom I live, is no more criminal than the white American middle class. Mexico is not remotely a place of adobe huts and donkeys. For example, the  country has a great many universities and symphony orchestras. A booming business in medical tourism exists with gringos thronging across the border for good and far cheaper care. All of this can easily be confirmed online. Check any Mexican city in Google photos and look for trash.

The California Institute of Technology, perhaps the country’s most demanding technical university, does not practice affirmative action. According to the federal National Center for Education Statistics, the proportion of Latino students has risen from 3.6 percent in 1980  to 22.3 percent in 2021. (No stats given for WhyNats.)

Since the sixty million Latinos show no sign of leaving, it might seem reasonable for WhyNats to accommodate to reality and encourage amicable relations.  They don’t. They can’t. Their real objection to immigration is to racial intermarriage, which they call miscegenation, probably because of its faintly obscene ring. They regard it with squeamishness and anger. In today’s America, this attitude  is thought disgraceful, though of course most racial, ethnic, and even religious groups have opposed outmarriage.

Who opposes what makes no difference. Latina girls are often disastrously pretty. Speaking native American English–language being a major marker of difference– and pecking at their cellphones like everybody else they will not seem very foreign. Young Anglo men will not be repelled. At all. Even a little. Talking about whether intermarriage is or isn’t foul and against God is as pointless as discussing whether to accept gravitation.

Finally, WhyNats seem to  form their notions of Latinos by focusing on recent  arrivals, who in fact are poor, badly educated, seldom speak English, and are a genuine burden on society. They are a compelling argument for closing the border. However, closing the border does nothing about Latino citizens north of said border.

Further, America depends on Latin labor in agriculture, construction, the hotel industry, restaurants and, increasingly as receptionists, secretaries, and bank clerks. The business world, wanting the labor, quietly favors immigration. Assimilation runs apace. Few Americans will greatly object to Latino dental hygienists, bank tellers,  and sales clerks who speak English. Employers are not about to fire valued employees on political enthusiasms of others. Maybe they should but certainly they won’t.  Follow the money.

The tepid reaction to the Hispanic presence is astonishing, given the magnitude of the influx. The pot, it seems, is melting, and will.

Unless, of course, Washington encourages immigration beyond America’s remarkable willingness to tolerate it. Stay tuned.

Note that WhyNats, despite considerable public support, have little influence. For example, they have  failed to have the Dreamers made illegal, much less deported. Failed to build The Wall or close the border. Failed to have birthright citizenship abolished, or to deport enough illegals to matter. Even if all of these measures were enacted, the sixty million would remain. If I were a WhyNat, I would say, “We need to deal with reality, because it will assuredly deal with us.”

The political dilemma for WhyNats is that if they promote assimilation, which would make for domestic tranquility, intermarriage will rresult. Discouraging intermarriage would require maximizing hostility between whites and Latinos. A or B, but not both. Some might reason that the country does not need another undeclared race war. The only way to prevent amalgamation would be for Congress to institute strict racial segregation and make intermarriage illegal. To call the prospects of this minuscule would be vastly to exaggerate the probability.

Blacks=  These are another matter entirely. Here WhyNats have a stronger case with much more potential traction. Blacks, not non-whites in general, are America’s racial third rail. It is here that racial battle lines will be drawn, politically or otherwise. Asians are not fond of blacks, who commit all the attacks on them that one reads about. Latinos don’t like them.  Many, many whites who do not call themselves WhyNats are very, very angry over the hooligan antics of America’s darker citizens. Blacks are ready to fight. They are not alone.

This isn’t fixable. The American Africans amount to a foreign country distributed through the United States, embodying an utterly alien culture. They control the cities. Bloc voting gives them powerful influence in elections and their oft-demonstrated willingness to burn cities if crossed makes government at all levels loathe to confront them. Their violence keeps others out of their regions. Whites kowtow, rewriting the past and vulgarizing the culture.

This can’t go on forever. As conditions in America grow worse on many fronts, it could blow. Federal control of the media and heavy penalties for speaking out about crime and who commits it keep the lid on now. But, or so I think, the numbers who don’t call themselves WhyNats, but increasingly agree about crime, grow.

Unlike immigrants, blacks actively oppose assimilation, those essaying it being called Uncle Toms. They use contrived names for their children–Deewan, Latoya–to maintain distance. The ghetto, the heart of black identity, has almost no contact with the surrounding country. Any police reporter, as I long was, knows that you can ride for entire shifts in these regions and never see a white face.

There seems no solution. Illiteracy, illegitimacy, drug addiction, and crime prevent rapid melding of black and white,, which in any event nobody seems to want. These failings are hidden to the extent possible by the media. Hiding a problem doesn’t make it go away. High school “graduates” reading at a second-grade level will be unemployable for the next fifty years. For a variety of depressing reasons, the ghettos are intractable. Blacks show no sign of solving their problems themselves and whites  can’t do it for them.

At the same time blacks, more politically influential than WhyNats, if not actually controlling the culture, at least powerfully and destructively flavor it. This may yield a ramshackle, juryrigged, miserable racial standoff, but not a white imperiu

This may yield a serious racial explosion. The Floyd riots revealed the depth of free-floating hostility  in America, the potential for generalized uprising. The level of black crime, often racial, is such that, coupled with cultural immiscibility  and apparent incapacity to live in accord with the norms of America’s other races, could blow up.

Asians? They are the polar opposites of blacks. Six percent of the country, they are smart, successful, abide by the law and, in general, have the virtues of whites but in greater degree. They dominate America’s high-end high schools and the best technical universities. Perhaps worse from a WhyNat point of view, Asian women run to smart and beautiful. This matters.  Unsurprisingly, Asians assimilate well and rapidly. This is not reversible.

They provide a grossly disproportionate share of scientists and engineers, chiefly in the hard sciences and information technology. Blacks and Hispanics are almost absent in these fields. This, combined with the declining quality of American schooling and low rate of entrance of whites into STEM fields, suggests another reduction of the influence of whites, in America and then in the world. No imperium here.

Jews, at two percent of America, control finance, the Ivy League schools,  publishing, the media, Hollywood, and the State Department. For reasons mysterious to me, their former intellectual predominance has gone largely to Asians. However, friends in New York tell me that Jewish donors keep the symphonies alive while the musicians increasingly are Chinese.). Others, it seems, have to maintain white European culture.

So: In sum, Latinos predominate in the Southwest, blacks control the cities and the culture, Jews and increasingly Asians the intellectual fields. Whites fade.   America is turning darker, cannot control its cities or prevent crime, loses international influence, depends increasingly on nonwhites both for high intelligence and blue-collar labor. How a white imperium will come of this is not clear.

Why the hostility of WhyNats to other races? Conservatives all, they share the usual uneasiness of that species with the unfamiliar and different. The antipathy is not exclusively racial. In the NativistRevival of the Twenties, those of largely English ancestry were hostile to Catholics, Italians, and the Irish. In their revulsion against the foreign they differ from liberals, who tend to prefer a cosmopolitan world.

Yet it is worth noting that opposition to immigration is often justified. Many WhyNats or fellow travelers are blue collar and have genuine reason for disliking immigration from the south. A CNN executive in Washington does not have to worry about her job being taken by a recent immigrant who will work for five dollars an hour. A white guy in Flint does.  Another reason I think, is that most WhyNats know almost nothing of other races and cultures, especially Latinos. If I believed Mexico to be as most WhyNats apparently believe it to be, I too would regard immigration with horror.

WhyNats have never lived in, say, Guadalajara, a modern city of excellent medical care, books stores of the first order, internet, many universities, and on and on.  WhyNats disproportionately see only uneducated border crossers. Mexican cardiac surgeons and systems programmers do not swim the Rio Bravo.

Whither now? WhyNats lack sufficient popular support to effect anything so dramatic as racial cleansing in an increasingly cosmopolitan country. They also suffer from having politics guaranteeing failure. In particular they see the world as divided between whites,  a master, or at least superior, race, and everybody else. An argument can be made for this in terms of five centuries of white dominance in science, technology, art, music, government, and so on.

However, their attitude requires them to regard with contempt the Chinese, Japanese,, and Koreans. These rapidly and visibly replace whites as the preeminent peoples of the age. Recognizing only two categories, white and nonwhite, makes racial compromise impossible. For example, it puts an aborigine in a loin cloth in Australia in the same category as a Chinese theoretical physicist. In an increasingly  intermixed world this is not practical politics.

But WhyNats are in a yet more difficult position politically. Slavery and colonialism, chiefly engaged in by whites, suffer intense opprobrium today. Whites other than WhyNats can say, “Yes, these were great evils but no living American has ever owned or been a slave., and all other peoples have engaged in slavery in the past, so bugger off.”

But WhyNats cannot afford to criticize slavery. They almost have to justify it. Some even argue that blacks liked being slaves. This will not fly politically today.  Conservatives all, WhyNats esteem the Founders–Washington, Lee, Jefferson, and so on. All held slaves.  Of course it was what WhyNats call the Historic American Nation, meaning themselves, who introduced slavery in 1619 as part of the colonial pillage then in progress. To speak ill of slavery would be to accuse these revered men of what is widely regarded as a hideous crime. It would also give support to anti-white factions active today in politics, such as BLM, the Woke, and the Reverend Al

The future? My guess is that white nativism will die out as it did after the Twenties, when Irish, Catholics, southern Europeans and so on assimilated. “Mexicans” born and raised in America, completely acculturated, will be regarded simply as Americans. The country will not divide into whites and everybody else, but…blacks and everybody else, and therein lies…what?




Ultimately WhyNats are doomed because they think in terms of race, not politics, yet they cannot change since race isboth immutable  the center of their view of the world. They see the races as being in Darwinian struggle for survival, comity being defeat. Politically this  is impractical. The non-white category includes Australian aborigines and Chinese nuclear physicists, the Indian CEOs of IBM and Microsoft and Brazilian indigenes living in loincloths in the rain forest. Lumping these together as one category seems…well, imaginative. It assuredly isn’t going to work. It is not clear that race is immutable in a socially practical sense. Latinos born and raised in America will become culturally American.  and, as college students, will seem far less alien that  a high-school dropout from Wheeling.

Where arewe headed? To hell in a handbasket.




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  • Interesting article, Fred, as always. I think white men are becoming more race conscious because they have no choice. They either accept being a kind of infrastructure-maintenance helot with 2nd class citizenship or they don’t. The power structure is very much interested in advancing the former:


  • Yep.

    Latino friendly gringo here, having been married to a lovely lady from Bolivia these last 38 years.

    I have only one complaint about latino culture. Yes, there are book stores and books. I like that. I like that a lot! But why can’t the publishers there settle on printing top to bottom on the spines of the books? Try reading down a shelf: Top to bottom, bottom to top, top to bottom, top to bottom, bottom to top…. This is really hard on one’s neck, having the head snap back and forth.

    Yeah, I should learn to read backwards…..

  • The salient issue is why would anyone want the United States transformed from a first-world nation (nominal GDP per capita now $80,035, 7th in the world and dropping), to a third-world nation? Mexico is desperately poor. Its nominal GDP per capita is $10,950, 71st in the world. It’s a third-world nation. The rest of Central and South America is even worse.

    The United States and Europe were first-world nations with advanced economies and high-levels of education and living standards. They almost single-handedly created all the modern sciences, engineering, and the technological products of modern life. They lifted life expectancy from 39 years of age in 1860 to 76 years today. Why throw that all away?

    WhyNats simply don’t want this nation to regress into another failed 3rd world nation. They can’t comprehend why people would prefer transform an advanced nation into an impoverished nation. We’ve seen in Detroit, LA, NYC, and every large city what happens when this transformation takes place. We don’t buy it.

    • If you think Mexico is “desperately poor” you would benefit from traveling to countries that rank economically outside the top 100. Mexico is in the top 100 in about 14th or 15th place. “Desperately poor” is way down that ranking.

      • True, but by American standards, it is desperately poor. Few American households could survive on Mexico’s median household income of $13,989, even when adjusted by its purchasing power (parity). With mass migration and our present demographic change, we are headed there, because if the labor skill mix between Mexico and the United States becomes similar, then the comparative advantage of the United States over other nations will disappear (according to general equilibrium international trade models). To enjoy high living standards, the U.S. needs to be a principal in the international trade network. But, besides factors of production, economics is also highly dependent on the behaviors of its population. Desperately poor nations are mired in poverty primarily because its population lacks trust, cooperation, respect for laws, etc,

        I’ve traveled to 29 nations, including many impoverished nations. Mexico’s GDP per capita ranking is actually in 71st place, not 14th. It’s possible it has a 14th ranking in some economic measure, but I don’t see it. Truly, its standing in labor skills and economic behaviors matter the most.

        • Using IMF data from 2023, and PPP USD (the fairest comparison), the US (#8) has 80000 per capita, and Mexico (#71) has 24000. And a household typically consist of more than one person. That gives some other numbers than what you mentions, though only a fraction of GDP is available to household consumption. But that is true both in countries.

  • Also, you might bear in mind that Joe Biden, after being sworn in as president, said that “white supremacy” is the single greatest threat to the US. Nobody knows what white supremacy is other than it’s really bad. This, on top of years of casual and routine slander (racist, sexist, hater, bigot, etc.) in the media.

  • So why don’t they close the border?

  • Fred you sshould stream the movie “A Million Miles Away” about the Hispanic Astronaut that went to the moon.

  • The one nation which will, of course, remain “white” is Russia. It always seems to escape those of American upbringing and viewing glasses, that Russians are not “Asian” or Oriental, not even those living within a stones throw of the border with either China or North Korea. They are, from East to West and North to South, white caucasians, although of different ethnicities. And they control their borders with a rod of iron, and also any immigration. When Europe is an AfroArab Peninsula with a small remainder of the Saxon hordes who swept across it a couple of thousand years ago, and America much the same, Russia will be the nation which alone of all, is still white Caucasian, with it’s ancient religion and traditions still intact.

    • “The one nation which will, of course, remain “white” is Russia.”

      Not really. The proportion of Slavs is not as high as you think, and declining. And that is in the Russian heartland, which is European Russia, plus the area around the Urals. Go further east, and you get the various Siberian peoples, plus Russians who do not necessarily want to live in an ice desert and want out, but are stuck in a Soviet-era city built to extract something other from the ground. Going south-east, and you get ethnic groups such as the Buryats who are broadly Mongolian and probably have much more cultural affinity with the Chinese. The more so, give ho Russia shits on them. The Buryats and other minority non-Slav ethnic groups have provided the majority of the soldiers send to the Ukraine.

      Next up: Russia was ruled by the Mongols and the Tartars (a group resulting from the breakup of the Mongol empire) for a few centuries, and it left a genetic trace. Many Russians have Tartar ancestry somewhere along the line.

      And nowadays you have all the cheap labor coming in from places such as Kazakhstan and Tadjikstan, and staying on. The central Asian republics have a relatively high birth rate, the native Russians a birth rate well below replacement. Putin and his lovable friends are aware of this, but have not found a solution. They are of course part of the problem, as the Russians are disinclined to launch children into a world of prolonged economic uncertainty and endless recession.

      ” When Europe is an AfroArab Peninsula …”

      I see that Spengler is alive and well. Speaking from Europe, nope, that won’t happen. Oh, and Europe has its white nationalists, its Aryan nation nutters, and assorted right-wingers who also would like to go back to a comfortably white Christmas, all year long. But they are irrelevant in the scheme of things. Immigration is relatively high, but not uncontrolled.

      • Eh? It’s around 80% How much higher do you need?

        The largest minority are the Tatars, followed by Ukrainians neither of which are obviously distinguishable from Slavs (or are a different group of Slavs broadly speaking).

        Then you Caucasian peoples such as the Chechens, who have a surprising number of redheads.

        Armenians etc may stand out a bit, like Mediterranean people in an Anglo country. But that’s about it.

        Buyrats, Tuvians & Koreans etc. Are tiny in number comparatively.

        Central Asian immigration is overstated as is population of their countries and growth of same, they may congratulate in some big (rich) cities but that’s hardly surprising. Furthermore they’re mostly rotational guest workers not permanent residents.

    • You have obviously not been to Russia.
      Lots of immigrants and people with central asian looks. Moscow is just as international as many European and American cities.

  • Fred,

    I am absolutely certain that you know that Mexico supported the confederacy in the Civil War. The Jim Crow Deep South classed Mexicans as White. You also confirmed Trumpism. Did he not point out that the illegals were the worst of their country’s? Throughout history, European women have been regarded as the most desirable. Check out the Latina’s representing their countries in the Miss Universe. They are all European. Sure, the far East has some attractive women. And Yao Ming was 7-5. Asian women, overall, are no match for European women in terms of beauty. Latin America and Asia have no one who touches Beethoven, Wagner, or Mozart; DaVinci, Michelangelo, or Van Gogh; Shakespeare, Dickens, or Tolstoy. You make some valid points. You’re piece too much resembles a sales pitch.

  • “The elders of the movement remember a white world in which children could play blocks-wide hide-and-seek after dark in safety, leave their bikes anywhere and find them on return. This world existed. I was there.”

    Me too. I always tell people that the period from 1946 through 1967 was the best 20 year time period in the (formerly) best country on the planet.

    Btw, it’s not so much immigration which bothers people. It’s ILLEGAL immigration. Either we have laws or we don’t.

    • Right on MekongDelta69 with your comments. Fred had a great essay with gobs of truths. My problem is with ILLEGAL immigration and the breakdown of our legal system. We have laws and an American structure that most races gladly and easily assimilate into — they become a part of America. With out borders we have no country. Fred nails it and has in several essays. We have a “Black Problem” in America which is working to destroy us. Most refuse to assimilate and probably never will. They have no leadership. Obama had a golden opportunity to lead the Black Community to become productive citizens — many are but loads of others are not a probably never will be. Obama FAILED miserably.

      Most Americans are not “racists” but others make a living on promoting racism. We do have problems in America many of which are solvable — the breakdown of our legal system and an open border as promoted by the LOCO Regime in power will destroy the concept of America!


  • They (we) are known as Whiskey Novembers.

    Oddly, some of the newest (and absolutely smartest) conservative thinkers are black people – I love them and they love me. Things that make you go: Huh!

    I don’t live in Mexico and you’ve pointed out the difference between border crossers and other .. otherwise productive members of society many many times. However you either optimistically misrepresent or choose to overlook the cartels and corruption etc. Hey, I could be wrong – change my mind! See what I did there?

    Whiskey Novembers’ worst, and pervasive habit has always been their infighting, infiltration by their enemies and lack of unity – see: Proud Boys’ leader’s conviction recently. I tell some of their leaders ad nauseum to stop the infighting because their enemies love to capitalize on their lack of unity and their porosity. If they keep doing that they lose. If they tamp that down, they can have an effect on things.

    If Whiskey Novembers want to justify their suspicions and dislike of others, they should focus on their own careers and education – math, physics, and engineering – rinse and repeat,rinse and repeat.. etc. If they were highly educated they could compete, and successfully, with Indians, Chinese and the like –

    The SAME applies to blacks – how to get there? That’s a tough one but there are shining counterexamples ot the stereotypical teenage black gang kid with no daddy and no education whatsoever.

  • It’s interesting that whites are the only race that actively seem to hate themselves and their culture( at least the woke does)
    What is scary is the current government regime is promoting white genocide.

    There no way this county will succeed in the future with a the majority of the population with an IQ under 100. China will dominate the next centuries. They are homogeneous, smart, hard working and patriotic.
    Maybe it’s time for the Saxon to hate.

  • As my sojourn on the planet is a couple of years behind that of our Host, and also because he used to be a lot smarter than I was, I ‘spicion he still has the edge.
    But my sense of things is that the problems of the inner cities are almost entirely the result of policies imposed by the Democrat Party Elected persons of the last seven decades. Once they saw how Lyndon J. Ohnson managed the slight-of-hide trick of changing his spots, the entire Party elected to feign caring about the black population, and use that charade to get a constant flow of election victories and a century of dominion over the floodgates of moneys paid by productive taxpayers into the US Treasury.
    Those victories have been used to create the present alleged “welfare” system that incentivizes women to eschew having their children’s Father(s) living in the household, so most of the now 70+ percent of Out-of-Wedlock Chilluns are “raised up” WITHOUT the vigilant and loving guidance of a Male Parent. Thank you, you Perverted Demons who created and maintain this Monstrous and Demented Welfare System.
    So the Party that Managed the Institutions of Slavery in the Deep South from 1832; that criminalized the teaching of reading skills to blacks; that initiated hostilities of the War between the States; that created the Kay Kay Kay, “Jim Crow” segregation laws and to a man, voted AGAINST the 1964 Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act, has somehow managed to convince generations of voters that they give an actual $]-[IT about the people upon whose collective neck they kept their collective Boot for a Century and more.

    There must be a prize for wicked cleverness somewhere.

    Funded by that Hungarian Prick of Conscience, I’ll Bet.

  • Yeah, I know Woodrow Wilson and FDR were also great contributors to the avalanche of incommodious legislation and executive actions with respect to non-caucasian persons.

  • Fred, we can all see the Mexicans/Latinos and Latinas, are mostly forces for good. I’ve known, respected and liked most Latinos I’ve known, just like I have most Asians, blacks and yeah, whites. That said, one of the earlier commenters said your article sounded a bit like a sales pitch. Which we don’t need. I’ll never forget, some years ago, when the Mexican soccer team played the US national team in LA. And the majority of the Latino fans cheered wildly for the Mexican team as they waved their Mexican flags. I don’t care what ethnicity an international player/team is, I root for them because they are American…with the modest exception of the women’s soccer team. And hey, they’re mostly white! Who knew?!

  • Yes. It existed. I was there, too. At the time it was just “there” Nothing to it. Nobody thought of it as something out of the ordinary. Not the little gang of neighborhood kids. Not our parents. Honor among male children was taught early on. The stern “we don’t do this” from our fathers meant the world to us because of the sternness of the admonition but also because that “we” sunk to the deepest recesses of one’s soul. One wanted to grow up to be part of that “we” our father told us about. One couldn’t wait. We wanted to grow up to be like dad. We wanted to belong to the world of men. Honorable men.

    Maybe somebody ought to have told us what a strange and unusual shining jewel that world was.

    The illegal invaders don’t have a right to come here as in their native lands they would not accept this kind of invasion, at all.

    We are the only ones stupid enough to allow this catastrophe that is a by design attempt at the further destruction of the already rotting remains of the late Constitutional Republic the United States of America (July 4th, 1776 – November 3rd, 2020) murdered by the removal by fraud of the consent of the governed. And the inanity and the cowardice of the rest of us that did nothing about it and still don’t.

    Don’t ever forget this is not an accident. This is by design. We are under attack. Under attack by traitors from the inside.

    The leftoxenomorph powers that be are desperate to ensure that America can not be brought back.

    Leftoxenomorphs dream of genocide and they aim to rule.

    We are suffering a well orchestrated attack on both the memory of America and on Western civilization as a whole and, ultimately, against human civilization by what I pose it is a different species regressed out of humanity that upholds an aggressive and messianic religion made of a caustic boiling cauldron of all things leftist.

    I don’t think in terms of race. I am an idiosyncrasist. That means that I discriminate against those that don’t share the idiosyncrasy that made America what it was: Western, decent, clean, healthy, rational, respectful of the inalienable rights of the individual and based on the Declaration of Independence. The American Way.

    The religion, that I call “leftoxenomorphism”, in whose name we are under attack is made of all the putridness of leftists, their ideas and organizations and may this list, not complete for sure, serve as a wake up call:

    This is what’s attacking us:

    “believe all women” + “Build Back Better” types + “cancel culture” + “cashless society” peddlers + “Common Core” peddlers + covidiocy scamdemic + “‘evidence’ is whatever we say it is because reasons” + “Great Reset” types + “islam is a religion of peace” types + “lived experiences” + “New World Order” types + “One World Government” types + “Open Society” types + “‘proof’ is whatever we say it is because reasons” + “‘science’ is whatever we say it is because reasons” + “women don’t lie” + “World Economic Forum” + Alfred Schmidt + all whites are racists + Antifa + Antonio Gramsci + Axel Honneth + Bertolt Brecht + BLM + brutalism + Carl Grünberg + climate change + Cloward-Piven Strategy + George Soros and his collaborators and enablers and protectors + collectivism + communism + critical-(whatever)-theory + cultural marxism + Edward R Murrow + Erich Fromm + Fabian Society + fascism + feminazism + Frances Fox Piven + the Frankfurt School + Friedrich Engels + Friedrich Pollock + Georg Lukacs + gleichschaltung (the 1930s nazification process of “all the same by force”) + Gramsci + gynofascism + Herbert Marcuse + homonazism + Institute for Social Research + intersectionality (bullshitsectionality) + Jacques Derrida + Jean-François Lyotard + John Dewey, + Jürgen Habermas + Karl Marx + Leo Löwenthal + liberals (American slang, they are, of course the opposite of what the word literally refers to) + male toxicity + Martin Heidegger + Max Horkheimer + Michel Foucault + Milo F. McDonald + misandry + moral relativism + mRNA ‘vaxxs’ peddlers (they are not vaccines but genetic engineering experimentation on a planetary scale with a Letter of Marquee and terrible side effects and who knows what apocalyptic long term effects) + multiculturalism + nazism + obamaphilia + Otto Kirchheimer + post-modernism + reparations + Richard Andrew Cloward + Saul Alinsky + Siegfried Kracauer + SJW NPC + social justice + socialists +subjectivism + the Cloward Piven strategy + The Long March Through The Institutions + the whole “d卐m☭nrat” party + Theodor W. Adorno + transnazism + Walter Benjamin + woke (wokeism, wokeraty, woketardity) + woke ladder of victimhood+ zersetzung (the East german Stasi version of ‘cancel culture’ by ANY means necessary) + and the list goes on . . . . . . . . . . . .
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Add rabid hatred of everything white, male, heterosexual, decent, normal, human, American and Western and the whims and the fee-feez and the boo-booz and the self-hatred and the inadequacies of its practitioners all of which mixes in a Macbeth witches cauldron and grows like a fungus on a fertile ground, changes all the time adapting to the weaknesses of their victims and grows more evil with every generation and allows us, normals, to paraphrase without a shadow of a doubt: something atrociously wicked this way comes: leftoxenomorphism.

    Now, you may wonder what’s the difference is between a “liberal” (d卐m☭nrat), a progressive, a communist, a socialist, a fascist, a nazi, a Karen and a leftoxenomorph?
    Here it is between brackets: [ ] That’s right, nothing. No difference, at all.

    If you want a shorter version, once you have seen the longer one, here it is: LEFTOXENOMORPHISM IS THE OUBLIETTE FOR HUMANITY.

    And if you think “but . . . it doesn’t make sense! . . . “ here’s the thing: leftoxenomorphs are not about sense. You may be. But they are not.

    • Here’s who is leading all of this:

      Michael Sussman who worked in the Hillary campaign went to the FBI to start the Trump Russia collusion lie, Rod Rosenstein who was a FBI Director and enabled this lie in the FBI, Marc Elias who worked to change election laws just before Election Day that allowed the election steal, Andrew Weismann who presents lies as facts in the Mueller investigation, Adam Schiff who lied about Trump for years, Garland going after parents and pro-life Christian’s, Mayorkas who is intentionally flooding country with illegals hoping to turn them into Democrats for permanent one-party rule, Antony Blinken who created the “50 CIA/NSA leaders calling the Hunter laptop Russian disinformation before the 2020 election, Zuckerberg and Spitzer-Rubinstein were primary players in election interference, Randi Weingarten who pushed school shuts downs, pushed BLM propaganda in grade schools, pushed Trans ideology and other sexualization in grade schools, Judge Engoron and Judge Kaplan who are corrupt judges flaunting established law, protocol in courts, Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell and Sulzberger and Meredith Levien all selling propaganda as news, and 90% of the Biden administration executing the destruction of America. Every single one of the above are Marxist ✡️‘s. Every single one.

  • As long as our government promotes diversity over meritocracy the issue of racial divide will only worsen. Whether it be a black, Asian, Hispanic or white the moment someone sees preference in jobs, political power or crime deterrence we are doomed.

  • Fred, what would happen if you ever actually criticized your adopted country? You know, the place of absolute corruption of all institutions that makes the Biden crime family look amateurish.

    If you wrote the wrong thing and you suddenly disappeared, would your wife get any help from the Mexican police? Or would they probably be the ones that kidnapped you and slowly chopped you into little pieces before dissolving your body in acid? But I forgot. They do have symphonies.

    Maybe we are afraid of bodies dangling from a Los Angeles overpass with a sign on them “this is what our cartel does to it’s enemies!”

  • Thought provoking

    One area I feel that deserves more consideration is the group of Black Americans who have broken away from the “Hood” Those who have taken the opportunity to “Contribute” to the “,American Dream”

    Theres is a voice that deserves to be heard since they have chosen to break from the grip of those who profit from selling victimhood

    Peace and prosperity through personal responsibility

  • White Nationalism is your Strawman of the day. They might exist but in “pure form,” only as small proportion of the white population.

  • I remember reading a story about a Russian who emigrated with his family to the States. In high school he was always taunted because of his accent. The blacks were always taunting heavily, calling him white whenever they had the chance. One day he blew up and yelled back at the blacks that he was not white, that he was Russian and that the government hated him as much as they hated the blacks. They were taken aback by what he said, they apologized to him and they became friends afterwards.

  • As an old nurse I have interactions with health care professionals of every age.
    Uniformly we lost our naiveties after relatively short times working in ‘the hood’ or having ‘hood Rats’ and their marginally ‘better behaved’ fellows.
    An arrogant Sense of entitlement and a mistaken view that we can ‘fix’ it no matter how severe.
    Rarely complying with instructions for care.
    All at the taxpayers expense.
    Yet too many decent people with little or no health care coverage are ignored or only quickly, minimally treated.
    The ‘better’ nurses avoid the vibrant and diverse areas, strongly recruited to ‘decent’ workplaces. Red states offer enough that two entire shifts left, incrementally for Florida, Tennessee or Texas.

  • A Great essay Fred with Gobs of Truth. After all the talk, rhetoric and BS, IMO it is the Black Problem in America (that you have alluded to frequently) and the Radical Democrats that will finally destroy the concept of America. They don’t care. It doesn’t have to happen. It is all about power! All the squalor, papers and crap blowing around neighborhoods, houses falling down, stores closed, burned out shopping centers as well as pervading lawlessness, election cheating, corrupt officials, CRT and Wokeness in our schools not to mention hoodlums rampant in our neighbors with guns…. It doesn’t matter — Our guns will be long confiscated.

    I wonder what Americans will do when China and her allies invade our shores with rigid discipline for America and stark reality that “they” are indeed in charge of everything ” telling us that America is done — Your Constitution is NO MORE! You conform or YOU DIE YANKEE PIG!


  • Ho hum, more strawman arguments to justify genocide.

    Diversity is a code word for no more Whites. I don’t care if Asians are good at math. Nobody has a right to replace us.

    Whites don’t have to prove their superiority over any other race to justify our continued existence. No race of people has to prove anything to justify their survival on this earth. White Nationalism at its core has nothing to do other peoples or their supposed inherent goodness or badness. White Nationalism is White survival.

    This is our country. Genocide by replacement or displacement, slow or fast, is still genocide.

    Right now our IDEAS are going mainstream, which is how any revolution must start, before we gain the power to implement a solution.

  • I love Fred. If he’s reading this, Fred, I’ve been reading you for over ten years now. This is one of the few positions of yours with which I disagree. I’m not sure what “White Nationalism” is, but it is a slur. I wonder, would it be a slur to call someone a “Mexican Nationalist” in Mexico? If so, why? Okay, but a “Mexican Nationalist” is not tied to race, correct? (But what if it were?)

    And, moreover, what if it were tied, not only to race, but to ethnicity? I’m sure that the Mexicans of Mexico would love to be displaced by the other peoples of Latin America, que no? What if, further, they were displaced by other peoples from all over the entire world. Yes, these people would add things to Mexico, of course. For example, thousands of affluent, white Swedes or French could arrive and add to Mexico’s GDP. So could the Chinese, Japanese, or Koreans. Por que no?

    Obviously, they would be a benefit, not a curse. They would help the Mexican people. Eventually, in little-to-no-time, they would be Mexicans! They would learn Spanish (if they didn’t already know the continental vernacular and grammar) very quickly. And (again) they would be Mexicans! Eventually, over time, the native Mexicans should simply accept the reality of the situation. They would have to be quite silly not to do so. I’m sure the people of Mexico would accept this reality, not being silly people, correct?

    I’m not going to pick-and-choose, even though, Fred, you do, but what if the people of Mexico were blessed, not only with the diversity of the Orient, Europe, White America (both Progressive and Heritage), Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the rest of the Anglo-sphere, but with..well, why wouldn’t the Mexican people want to embrace the diversity of Africa to bless their great nation? (Cuba and Haiti do well.)

    You explain why in your article above. But, again, we up north don’t get to choose. (So why should you? Moreover, why should the Mexican people? We don’t.) I’m sure the Mexican people would be happy and content with becoming a minority, with no choice in the matter, in their own country, que no? How could they disagree with all the diversity? All the smart (or, at times, stupid and violent) Indians, Asians, Europeans, Americans, Africans, and Latinos (from other countries) flooding their borderless nation, which would be a great thing, right? Think of the jobs. The economic growth. The food. The diversity. Think of all the American flags flying in Mexico. Everyone speaking English. (They’ll learn Spanish ((in time)). ((Time is a very, very long thing for some peoples–but short. And some peoples don’t forget things, as you’ve written about in the past. Could this be a problem for the people of Mexico? To affirm this possibility is a bunch of chutzpah if not hate speech, si?)) But it’s inevitable. Mexicans should just accept the onward march of Progress. It’s backwards and stupid to think otherwise, verdad?

    As a Southerner, are you forgetting that there are more things than “economic-growth” that matter? Is Nimrata Randhawa Haley, who tore down the Rebel Flag from “her” state, a Southerner just because she moved there, was successful, and “assimilated”?

    Again, please tell me how the Mexican people would enjoy–should enjoy–being displaced by peoples who are, if not better, just like them. I would say “Muchas Gracias” but I’m just an asshole American looking to move to Mexico soon for its economic benefits. So, thank you for your service. And please keep writing. I’ll be reading until one of us is dead.


    -Charlie Bangle

  • Fred, where the heck were you? Spent two Fredfree years wondering if you have dropped off the planet.

  • We keep importing people to do the “less desirable” jobs, then insist that their children be helped up the educational and occupational ladder, which requires us then to import more people. That is not a good long-term strategy.
    As for Jews, a two-year MBA from a good school will get you a seat in finance or consultation (whatever that is); why beat your brains out for a science or medical degree? Further, Jewish men have had the aggressive drive beaten out of them by the social sciences, the feminists (including many of their own women), and, oddly, their relative absence as positive, unconflicted role models in the media. The Asians are unapologetically ambitious and materialistic, and naturally rise.
    At their best, blacks are far more socially sophisticated and expressive than whites. At their worst, they use their physical superiority simply to take what they want, and to rationalize it academically in absurd fashion. (I remember Bobby Seale in Sproul Plaza in 1969 during the Black Studies Strike, saying, “If you motherfuckers don’t give us what we want, we are going to take it.”) So far, nobody but the Latinos are stopping them.

  • Fred’s not wrong, but I still don’t like it. The only way I can stomach the loss of my country and culture is with stoicism (Don’t worry about things over which you have no control). I’ve also had to accept the death of my conception of “American”. That idea being “Americans” were an amalgamation of Europeans that bought into the constitution, speaking English, and Christianity to form a new people. Now that Hispanics are over-running us and assimilation to the Anglo ideal is dead, I’m a man without a people. Nation of one, if you will. My patriotism is DOA, loyalty extends no further than my immediate family. I ‘ve stopped all charitable giving because, honestly, why would I support people who are not my own and institutions that serve “the other”? Besides, I’ll need it to isolate myself from the riff-raff and crime.

    White America probably has 25 or 30 years to go. Après moi, le déluge. This must be how the American Indians felt before we wiped them out. I hope once we’re gone the Mexicans have the decency to re-name the place. Los Estados de Norte Mexico, perhaps? Let us posthumously keep at least our name….

  • “. . .Race Realists (they are not). . .”

    I take issue with this. The writers I’m aware of who identify themselves as race realists (mostly Steve Sailer and John Derbyshire) have written nothing about race which seemed to me the least bit unrealistic. Granted, some of their commenters get a bit unhinged on the subject, but that’s not their fault.

    “The US is now. . . two percent Jewish.”

    That’s probably about right if you’re just counting those who practice the religion, but the ethnic group (or race if you prefer) is a good bit larger. Sailer estimates that about 35% of Jews-by-ancestry practice Judaism; that sounds about right to me. My first-order extended family (brothers and cousins) is 100% Ashkenazi Jewish, but more of us practice Christianity than Judaism.

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